Nicki Minaj Forced To Cancel Third European Show

Published: Friday 15th Mar 2019 by Rashad

Nicki Minaj‘s ‘Nicki WRLD Tour’ certainly wasn’t extended the “luck of the Irish” when it touched down in Dublin for the latest stop of its European leg.

Already plagued with criticism for the unexpected cancellation of two shows due to “electrical issues” (click here to read more), the scheduled March 15th stop in the “Fair City” came as the third show to be axed due to unforeseen issues.

Look inside to see the tweet from the show’s promoters that sent fans into such a fury they – much like #Barbz in Bordeaux – chanted “Cardi B” in the streets:

After the show’s promoters revealed this:

Fans followed up with:

To prove the cancellation was not her fault, Minaj responded with receipts:


As of time reported, Glasgow fans – scheduled to see the Harajuku Barbie at the SEC Centre on March 17 –  are on standby until the weather conditions improve.  Their show is facing cancellation as well.

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  1. IG: mixedboy March 15, 2019

    Absolutely embarrassing I must say. She looks amazing in that picture though.

  2. Xoxo March 15, 2019

    This is NOT a good look

  3. Clarkson March 15, 2019

    Damn nicki u are done.
    Meanwhile please me about to reach number 1.

    • AJ March 15, 2019


    • King of Kingz March 16, 2019

      Selling out most shows & over 90% sold at all the others but she’s done tho??? Has ol girl even been on a tour before ?? Bruno is literary carrying that damn song & Ariana is keeping her foot on her neck so don’t hold ya breath

  4. K March 15, 2019

    At this moment just throw the whole concert away

  5. My third eye March 15, 2019

    A bunch of fake a.s.s fans that get mad and scream Cardi name. Y’all shouldn’t have bought the tickets from the jump if you was gone switch sides that easily

    • King of Kingz March 16, 2019

      Exactly fake ass fans lookin to start s***

    • Jasmine March 16, 2019

      I disagree. Just because you buy a concert ticket does not make u a fan so this sense of entitled loyalty to anyone is nonsense to me!

  6. Proof read March 16, 2019

    This site is also why female rap don’t get along. They post anything that gets them comments before proof reading thier s***. Nicki May be s*** in other areas but lyrically besides Missy, Nicki is still at the top.

    • SNF March 16, 2019


  7. Teon March 16, 2019

    I’m waiting for her to pull a janet Jackson and say she’s pregnant and cancel the tour.
    I dont think alot of these artists are touring artists, they cant handle it.

    • Ssa March 18, 2019

      You realize Janet actually had a baby and continued her tour. ???

  8. GiGi March 16, 2019

    Why dont this lying BIH nust go home? Shecancels the shows that arent SOLD OUT…

  9. SNF March 16, 2019

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the tour is eventually canceled… Karma is crazy

  10. King of Kingz March 16, 2019

    Crazy how when other ppl cancel shows for stupid reasons like Travis did to make up with Kylie about allegedly cheating ppl don’t attack’s or come for them but when Nicki does doe legit reasons ppl attack her. The shows are selling out or damn near sold out so that clearly is t the issue, & whose gonna walk away from millions of dollars & purposely disappoint their fans ?? Smh real Nicki fans wouldn’t be out in the streets doing that s*** either.

    • Queen Missy ?? March 16, 2019

      ? Nicki is a vet 10 years deep commercially. She should know this game by now. She needs a vacation. Go get a back blown out by Petty and come back with a new album in less than a year. Queen is too tainted. I give her a lot of sht but everyone is entitled to having a few hiccups but this Queen ish is not it.

      • King of Kingz March 16, 2019

        ?so is drake & he’s cancelled shows on his recent tour & got none of this damn hate smh she just came back from a damn break, maybe if ya’ll would stop saying such hateful things about this woman she would be okay

      • MissGuided March 16, 2019

        You act like Drake didn’t get dragged after the Pusha T/secret baby fiasco. BUTTTT Drake is smart and knows how to turn negativity in his favor. Nicki has been acting deranged and turning the general public away from her. Of course she’s gonna get dragged. Her and the Barbs are delusional.

  11. Yolanda March 16, 2019

    Starring soon: Nicki Goes to Rehab

    • King of Kingz March 16, 2019

      ?b**** u tried it

  12. Dc March 16, 2019

    Cursed karma

    • King of Kingz March 16, 2019

      ?karma for what exactly

  13. MissGuided March 16, 2019

    This tour has been MESSSSYYYYYYY boots. Nothing but cancelations and excuses. I bet she won’t release American tour dates.

  14. Sam March 16, 2019

    thats some fans shes got… i always said the people that support her and like her music are dumb and here i stand correct. the maturity level of it all….

  15. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez March 16, 2019

    The reason for the cancelled tours are coming from the venue and not Nicki. Why would she wanna lose out on money? These blogs are b******* and so are those fake ass fans. Ireland is s*** for that. How dare they switch up.

  16. Flexin ass Rap B**** March 17, 2019

    First off let’s be clear if your show was on Friday why wasn’t the equipment there the day before? Does she not do a sound check and complete run thru of the show like most artist? Or does she just do whatever comes to mind while on stage and know that y’all are just delusional sissies and lil girls and won’t care as long as u see her. Y’all need to wake up y’all asking what karma is she exactly getting it’s fron how she treated Kim and so many other women in rap .when she came out so now this is why. Ask yourself this if she really did nothing and she was as genuine as y’all pretend she is why does so much bad s*** keep happening to her? God doesn’t like ugly and ain’t to fond of cute so this is why she is getting what she dished out but honestly all of this would stop happening to her if she just comes clean and honest but until then this is what yalll gonna get!

    • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. March 17, 2019

      @Flexin – It wasn’t there before due to WEATHER. News reports state: “They added that the conditions impacted Irish Sea sailings over the last 24 hours, with some of the equipment trucks needed for the gig failing to show up. ”

      Her show wasn’t the only event impacted.

  17. Shontarka Laquita Jackson March 22, 2019

    She had her run. Now it’s Cardi. She will be deposed of with someone new. Trash music has no longevity. Cycle repeats.

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