Nicki Minaj Blazes London With Ms. Banks [Video]

Published: Tuesday 12th Mar 2019 by Sam

Rap royal Nicki Minaj shared her live palace with one of London’s most notable rising talent’s last night.

The Hip-Hop superstar brought the ‘Nicki Juice Wrld Tour,’ to the British capital – rocking the famed O2 Arena.

Keeping to her word from almost two years ago, Onika invited Ms. Banks on-stage with her and gave her the spotlight to shine.

Minaj has long expressed her support of the femcee and promised to invite her to perform when her show rolled into town.

Watch the emotional moment, which also saw rapper Lisa Mercedes join the ladies, below…


We’ve had Ms. Banks on our radar for a good while. Peep these to see what the justified buzz is about…

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  1. Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ March 12, 2019

    It took 12 years for Nicki to show fake love to female rappers. During the height of Nicki’s careers female rappers were NOWHERE to be found in Nicki’s arsenal except that one time she brought foxy in an attempt to shade Lil Kim. Now she has a flop album, flop ràpîst/murder boyfriend and a struggling tour with fans who scream out “cardi” and she’s now showing a fake love for females. It’s too late though because Nicki’s prime is over. Can you imagine if nicki truly embraced female rappers during the height of her career? But she didn’t. She’s 40 and it’s too late. All she has left for fans are clueless white folks and a few gáys. Everyone else has jumped ship. BYE NICKI, go do drugs and cuddle your registered śèx offender boyfriend #YoureLosingHun

    • Kerry March 12, 2019

      Exactly!! I like the fact y’all didn’t post her getting booed and people chanting Cardi B in France when she canceled on then! Lol. If it were the other way around, it would f been all over this wack a$$ blog!

      • Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ March 12, 2019

        To her credit at least she didn’t cancel this show ?

      • March 12, 2019

        shut the fck up you hatin @ss bches, look how long nicki been showing other female rappers love this an’t new then other chick that she doesn’t fck with doesnt represent all female rappers.

    • Binx March 12, 2019

      I was at the show last night. Struggle where? It was fully sold out. WORRY ABOUT PAYING YOUR RENT NOT NICKI

      • Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ March 12, 2019

        @Binx I already told you nicki has fans still: clueless white folks (who will switch soon) and some gays. I never questioned her last little remaining fan base. I know there’s still some left.

      • Kerry March 12, 2019

        @Binx stfu h0£! Some of us have a mortgage and not rent! You worry about paying your portion of your rent in that one bedroom roach infested apartment you rent ooyt and stay off Nicki’s ?! !

    • RapFan101 March 12, 2019

      People ignore the fact she worked with Trina (multiple times), brought out Foxy and did a song with her, worked with Eve, had Dej Loaf support the Pink Print Tour, remixed Kims songs (and kept her on her remixes), did a song with Kim, did a song with Cardi, had a female rapper support the Roman Reloaded tour in the UK, went on Queen Latifah’s talk show and requested that she present her whatever the award was, consistently showed love to Lauryn, asked Remy to do a song and she said Rem said no, has given shout outs to Azealia Banks and Maliibu Mitch … this idea that she doesn’t support females isn’t true. Just because she doesn’t perform with every women that releases a song doesn’t mean she doesn’t support women in the industry.

      • Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ March 12, 2019

        I forgot about that Trina song. I LOVE THAT TRACK! Everything else though is not genuinely executed. I remember somebody tagging Nicki in a fake post about Da Brat and Nicki @ing Da Brat and saying “excuse me sir”…. she didn’t work with eve, she did a movie with ice cube that eve was in. That’s it. Dej loaf? Ok sure. Kim? Remixes her songs and creates diss tracks about her while she’s wearing Kim’s outfits wigs and calling herself a Barbie.. remy? Cardio? Both have already let us know, her saying anythifnwas fake. Behind the scenes she was trying to cancel bags, cancel opportunities, block others from shining.. safaris and Kim also confirmed that.. I mean literally every point has a negative energy from Nicki’s end… Nicki is a Sagittarius. Sagoare fûcking clueless and unable to own up to their shït. PERIOD

    • RapFan101 March 12, 2019

      Id also like to say I’m not a Barb or whatever, Im an unbiased stan who loves all female rap – this is my take on the situation. Shoutout to all the girls out who are killing it right now.

      • Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ March 12, 2019

        No, what you are is a moron. You can’t say “I’m an unbiased Stan”. Do u know the meaning of Stan? Literally the definition of “stan” is biased. Listen to sing “Stan” by Eminem, that is the definition of Stan and it’s main definition is DELUSIONAL. Unbiased Stan? ?????????

