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Published: Monday 25th Mar 2019 by Sam

Usher whet appetites with last October’s ‘A’ project, which arrived with little notice and even less context.

Given the lack of push, many viewed the set as a precursor to a more traditional album.

Jury’s out on when the hotly anticipated LP will arrive. However, Ush is wasting no time teasing with tastes of what the masses can expect.

See (and hear) the latest below…

By way of longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri, the Grammy winner previewed a song named ‘Believe.’

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Believe @usher

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Now “this” is more like it!

The production is butter-smooth and his voice melts over it exquisitely. Lyrically, it appears he’s unpacking a compelling narrative – just as he did on his mega-selling ‘Confessions.’ which turned 15 this week.

It’s well established that Usher shines on tracks of this ilk and, after years of chasing trends, it looks as though he may finally be coming back to claim his lane.

We’re ready! Are you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. #Formulation March 25, 2019

    I hope this is a filler track

    • CHINA March 25, 2019

      Usher is the most talented out of the Male singers. He’s the full package. Body, Vocals, Dancer but the H_erpes Scandal with a MAN and Women is just …over the top. I think his time …………….Might be up. Isn’t he like 45 years old?

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate March 25, 2019

        It’s telling how much of a sheep and how easily influenced you are by an ageist media, entertainment and society.

        What you are in effect saying is regardless of talent when you get to a certain age you should just disappear and be invisible???? Because Aretha, Tina, Michael, Prince and Bruce Springsteen and Beyoncé all just woke up on their 30th Birthday AND WERE DEVOID OF TALENT. ??‍♂️

        By your logic, YOU should go and crawl under rock at 30, you are everything that is wrong with society, i wouldn’t wait until you 30 to crawl under that rock – YOU SHOULD DO IT NOW FOOL. ??

      • CHINA March 25, 2019


  2. Justme March 25, 2019

    Usher, Cb, Ciara, mariah lead singles sound like it can filler tracks on other albums. It’s no new sound. There is a few artist that bring new sound everytime. Some get the praise others don’t. And for me the women are leading the way. Tamar always has something fresh. Mya been bringing it for years but she needs more promotion and a bigger platform (check out her album TKO) , and of course Beyonce, she has always found new sound in RNB ever since she debuted as a solo artist. Notably I didnt say Alicia keys even though she is another one. She just has to stop putting fillers on her albums.

    • Erica March 25, 2019

      You forgot Britney you make my care for her but usually she has a new sound especially her first singles

      • Bam March 25, 2019

        Brits last album Glory is hott. I was late listening to it but damn that album is really good.

    • crazyc April 19, 2019

      beyonce followed the trap trend on formation AND the whole entire EIL album flopped HARD because of it

  3. Liam March 25, 2019

    I love this snippet….vocally I getting my life

  4. Monica’s Dove March 25, 2019

    When has usher NOT been a trendy artist? His music always fits in with whatever the current sound is. I don’t see anything wrong with that because he always puts his signature Usher spin on it. He’s just older and washed up, which happens to all artists especially after 20 years. Song sounds pretty good though, but it won’t do anything on the charts.

    • Tyana Jones March 25, 2019

      It will flop.

  5. Dina March 25, 2019

    He has been . Keep it buddy .

    • Tyana Jones March 25, 2019

      Nobody listen to usher no more.

  6. Casual March 25, 2019

    I like this. Why was Jermaine Dupri reminding me of Dennis McKinley in this clip?

  7. ~he Arcade~ March 25, 2019

    “Now “this” is more like it!” Is my sentiment exactly!! ??Reclaim your throne Usherrr

  8. Tino March 25, 2019

    Mfs swear Usher 19 and should still be putting out #1’s left and rightSMH he’s been out 25 yrs and is already a legend with nothing to prove. No great artist have ever put out #1’s left and right after being out 20 plus yrs but they didn’t get blatant disrespected and overlooked like Usher does.

    • Tyana Jones March 25, 2019

      He going to flop man.

    • Tyana Jones March 25, 2019

      Cuz he wash up now.

      • Tino March 25, 2019

        Are you retarded or just dumb?? He’s already sold over 75 million albums with over 20 total #1 songs. His legacy is already established dumb ass. Flopping only concerns artist that are new and trying to reach the success of artist like Usher.

      • Tyana Jones March 26, 2019

        This song can’t do nothing on the charts for the record Chris Brown have sold 82 million albums.

      • Tyana Jones March 26, 2019

        Y’all let good kisser and climax go flop let’s see this support holds up.

      • crazyc April 19, 2019

        Usher is not washed up. He is one of the biggest names in music worldwide. He is the last black artist to have a diamond album. 75 million albums, like 22 or 23 #1 hits total. BTW Usher does rnb, so good kisser and climax didn’t flop since they were RNB SONGS and were top 10 on the RNB charts. The fact that in 2015 he released I dont mind and it was #1 on rnb chart and 11 on hot 100 with NO PROMOTION, NO MUSIC VIDEO OR LIVE PERFORMANCES tells us his star power. Even in 2016 he released no limit and it went #1 on the rnb radio airplay chart shows us that he still got it. y’all always talk about h2l flopping but it good excellent reviewws from critics and had singles that performed well including misin u and top 10 rnb hit and no limit. Usher is a household name and arguably the biggest rnb act of the last 25 years. point blank period.

      • Tyana Jones May 25, 2019

        Then why the album is not pick up anymore the hype has been down now.

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