Michael Jackson Fans Launch Major Clapback Campaign Against Disparaging Documentary

Published: Sunday 3rd Mar 2019 by Sam

Fans of the King of Pop Michael Jackson are playing no games in the fightback against a disparaging documentary.

Banding together globally, they’ve launched the #MJInnocent initiative to combat what they deem lies told by two accusers in HBO’s ‘Leaving Neverland.’ Two accusers who swore under oath that the singer did not abuse them.

In an unprecedented move, the campaign has been blazed across buses and billboards in major cities such as London and Los Angeles. And word is that it’s just the beginning.

Take a look below…

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#MichaelJackson fans are playing no games! They’ve mounted a major campaign in London, LA and beyond in support of the singer in the wake of a disparaging documentary.

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MJ’s nephew, Taj Jackson took to social media to thank fans for their efforts. He tweeted:

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  1. Are you Kidding Me? March 3, 2019

    Don’t care. Where is this effort for LIVING BLACK people who are jailed and innocent or doing life for weed charges when it’s quickly becoming legal and White men get a slap on the wrist for raping children and murdering them?

    • June Nelson March 3, 2019

      It matters because what was done in the past has bearing on the future. If these liars can get away with trying to ruin a man`s legacy, what else will they try?

      • Jewish Illuminati March 3, 2019

        Indeed, it does matter what’s in the past ! NO WONDERED TOO MANY IN YOUR COMMUNITY ARE STUCK IN THE POOR IDIOT SLAVERY MENTALITY and BLOODY BROKE! It’s because what’s in the F****** PAST ! Lol. No , I’m no F****** WHITE or BLACK! But, I had a family that’s been killed , r**** and slaved to death by the NAZI!

  2. Cinnamon March 3, 2019

    I would be lying if I didn’t somewhat believe it’s true. I will always have love for MJ but I do believe he was inappropriate with boys and gay

  3. i hate whyte blkack. women both not sht March 3, 2019

    they are using his picture when he was younger why not use his image when he was 50 years old???? with the white skin

    • eric March 3, 2019

      Because the documentary does the same? Just a guess.

  4. i hate whyte blkack. women both not sht March 3, 2019

    facts dont lie????? .why put him up there brown skin…why now you pulling on the color brown skin when he bleached his skin like ronald mcdonald..oh now yall want him to be brown skin…when he was more attractive…his family is funny .

    • eric March 3, 2019

      Because the FACT is that poster features one of the most popular images of MJ. It’s also FACT that his family loved him through every stage of his career and personal life regardless of how he looked. Another FACT: the pathologist found that MJ had vitiligo. If he treated it in a way that his skin went through a process of depigmentation, that’s his prerogative. MJ embraced people of all different colors throughout his lifetime. His skin color has ZERO bearing on his innocence. Learn the FACTS before you speak.

  5. i hate whyte blkack. women both not sht March 3, 2019

    when will the jacksons go away….damn over 50 yeras….now the nephews……micheal was the star not them…stop craming his ugly family down people throats…he is dead

  6. ??? March 3, 2019

    Oh dear these BLOODY POOR LUNATIC C*** MICHAEL JACKSON D*** HEADS ?… too bad , they’re not making any money from defending this UGLY SICKO CREEPY WEIRDO FREAK P******** HANDSOME LITTLE BOYS R*****! ????

  7. Fancy BISH March 3, 2019

    Let me go start my dinner, cause I’m watching this lol ? I love MJ forever! ❤️ His music is essential to my life ? And let’s be real, most of the ones protesting and boycotting don’t even have HBO in the first place ? It might not even be good!

    • ??? March 3, 2019

      Lol ! ??

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