New Video: Jennifer Lopez – ‘Medicine’ (featuring French Montana)

Published: Sunday 7th Apr 2019 by Rashad

Needing a fix of new Jennifer Lopez music?  Well, it appears the Pop diva’s got quite the prescription.

Having already amassed critical acclaim aplenty for her newest dancefloor jam, ‘Medicine’ (a reunion with her ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ co-star French Montana), tonight’s episode of NBC’s ‘World of Dance’ brought with it the premiere of the cut’s official music video.

Your latest dose of what the triple threat is serving from her new album awaits inside:

Say what you will about J.Lo, what you cannot do is knock the hustle.  For those still on the fence about the song, ‘Medicine’s glossy, circus-themed visual comes as quite the potent attempt to push the undecided to the “sold” zone.  Admittedly, despite anticipating an epic dance breakdown in the video that never manifested, it’s succeeded with us here at TGJ HQ.

It’s no secret Lopez has been hit or miss for the last few years with the sonic, leaving many to wonder if she’s taken her finger off the pulse of “what’s hot.”  The riskiness of ‘Medicine’ – from a musical and visual standpoint – not only comes as notice that she has not, but only serves as reminder that the 49-year-old’s undying devotion to quality visuals will ultimately be what we remember her for when it’s all said and done.

Roll on new album!

Your thoughts?

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  1. jungkook April 7, 2019

    Can’t stop playing it it’s absolutely iconic

    • CHINA April 8, 2019

      Can’t Stop Playing this GARBAGE? She has ZERO vocal ability. Tone-Deaf Vocals. Is this the FIRST time she’s singing without using SOMEONE else’s voice????? Jennifer Lopez is a FRAUD. There are MILLIONS of other Talented Girls who can ACTUALLY SING. Don’t waste your Itunes Money

      • MyBAD April 8, 2019

        Well I’m not a fan of the song neither but if this is what sounds good for him well it’s okay. Your taste are not the taste of everybody so… 🙂

  2. evereve April 7, 2019

    The video is a dream, the song is ok. Together they rub me the wrong way. The imagery has its own rhythm, it’s like whoever edited the video was listening to something else. But there is no doubt that Jlo has evolved into a polished visual phenomenon.

  3. Sammie April 7, 2019

    This is absolutely amazing the video is stunning JLo is stunning it’s easy the best music video in years.

    She really is pushing the boundaries say what you like about JLo but this women works her ass, And she constantly puts out music for the fans

  4. Moti April 7, 2019

    This made me like the song a little better. Not bad at all ??‍♂️

  5. Meme April 7, 2019

    Okay Bish!

    This is actually a hot song and a very hot video. I got goosebumps watching. I still feel the song is missing something but this is the closet thing we’ve gotten in almost 10years of the JLO we’ve been wanting. Will be interesting to see how this era pans out for her.

  6. Adam April 7, 2019

    not even a Jenny Fan but this is how you put out a video it’s visually Stunning the scene she is walking on the catwalk it gave me chills it’s s*** as hell want even sure on da song now this video made me love it plus the second verse kinda goes hard it’s actually a dope song that suits Jenny well this is old school Jenny with the horns and the Sash this is the music she needs to be putting out I smell a decent hit for Lopez.

  7. He Is Risen April 7, 2019

    Classic! She is a legend!

  8. Interac April 7, 2019

    Did they sample the bass in “hello, good morning” by dirty money?

  9. Latinissima April 7, 2019

    THE SLAY OF IT ALL… OMG this video really elevate the quality of the song itself. Legendary visuals for sure!

  10. Dina April 8, 2019

    Ok that s LegendLo omg goosies everywhere she killed it . Cmon where is the haters ? Fu haters come and stay pressed

  11. Mark E April 8, 2019

    Okay Loving JLo’s new Jam ” Medicine” the video is Awesome!
    Way to come back hard JLO!!!
    Welcome back ?????

  12. Britsney Pears April 8, 2019

    She’s 50yrs old on a carousel. Sooo iconic o_O

  13. Britsney Pears April 8, 2019


  14. Jed April 8, 2019

    She definitely need her medicine!

    • Kevon April 8, 2019

      U mean copyonce

  15. Bravo!!, April 8, 2019

    There a lot of her old recycle beats in this song. I also heard a little of Amerie song 1 thing during the breakdown with French Montana. When I go to YouTube someone said they’re glad Amerie released 1 thing because Jlo was trying to steal her beat. But, I know what the f*** I heard and this s*** a Drake move with the beat.

    • Dina April 8, 2019

      Oh shut up . Dont mention copyonce here plz next . She is iconic . Btw beyonce looks her mother and she is in her late 30s hihihi

  16. Jhillboogie April 8, 2019

    If only my home girl Mariah could put out a video like this! Stella!

    • XYZ April 8, 2019

      But therefore Mariah would need to move. And we all know girl can’t even walk alone by herself anymore, so…

  17. Kevon April 8, 2019

    Iconic video…way to go jlo

  18. Jeans April 8, 2019

    Video nice. Song wack AF

  19. eric April 8, 2019

    I think the video is too fancy for the song. It needs more grit. Still love the song though.

  20. MikeG April 9, 2019

    What in the hell was this. I’d rather watch my grandparents have s** then to ever watch this s*** again and don’t GE me started on them flat ass vocals.

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