From The Vault: Brandy – ‘Sittin’ Up In My Room’

Published: Sunday 31st Mar 2019 by Sam

From The Vault is back and this week journeys to a jam poured out in 1995.

Brandy‘s Billboard blazer ‘Sittin’ Up In My Room’ is our pick.

Lifted from the ‘Waiting To Exhale’ movie soundtrack, the single was written and produced by Babyface and was one of five issued from the project alongside the likes of Mary J. Blige’s ‘Not Gon’ Cry’ and Whitney Houston’s ‘Shoop.’ All of which dominated the charts.

Unlike the aforementioned, who were well established at the time, B-Rocka’s success with her song (which included a #2 peak on the Hot 100) was especially notable given that she was still in her debut cycle.

Aged just 16 at the time, she had garnered gargantuan momentum from top 10 singles such as ‘Baby,’ ‘I Wanna Be Down,’ and ‘Brokenhearted’ – with all having arrived just months before.

A testament to the eventual icon’s almost immediate popularity, she was not only recruited to appear alongside music’s biggest hitters – but more than held her own with a cut that’s gone on to become a bonafide R&B classic.

One of the most resonating components of ‘Sittin” was its vibrant video.

Despite ‘Waiting’s markedly adult themes, the Hype Williams clip didn’t shy away from Brandy’s youth.

Instead, it took a semi-literal approach to the song’s title, depicting the songbird nested in her room longing for her love, while also learning from the antics of the film’s protagonists who she watched on a screen.

And though she’s most renown for her vocals, the visual showcased B’s gravitas as a performer too – with its slickly executed choreography and sass aplenty. Ahh the 90s, a time when artists – almost by default – actually went above and beyond to do it all.

The demands of newcomers today may have sadly pivoted in the direction of “less is more,” but we’ll forever give a nostalgic nod to the likes of Brandy. For, even at a young age, she showed and proved that true and enduring magic comes from meeting the moment (see: the opportunity and the song) and going that extra mile with it (see: confidence, conviction, and performance).

Acts like Brandy are a rare breed; as such almost 24 years on from the release of ‘Sittin”, we remain amped for every new song, album, and era.

Here’s hoping that, after a lengthy spell away from the musical spotlight, her next chapter arrives imminently.

Your thoughts?

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  1. thanosoftitan March 31, 2019

    Thank you, TGJ. I love Brandy!

    This is my jam!

    I can’t wait until she releases the next album!

    • Fancy BISH March 31, 2019


  2. MUSICHEAD March 31, 2019

    You know I pray that you’ll invest in my happiness!

    • Fancy BISH March 31, 2019

      Yaaaas lol ❤️

  3. Interac March 31, 2019

    “Tell me if im faaar or if I’m getting clo-oohh-ooh-oosse”


  4. Zion March 31, 2019

    Tlc this is how it works is everything

    • MessyBoots April 1, 2019

      ^That part!

    • Rob April 1, 2019

      It’s a nasty song but it’s the ish

  5. Monica’s Dove April 1, 2019

    This was a bop. She hasn’t had a hit in nearly 20 years

    • MessyBoots April 1, 2019

      “Put it Down” peaked at No.3 on the R&B Billboard charts in 2012.

      What is Monica’s highest peaking song on ANY chart since THAT year?!!! ?

      • Rebecca April 1, 2019

        And Monica was the last one to have a certified Album (2010) when was Brandy’s? Was it 99 or 2000?

      • Monica’s Dove April 1, 2019

        Rebecca said it all babe. Monica is an R&B legend with #1 albums spanning three decades. Brandy has been flopping since 2005. Sorry, but facts are facts.

    • Sandra April 1, 2019

      Why the stupidity, either like the song or not, but this “she hasn’t had” is stupid.
      *Side note, some people do very well on one hit, so to have one is a blessing.

      • MessyBoots April 1, 2019

        I agree. Having any ONE song ppl will always remember you for is a blessing let alone multiple spanning decades.The majority of popular music is made up of one hit wonders anyway.

        That said, @Monica’sDove tried to shade Brandy (the woman Monica owes her greatest chart success and Grammy award to) by ERRONEOUSLY claiming Brandy didn’t have a hit in 20 years when truth is NONE of the R&B icons from have been setting the charts ablaze in a hot minute, Monica included.
        And perhaps they never will again but who really cares at the end of the day?! Both women are legacy artists now anyway, stop comparing them like its 1998/99 and leave the chart battle wars to the Arianas, Halseys,Normanis, of the world.

  6. i hate whytte bitchess,, blcck , blacck men and whyyte men April 1, 2019

    she should have won a grammy for angel in disguise…..

  7. Truthspeaks April 1, 2019

    People still try to compare monica to Brandy? Monica could never. Stop it. We can spend all day giving reasons brandy is superior. Yall monica fans been taking L’s since forever. Brandy can flop 4 more times and still be more successful than monica. Including awards,Album sales and recognition. Music. Movie. Tv etc…. Please stop.

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