Whitney Houston’s Alleged Female Lover To Set Record Straight With Tell-All Book

Published: Tuesday 23rd Apr 2019 by Rashad

Since Pop icon Whitney Houston‘s untimely death in 2012, her best friend and rumored lesbian lover – Robyn Crawford – has remained relatively mum.  Opting not to go on a high profile media tour at the time (unlike many of the diva’s closest friends and family), Crawford’s ready to change her tune courtesy of a forthcoming memoir.

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Whitney Houston is as big a superstar as the music business has ever known. She exploded on the scene in 1985 with her debut album and spent the next two decades dominating the charts and capturing the hearts of fans around the world. One person was there by her side through it all.

Since Whitney’s death in 2012, that trusted and loyal friend, Robyn Crawford, has stayed out of the limelight and held the great joys, wild adventures, and hard truths of her life with Whitney close to her heart. In A Song for You, Robyn breaks her silence to share the moving and often complicated story of her life and relationship with Whitney.

With warmth, candor, and an impressive recall of detail, Robyn gives readers insight into Whitney’s life and career. She traces the years from when she and Whitney first met as teenagers in the 1980s to the recording of Whitney’s first album and the infinite success that followed. From countless sold-out world tours to her epic rendition of the US national anthem to the set of The Bodyguard, her tempestuous marriage, and the birth of her only child, Robyn was there.

Deeply personal and heartfelt, A Song for You is the vital, honest, and previously untold story that provides an understanding of the complex life of Whitney Houston. Finally, the person who knew her best sets the record straight.


Set to be released on November 5, the book – available for pre-order on Google Books here – comes as Crawford’s highly anticipated recount of her relationship with the ‘I Will Always Love You’ singer.  After declining to appear in the ‘Whitney’ documentary as well as its unrelated predecessor, ‘Whitney: Can I Be Me?,’ Robyn – who was long alleged to be romantically involved with the music superstar – is delivering her say after Houston’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, revealed the diva was bisexual in his 2017-released memoir, ‘Every Little Step: My Story.’

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  1. 2bad2bme April 23, 2019

    Whitney was a bull dagger?

  2. Brent Christopher April 23, 2019

    I truly didn’t expect Robyn to give in to pressures, but now that she has, i only hope the stories aren’t scathing or salacious. I hope she upholds her loyalty & respect for Whitney.

    • SMH April 23, 2019

      Honestly, i think that Robyn is the only one in Whitney’s life that would give an honest & unscathing account of Whitney’s life. And I don’t think she was pressured to do this; if she wanted to sell Whitney out she would have done so years ago along with everyone else. I think she wrote this book to literally set the record straight about Whitney’s life as opposed to the gossip that everyone else has been feeding the public.

      • Phyl April 24, 2019

        THANK YOU@SMH…you are absolutely correct!!!

  3. Fancy BISH April 23, 2019

    Well, I’m here for it! There’s no question that Robyn was a true friend of Whitney..and I know she loved Whitney..if she confirms what Bobby already said, then this a huge win for the LGBTQIA ?️‍? community! Whitney is the greatest singer this world has EVER known, male or female, point blank period, exclamation mark! The sad part would be that she didn’t get to live the way she truly wanted to..but she will be an inspiration! She already is, of course ❤️

    • Fancy BISH April 23, 2019


    • Jasmine April 23, 2019

      Sorry I disagree Fancy. If Whitney was a proud lesbian or bisexual woman she would have announced it publicly. She was not shy. Outing somebody after they are dead and cannot defend themselves is a shameful, wrong, and desperate money grab! When Whitnet=y was alive she publicly denied she was a lesbian.

      I guess Robyn needs the money.


      • Fancy BISH April 23, 2019

        Robyn might explain all of that…she didn’t get to be a proud bisexual because she was gone way too soon…this video is from 1991, and she was literally on fire ? Her career was soaring…of course she might’ve been pressured to deny…and Clive is bisexual too, don’t forget…that would make sense that they might’ve shared that with each other…Bobby already said she was bisexual, and he DEFINITELY isn’t shy lol…I just hope the tone of the book is classy and loving like Whitney! I respect your opinion tho

      • SMH April 23, 2019

        @Jasmine no she wouldn’t have. Back then it was career suicide to admit you were an out & proud gay person, especially a mainstream black celebrity as huge as Whitney was. Its the main reason why Robyn never spoke on it until now.

      • Jasmine April 23, 2019

        ‘Out & proud gay person? Are we talking about Whitney or you? At best, Whitney may have been bisexual but she was not a lesbian at all. She loved men. Ignoring the fact she had relationships with a lot of men before Bobby and some after Bobby is the same as projecting your gay story onto her and making her life all about you.

      • JOHNVIDAL April 23, 2019

        Jasmine with all due respect Whitney would have never said she was bisexual in public in the 80s or 90s. It was different back then. Don´t forget. The few people who said it were often ridiculized despite having some htis here and tehre. Whitney was a star of a caliber that nobody would have conceived she saying that (I mean she herself, her team and family). With that said, I don´t know if Whitney was bi. I adore her and that´s all that matters. The only pain it causes me is to think of the possibility of Whitney being gay or bi and having to live a terrible lie. It destroys me to think it. But it was often the case back then if you were a superstar. With Michael… it terrifies me to think about his possible struggles. I do think Whitney was in love with Bobbie. I mean the way she showed her love in concerts… that can´t be faked. But she may have been bi.

