New Video: Sofia Reyes, Rita Ora, & Anitta – ‘R.I.P’

Published: Friday 15th Mar 2019 by Sam

Latin Popstar Sofia Reyes recruits Rita Ora and Anitta to declare ‘R.I.P’ to “BS” on fiery new single.

Produced by The Fliptones, the flavorsome jam was penned by Reyes alongside Shari Short, Omar Tavarez, Thomas Augusto, and Chaz Mishan. 

With the track being Big, bold, and blazing, the rising star pairs it with a magnetic video, which sees her, Ora, and Brazilian belle Anitta turn all the way up.

Watch below…


Speaking on the , Reyes said:

“’R.I.P,’ it’s not only a song, but a message that we all need to hear. We all need to be encouraged to walk away from all the bull++++ that’s holding us back. It was also incredibly empowering for me to work with these two super women. I loved that we got to mix all of our cultures up with one message that we can all agree on.”

Ora added:

“Collaborating with other artists is one of my favourite things about making music, the way that everyone works together and the energy everyone brings. We all brought so much passion to this song and it was so much fun dressing up to shoot the music video. Working with Sofia and Anitta was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait for fans to hear the track!”

While Anitta weighed-in with:

“When Sofia Reyes invited me, I accepted right away. Sofia and Rita Ora are amazing singers. The song is an R.I.P. to the bull++++, to boring people, to wasting time. It’s also in Spanish and English and it even has a little Portuguese. I just love the lyrics. The video is really beautiful, colorful and different from everything I’ve ever done. We filmed it in January, in Los Angeles. So happy to collab with these super talented women and to represent Brazil in this song!”

Loving the lovefest!

Your thoughts?

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  1. 2bad2bme March 15, 2019

    Rita, GIIIIRRRLL. The only reason you are still getting deals and opportunities is because you are WHITE! Nobody is checking for you so I wish you would go back to the UK.

    • Nasty Toxic Snatch March 15, 2019

      That’s a lie, she’s a better vocalist than a lot of these new aged artists out as it is!!??‍♂️

    • XYZ March 15, 2019

      That quite a simple statement, isn’t it? If that was the only reason then, please, where are all the other white chicks that flop left and right? I don’t see them having as much longevity and so many deals as Rita has.

      Actually, I don’t know what, but Rita and/or her team is obviously doing something right.

  2. Paulo March 15, 2019

    Anitta has done so much great stuff in the past and yall paid her dust and now that she’s on the verge of being canceled y’all hop on the bandwagon just cause Rita Ora is involved. Stale juice lol

  3. Mother March 15, 2019

    That was terrible wtf

  4. Daniel March 15, 2019

    This was awesome! I love to see the Latinos on the come up!! Issa bop! Badi bom bom!! RIP to the BS!

  5. J March 16, 2019

    So we’re all gonna ignore the fact that Rita Ora already had a single called R.I.P. lol

  6. Sorry Justin; BLACK POWER March 16, 2019

    usually not here or anywhere else for Rita’s “fetch aint ever happenin” ass….. but im feelin this track

  7. Are you Kidding Me? March 16, 2019

    All I see are White, Spanish-speaking, racially ambiguous moderately talented women who steal from other cultures to get ahead.

  8. Are you Kidding Me? March 16, 2019

    And miss me with her “REPRESENTING BRAZIL”. Brazil took the Globeleza crown from Nayara Justino because Brazilians are SELF-HATING and RACIST. They are racist and just like Dominicans and these other White people who speak the colonizing language of Spanish. Trying to erase their African features and look like their White colonizing oppressors.

    Spaniards are WHITE people. Stop trying to make them people of color.

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