New Video: Mariah Carey – ‘A No No’

Published: Friday 8th Mar 2019 by Sam

Mariah Carey has premiered the video for new single ‘A No No.’

The flavoursome jam is lifted from her recently album ‘Caution,’ which attracted critical acclaim upon its release


The good? It’s glossy and Mimi looks great.

That aside, we’re a little disappointed. Sure there was no confirmation of the much-rumored Cardi B + Missy Elliott feature. But their absence is still a bit deflating given what “could’ have been.

We’re inclined to hope it’s not totally out of the question though as there has to be some explanation for randomly setting the video on a train with no context. Like, where are Carey and crew going? Add to that murmurs of it being a 3-day shoot and it does make one wonder.

But before we get carried away, what are…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nasty Toxic Snatch March 8, 2019

    I actually liked this video…

    • Jasmine March 8, 2019

      I liked it too. I think a remix with some classic rappers would work well. I’m thinking Lil Kim and Lil Cease or Lil Kim and Busta Rhymes since this song samples their song Crush on You.

  2. Queen Missy ?? March 8, 2019

    Love this song. Video cute! I see you Roc & Roe!

  3. Theelusive1 on IG March 8, 2019

    She looks beautiful, song is a bop; WHERE is the remix…., LIL KIM: this would be a great look. Kim rocking a hardcore verse

  4. ImJustSayin March 8, 2019

    You always trying throw shade. It’s a video and a fun song. Color, glitter, and fun. Not everything has to be Critique. Mariah is still doing her thang at this point. With a career like she has. She’s just having fun with music. No need for more hits, or Grammys cause she has them. Let her live her life and have fun while doing it. Say what you want about Mariah but there will never be another. The is a disclaimer before the trolls and haters come out. They always do.ijs. Let her be great!

  5. ayyye March 8, 2019

    this album was cute…..too bad it was over before it started

    • ImJustSayin March 8, 2019

      It’s dont matter. She already has platinum, gold status albums. She not making music to triumph herself. She’s doing what she wants and not a lot of artist can do what she does. Have full control of her career

      • Your Name March 8, 2019

        You forgot diamond lol. These haters really think Mariah cares about plaques. She has records that will never be broken. Twirl on that

  6. CHINA March 8, 2019

    This album could have been an RnB explosion. 8th Grade, Caution, A No No, The distance. Giving me life. Because an artist is 40+ why do we give up on them IF THEY ARE MAKING QUALITY MUSIC. CAUTION is a quiet storm rnb BEAST. LIL KIM girl you know fully well this would have blown your spot up—and great press – LIL KIM not making this happen is TRAGIC.

  7. Meme March 8, 2019

    A whole f’in bop. Let’s go MiMi.

    Everything about this is a yes! Love the direction of the video, nice switch up for her. I also love the extra adlibs they added to the song.

  8. Beam Me Up Scotty March 8, 2019

    And here you thought the world’s biggest star, Cardi B, would collab with this flop? Nope.

    • Meme March 8, 2019

      Cardi will never in her life have the career span and success Mariah has had. Mariah and have flops, she’s paid her dues , and a legend. Hot right now artist like Cardi should feel privileged.

      • ImJustSayin March 8, 2019

        Right! People are just followers. Cardi B is the trend right now. At one point so was Mariah to. Cardi B can have her moment. But Mariah is just living on her own terms. F*** music critics

  9. Jeans March 8, 2019

    Cute video! Mariah looks great!

  10. #TheTruth March 8, 2019

    Nice extra adlibs/whistles at the end.
    She also kept the same colors for the lighting as the regular album cover.

    She looks really good, it’s a fun video but rather boring. She could have easily included a storyline to it.

    The remix could have brought next interest to the project.
    Her + Kim + Cardi would have been fun as they all had a beef with you know who.

    • #TheTruth March 8, 2019

      New* interest

      • ImJustSayin March 8, 2019

        It could have had more visuals, and a story line. But it seemed fun Nonetheless

  11. Qhasi March 8, 2019

    This is legit her first video where the concept is more than just a $ex kitten sitting and walking around on her own. Love it! I see her getting a fair amount of views.

  12. Lauryn March 8, 2019

    I need a remix with Lil Kim and maybe Missy. No Cardi. This is a Lil Kim classic. She should’ve at least had a cameo…

  13. SNF March 8, 2019

    You h03s stay hatin lol

  14. Seth March 8, 2019

    Songs a bop. If she was 35 instead of 48 this would be all over radio and iTunes. So sick of ageism against females in music

  15. eric March 8, 2019

    Good song and fun video, though it becomes uninteresting after a while of seeing the same thing. It would’ve been excellent if they had added just one more location to switch it up a bit.

  16. Lola March 8, 2019

    Just enjoy the video. The damn remix aint happening. And even if it did the don’t need Cardi B in it. The moment should belong to Lil Kim csuse is in despreste need to revamp her carrer.

  17. Ratedxxx March 8, 2019

    Well Mimi has nothing else to prove

    She’s just having fun
    Britney Madonna
    Celine Dion

    They all having fun

  18. Jason Lyric March 8, 2019

    I love the video. It is cure and fun just like the song. I believe the train represents New York which is in honor of the Biggie sample and prolly her NY roots.

    • Jason Lyric March 8, 2019


  19. Liam March 8, 2019

    This was cute and I was living for those additional ad libs ?

  20. Theman March 8, 2019

    There is no reason that this song should not be a massive hit. She looks incredibly beautiful! This is only the second single & this hasn’t gone for radio hits. Stop using the stupid word flop when it’s inaccurate.

  21. Dina March 8, 2019

    The idea of this video was taken from jlo amor amor amor MV Lol

  22. THA Creative March 10, 2019

    Iono why yall playin’ like Mariah not bout to remix, these few scenes did not take 3 days to shoot. Mariah is no dummy and the tea already leaked that The other girls were on set, so unlike these new aged remixes where they just plop the song out and it is remixed in the video, Mariah is releasing the original album version first, and mark my words the remix is coming…It is going to be a big deal because nobody is expecting it after these artists have all lied saying it’s not going to happen…But yet everyone keeps forgetting about Lil Kim’s manager confirming it months ago( nobody lies on their artist and their own career like that without getting sued or fired)…and more recently someone leaked audio on the set where you could hear the music playing and Cardi’s voice rapping in the background…so stay tuned kidz…

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