R. Kelly Released From Jail / Says “We’re Gonna Straighten This Out”

Published: Saturday 9th Mar 2019 by Sam

R Kelly is a free man — once again.

Full story below…

The embattled R&B belter was freed from Cook County Jail moments ago after posting bail.

Not to be confused with the 10-count sex assault charges that led to a two-day stint in the slammer last month, Kelly was this time remanded for failure to to pay child support to ex-wife Andrea. His sum outstanding was $160,000. 

With the tally now paid, the singer has been let go.

Upon release, he told on-lookers:

 “I promise we’re gonna straighten all this out. That’s all I can say right now. I love my fans.”


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  1. Clarkson March 9, 2019

    P***-kelly, u are going to jail for a long long time. What a grown man sees in an underage girl is what I don’t understand.

    • Jasmine March 9, 2019

      I believe if you do the crime then you should do the time (in jail). In R. Kelly’s case he did some horrible p*** crimes in the 1990s and unfortunately he was found ‘not guilty’. Now, 20 years later, people all of a sudden want to pin old crimes on him. This will be an interesting court case but I would not be surprised if he is found ‘not guilty’ again because despite not going to jail he seems to have learned his lesson from being spared the first trial and there has been no evidence he has been with an underrage girl since the 1990s. The allegations of abuse from adult women are all he said she said with zero real evidence so far.

    • Jasmine March 10, 2019

      R. Kelly only owed 163K on his child support. He was paying 20K religiously every month for years until that #MeToo movement stopped his income by muting his music 8 months ago. How is he supposed to pay his child support? It is their fault he could not pay his child support so #MeToo movement should be paying Drea the child support money!

  2. Lol March 9, 2019

    He’ll be back in there in due time

    • MM March 9, 2019


  3. I HATE WHYYYTE n Blaccck BITCHEZZ BOTH NOT SHT March 9, 2019

    Not guilty. .his kids didn’t want him jn jail. That’s their money…b**** you had my father arrested

  4. Jasmine Herm March 9, 2019

    Wow Jazzy Da Bi Asian kept telling me Robert was a predator but I never believed her. I think I had vag|ina envy because she’s 100% chica and I’m only 1/2, the other half male..

    • Jasmine March 9, 2019

      It is SAD that you feel so threatened by my presence on this blog that you have to BULLY me from multiple troll accounts and create lies about me. I could read you to shreds, call you names till you cry, or humiliate you since I know who you really are but I’m past that. GROW UP little boy. I’m going to pray for you.

  5. Me March 9, 2019

    This is starting to look like a publicity stunt or popularity regain. First, he turn himself in, get bailed out, goes on TV to be interviewed. All this looks planned for a calculated outcome Blah. Whatever. Next story.

  6. Blaah March 9, 2019

    Forget about Robert P*** Kelly, let’s get into this 2nd cancelled concert on St Nick tour Chile! The TEA spilleth… ☕️ ?

    • Beam Me Up Scotty March 9, 2019

      You’re obsessed…

  7. My third eye March 9, 2019

    The bigen he had on his head came off from the interview he did so he wore the towel on his head.

  8. Nasty Toxic Snatch March 9, 2019

    This r***** & abuser of little black girls will stay free because his fan base of fools, NVM it’s too much!!??‍♂️

    • DanYiel Iman JanFam March 10, 2019

      Unfortunately I agree, they choose to support a p*** ??‍♂️

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