Usher Teases ‘Confessions 2’

Published: Wednesday 27th Mar 2019 by Sam

Usher has a lot to get off his chest, and it seems as though he may be drawing on a tried and true format to do so.

For, the R&B star has just teased a sequel to his Diamond-selling ‘Confessions’ album.

Dive below for details…

Moments ago, Ush shared a shot of himself in the studio of Jermaine Dupri – who he’s been working on new music with.

He captioned the snap: “Dis What Yall Want”

Notice the board with the blank tracklist? Squint and you’ll see the title ‘Confessions 2.’

Released in 2004, the original ‘Confessions’ album is not only one of Usher’s most successful projects, but it’s one of the best selling sets in music history.

Earning the rare honor of being Diamond certified in the US, the LP sold over 10 million on home soil and over 20 million in total.

While sales of that ilk are a relic of yesteryear (unless your name is Adele), topically it’s clear why Usher may be veering down this route again.

Much of the ‘Confessions’ album’s success was rooted in its juxtaposition of candid truth and playing up to tabloid headlines. From its title track to #1 single ‘Burn,’ the project presented itself as an up, close, and personal look into the life of one of music’s biggest stars; notably at a time when his break-up with TLC’s Chilli was the hottest of topics and he was coming into his manhood.

Fast forward to now and the crooner is at an interesting crossroads – once again personally and professionally.

Beyond just turning 40, he recently split from his wife – which came on the heels of a major scandal involving accusations relating to sexual health. While artistically, he’s in need of another commercial moment after a string of so-so performing projects. To assist that charge, he on-boarded new management last November.

He’s been mute on the more dramatic aspects of his life, even on recent Zaytoven collabo set ‘A.’ So the ‘Confessions’ framing makes sense in context.

It’s a risqué move, as sequels have a reputation for not comparing well to originals. But, truth be told, Usher doesn’t have much to lose at this point. He must to address the drama, so why not do so via a medium and a movement that he created?

We’d listen. Would you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Brent Christopher March 27, 2019

    Usher can no longer push real album
    Units. He can release a CONFESSIONS 2 like Mary released a MY LIFE 2. The truth of the matter is that success like the original albums aren’t easiky replicated. AT ALL! he is wasting his time, effort & energy. Usher has shuffled over into the ADULT CONTEMPORARY REALM. Why aren’t management & other advisors 100% HONEST with their artists??

    • Tyana Jones March 28, 2019

      He will end up with MBJ when she did hers.

  2. Ashley Scott March 27, 2019

    I would I mean Usher has grown so much with his music over the years so I don’t see why I wouldn’t want to.

  3. Romeo March 27, 2019

    Noooo don’t tornish the confessions album legacy…he’s lost..he went from r&b to pop to some sort of trap r&b …artist like this are only looking to sell units…it shows he never really had a true artistry..just jumping on What’s popular at the moment…

  4. Nicky March 27, 2019


  5. Lol March 27, 2019

    I mean this in a respectful way but Usher cant push units anymore. His last 3 albums were all about chasing trends and following newer artists. The whole sequel album thing isn’t creative at all and if he’s trying to replicate that then he has his work cut out for him.

    • Tyana Jones March 27, 2019

      His real fans needs to understand this he is done and washed up.

      • Tino March 27, 2019

        Lol so he should just die and never make music again huh?? STFU the man job is making music and who tf are you to say he shouldn’t do what he loves.

      • Tyana October 18, 2019

        U usher fans are suds with herps.

  6. Haterz Gon‘ Hate March 27, 2019

    He is smart and haterz need to stay mute. One min y’all say he’s genre hopping, then he goes back to the formula that made him successful with the potential to really pull off authenticity because of all the life events of the past year – and y’all still talking smack.

    Beyoncé addressed infidelity and elevator-gate by using a narrative that seemingly answered the questions everyone wanted to know (although I think she played everyone by just singing about what everyone wanted to know) and sold millions – why shouldn’t Usher do it also.

    • Tyana Jones March 27, 2019

      He don’t give f*** reguler fans anymore.

      • Tino March 27, 2019

        To not be fan and for him to be washed up DAMN you sure do take time to comment on ever post about him SMH

      • Tyana October 18, 2019

        Chris Brown did sellingout usher over 15 years.

    • March 27, 2019

      I think this is the best news for R&B! Usher was a beast at it before Chris Brown came along & showed out. I love Chris Brown, but I do miss Usher and he can come out with a Confessions 2 that was just dynamic as 1. It should show how much he has grown & stay in it’s lane & just be entertaining just like the 1st.

  7. I HeATE WHYYYTE n Blaccck BITCHEZZ BOTH NOT SHT March 27, 2019

    Part 2???? Why , after many years a part 2 to confession , what is it the h***** controversy part 2???!

  8. Tyana Jones March 29, 2019

    Chris Brown surpass usher

  9. Brian Flanagan March 29, 2019

    Confessions is a good album but it’s not Thriller. Shouldn’t be too hard to recreate “the sound” of the album again. The hits on the album is the tough part to because they involved real inspiration and released at the perfect time.

    • Tyana Jones May 25, 2019

      Cuz mj Thriller has 33x Platinum Status usher would never beat that.

  10. Tyana Jones March 29, 2019

    The buzz is gone.

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