    • Nasty Toxic Snatch March 12, 2019

      My thoughts EXACTLY, she needs to seem likable for her fan base.??‍♂️

    • My third eye March 12, 2019

      When Nicki got on no other females helped her with her come up except for Trina who she collabed with. As soon as Nicki started coming into her own she started receiving shade from Lil Kim who she addressed on every song from pink Friday and the Roman reloaded because of. Then, after Roman reloaded came out so many tried to downplay her rap skills including female rapper Eve. Fast forward to the rap divas ceremony, Nicki wins the award and Queen Latifah gives that award to her. Nicki has shown her love for Queen Latifah time and time again since. After this, here comes Iggy, who gets so much attention and goes number 1. Nicki was upset that the industry would craft someone together and write that persons raps while she’s being authentic in that arena. Nicki goes on tour for the pink print and she invited female rapper Young M.A. and Dej Loaf who she shows love to time and time again. Later, Remy decided to put that pressed diss track out because she felt bothered. She’d been in jail so she wouldn’t know Nicki throws jabs and doesn’t give names because it’s usually a person that throws shade at her. I think that song really messed with Nicki because she loved Remy since before she even got in the limelight. Then here comes Cardi, who she showed love when she got that number 1. Cardi did the collab with her but Cardi treated Nicki like she was in charge when Nicki is. Nicki let the veterans (who showed love to her) set the precedent in any collab (Trina). Cardi turned on her because that what her label wanted her to do. All I’m saying is Nicki not bowing down to nobody that disrespect her. She said in Good form “I only bus guns for the n***** that’ll bus guns for me”.

  2. Nasty Toxic Snatch March 12, 2019

    Sadly her style doesn’t suit being a artist for everyone except herself!!??‍♂️?”Bzzz”? Lil’Kim worked with a lot of females because it was apart of her style and not just trying to be holier then thou flying SOLO!!

  3. Blaah March 12, 2019

    “Watch the emotional moment” ??

  4. Jason March 12, 2019

    Everyone talking about “There’s room for multiple female rappers to win”, but y’all steady trying to get rid of Nicki! It’s sad to see people leading with negative comments as soon as the see/ hear her name. Meanwhile, I still can’t understand half of what Cardi B says because her creators forgot the speech therapy part. Megan thee stallion needs to pop so we can get another actual rapper out here.

    • Chica March 12, 2019

      Nicki wanted to be alone and now that female more female rappers are uniting and coming together that goes against her brand. Why would anyone want to include someone in unity when their whole life and career is based on being the Lone Ranger? You don’t need to understand cardi. Just Understand her Grammy and multiple chart topping hits.

      • RiRi March 12, 2019

        The fact that “Thotiana” made it to #20 on billboard is further proof that it don’t take talent these days to make it in the music business.

      • Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ March 12, 2019

        @Riri starships, anaconda and a multitude of trashy pop songs by Nicki were also popular. So yeah. It doesn’t take much to get on billboard anymore. You think nicki made it by serving quality?

      • Jason March 12, 2019

        The Grammy’s continues to not make sense.. That’s why people like Beyonce and Kendrick pay them dust. Popular clearly doesn’t equal good. The radio is trash right now. It’s definitely not about talent, so let’s not get all hype about a Grammy. I’ll give her 10’s when she makes music that’s finally worthy. I mean, dual lipa won over ChloeXHalle and HER for best new artist… nuff said

      • Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ March 12, 2019

        @Jason Beyonce attends the Grammys pretty regularly. She’s performed more than any of the big female r&b artists… she been attending since the 90’s, faithfully. Whatchu talmbout?

  5. RiRi March 12, 2019

    @Jazzy just keep that in mind when it comes to Cardi. While y’all keep throwing up her grammy and #1s. She may have received more accolades than any other female rapper but it damn sure ain’t cause she’s the best. Between Nicki & Cardi as far as rapping skills Nicki is the best.

    • Jazzy Bi Asian ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ March 12, 2019

      But she does make generic trash music too. So don’t try and discredit someone else’s music when your fav is the definition of quantity over quality….. without a Grammy or number 1, mind you.

  6. Beam Me Up Scotty March 12, 2019

    Some people you will never make happy. Nicki has been supporting female rappers. As far as people chanting Cardi B at Nicki Minaj’s concernt, there were only like 7 people and the joke is on them because they actually paid to be there.

    • Oh Well March 12, 2019

      @Snotty do you still listen to Nicki’s BIG hit Massive Attack?

  7. RiRi March 12, 2019

    All artist do at some point and time make garbage ass music. Y’all the ones keep bringing up #1s and a grammy. I know damn well a lot of y’all that talk about Nicki now was listening to her years ago. Eventhough she didn’t have any #1s or grammies. Y’all fake as f***, the grammies been a joke for years. It’s all about popularity now not talent. A lot of grammies Beyoncé got I don’t feel was well deserved. As we all know now it’s popularity over talent. However, Beyoncé is talented. Furthermore, I didn’t discredit Cardi’s music. Some of her songs have nice beats. Big ups to het producers. I said rapping skills. If her and Nicki had a rap battle acapella(no music) Cardi would lose. Her rapping is mediocre.

  8. XYZ March 12, 2019

    What have these women done to their booties?!

  9. KIKI March 13, 2019

    naw this looks forced as f*** and who are thes woman!

    keep that same energy in america you had mad time and look cant find 1 female in USA

  10. Holy Trinity March 14, 2019

    WE got your back Nicki! You will never fade! BARS ON TOP OF BARS snitches!

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