New Song: Mary J. Blige – ‘Stay With Me’

Published: Tuesday 23rd Apr 2019 by Rashad

Mary J. Blige may have been dubbed the Queen of Hip Hop Soul very early in her career, but her artistry has never been limited to the Urban spectrum.  Having experimented with sounds related to Gospel, Pop, and even Rock-related offerings, the Grammy-winner’s discography boasts an array of sounds – a point underscored by her most recent endeavor, ‘Stay With Me.’

Not to be confused with her award-winning remix of Sam Smith‘s 2014 hit, ‘Stay With Me,’ her latest release is a remake of the anthemic rock cut by the Rod Stewart band Faces.  Originally released in 1971, the R&B diva’s stirring revamp of the tune comes as her contribution to the deluxe soundtrack for season 1 of the hit Netflix original series, ‘The Umbrella Academy’ (of which she also stars).

Hear it inside:

‘Stay With Me’ may be one of many highly anticipated songs that line the set list of the singer’s recently announced ‘Royalty Tour’ alongside rapper Nas. Click here for dates.


Bonus:  See behind the scenes footage of ‘Stay With Me’s creation:

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  1. Gio Husband April 23, 2019

    So happy she worked it out with Capitol Records to finally release it. I was waiting on this full song forever. That teaser in the episode when she blew up the donut shop wasn’t enough.

    • AJ April 23, 2019

      What happened with capital? Was she dropped or something?

      • Gio Husband April 30, 2019

        No she wasn’t dropped. She’s on capital records and this soundtrack was released on a different record label. There were some issues And conflicts that made it difficult to get it released when the soundtrack first came out.

  2. Theman April 23, 2019

    Her voice sounds harsh. But the song is cool for the movie.

  3. jacob April 23, 2019

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  4. Brenda Gibson April 23, 2019

    Mary J I love your work your voice May God’s grace and mercy a blessing stay with you.

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