Retro Rewind: Top of the Pops

Published: Saturday 30th Mar 2019 by David

Welcome to Retro Rewind, the TGJ original feature carved out to celebrate TV and Film’s glorious past.

Today, we honor the British music series Top of the Pops.

Premiering on January 1st 1964, the show was created to serve as a chart show / promotional vehicle for Pop fans and their “idols” alike and would reveal which song stood as the highest-seller of the week every Friday!

Ending its historical weekly run in 2006, TOTP now broadcasts as a  Christmas and New Year’s Day special.

Over the course of its mammoth tenure, the show played host to a number of stars from home and away.

Ready to revisit it? Press play below…

Any fond memories of the show?

Your thoughts?

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  1. OurP March 30, 2019

    As if half of the people who comment will remember TOTP?!
    This site is OLD & DATED
    Wheres tthe news of Robyn Crawfords
    Bio on Whitney? Due in Nov ?????

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate March 30, 2019

      TOTP was a Platform used by some of the biggest names in popular music. WHO said anything about remembering?

      The post is called RETRO REWIND i.e. a look at the PAST. Whether it is remembered or not is irrelevant, if you know anything about live renditions this post is a chance to see a performance from some of the greats that some people may NEVER HAVE SEEN BEFORE. SMH ??‍♂️

      • OurP March 30, 2019

        Who you talkin to 3LW dusty ass biatch

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate March 30, 2019

        I‘m talking to YOU 18 year old no daddy having gap kids elementary school flop. Is your $1 at the Internet cafe running out yet? Don’t bother responding honey boo boo cuz it’s Saturday night and I‘m getting ready to go out to that thing you don’t have much of CALLED A LIFE. Now run along and play in traffic blindfolded. Good Girl. ?????

    • Karter March 30, 2019

      @OurP *Retro Rewind… RETRO. REWIND…It’s called that for a reason. Btw, there have been a multitude of Whitney Houston bios since her unfortunate passing, another bio added to the mix isn’t headlining news. TGJ is so “old and dated”, yet here you are, the first commenter on a post of this “old and dated” site. ?? Child…

      • I hate b&w b itchezz . and blaccc men T not sht March 31, 2019

        they talk about Elvis for years…….and the Beatles They should do a bio on Whitney without Bobby Brown

  2. Karter March 30, 2019

    Bey, Tina, DC, Monica ?? ❤❤❤

  3. Glazba March 31, 2019

    YEs, Amerie 1 Thing

  4. Iya March 31, 2019

    I loved “Survivor” performance. Bee killed it. Alicia Keys slayed “Fallin” and “A Woman’s Worth”. Tweet looked and sounded great while performing “Oops”. Too many to list.
    That was my favorite show, one of the few ones I had access to.

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