      • Jasmine April 23, 2019

        I agree 100% JOHNVIDAL. Whitney very well could have been bi and there is nothing wrong with that. What I do not understand nor see any receipts for was that she was a downlow lesbian. That is totally untrue! Technically, Whitney NEVER lied in her interviews! She was NEVER asked if she was bi. She was always asked if she was gay. Well she was not gay so she was not lying. She definitely loved men. I don’t think there was a big lie about her sexxual identity she ever had to hide or lie about. Her friendship with Robyn was publicly open. They attended award shows together and were side by side just like Rihanna was with her best friend Melissa. People forget that Whitney only had brothers so she would have needed a female friend to talk to when she had to do extensive tours and press runs early on in her career. There seems to be an agenda (mainly by gays) to paint Whitney as a closeted lesbian who would still be alive if it were not for having to hide her gayness but that agenda is totally false and hopefully Robyn dispells that. The real reason Whitney’s drug addiction spiralled out of control was depression and no longer having a purpose to live anymore. Her VOICE and LOOKS had gave out from all the cigarette smoking and she did not really feel a reason to wake up anymore. It had nothing to do with her sexxuality. It had everything to do with depression and not having a close aly around to pull her out of depression. Everyone around her wanted her money, including her father and Bobby.

    • eric April 23, 2019

      “…she didn’t get to live the way she truly wanted to..” According to who? That sounds more like wishful thinking. Whitney married Bobby and stayed with him because she wanted to. Everyone else was against it. It would’ve been more beneficial to Whitney’s life and career to leave Bobby earlier than she did, but she made that decision when she was ready. Whitney did what she wanted to, mistakes and triumphs altogether. I don’t say that to discredit her. I’m a fan and I just don’t believe that Whitney was forced to do anything.

      • Fancy BISH April 23, 2019

        Whitney loved Bobby, that much is true! Loved him through thick and thin..but Bobby was pushing Robyn away and it hurt Whitney…Bobby admitted this…family and friends say that when Robyn left in the late 90’s, Whitney’s career declined…Whitney may have wanted them both (we gotta read the book ?) and was stuck in the middle…imagine people saying Robyn isn’t good for you and your career, then saying Bobby isn’t good for you and your career…then Bobby and Robyn are at odds and fighting…and she loved them both, but decided to let Robyn go (they didn’t talk for years)…all while trying to maintain an extremely demanding career…that’s too much for anybody! ?

  4. menudi April 23, 2019

    If ya’ll don’t let this damn woman rest in peace.

  5. Casual April 23, 2019

    As a huge Whitney fan, I’m here for it. I read Cissy’s book and found it to be surprisingly interesting. I think Robyn’s book will be equally interesting — intimate but not salacious. Ironically enough, despite the fact that Cissy did not approve of Whitney’s relationship with Robyn, Cissy saw the end of that relationship as having a negative impact on Whitney’s life.

    • Jasmine April 23, 2019

      When Whitney’s friendship with Robyn ended it was downhill fast for Whitney and she seemed to have lost her desire to sing. People were taking advantage of Whitney heavily at that time (her father suing her, her record label setting her up to do that Diane Sawyer interview, Bobby Brown using and defaming her for reality tv, etc). Robyn was always a voice of reason for Whitney. She was nice but never afraid to tell Whitney what’s up. That was also when Clive Davis left her and her drug use spiraled out of control with her weighing only 96 pounds at the MJ Tribute Concert she performed at. Whitney became a laughing joke for her drug use at that time.


    • JOHNVIDAL April 23, 2019

      Yes and the bittchs had the nerve to say DESPITE THAT that in case whitney and this woman had been lovers, she wouldn´t have been happy about it. You don´t want what´s best for your children? Ugh.

  6. Steve April 23, 2019

    Well the truth is that the times have changed and it Whitney was off this day and age she probably would have out of the closet. As regards Robyn waiting this long to do this, she most have thought it through and through. Its smart that she didn’t go on media rounds when she was asked to because writing memoir is way more respectful than being bamboozled into saying things that one isn’t prepared to discuss or disclose.

    • Jasmine April 23, 2019

      I disagree strongly with that. If she were truly a lesbian or bisexual she would have date women. She dates lots of men before she dated Bobby Brown and even after they divorced she was only dating men. When she met Robyn she was only 16 years old. It is quite normal for teens and young women in their early 20s to experiment with other young women but that does not mean they are gay or bisexual. Being gay or bisexual means that you are dating the same sexx as an adult and that was not the case with Whitney. She married Bobby in 1992 and he is very much a straight man not a woman. They were married 14 years and post divorce she was dating Ray-J and a couple of other men.

      • SMH April 23, 2019

        That means absolutely nothing. PLENTY of bisexual people date more people of the opposite s** than the same s**. Whitney was protecting her career; if she had openly dated women back then her career would have ended quickly. And her & Bobby were drug users that had wild s**; who’s to say they didn’t have countless 3somes while they were married. Just because you never saw Whitney in public with women doesn’t mean that she never dated any.

      • Jasmine April 23, 2019

        @SMH You should follow your own words. ‘Just because you never saw Whitney in public with other women’ does not mean she dated women! To be gay or lesbian you have to do the do with the same sexx! If Whitney were truly gay or bi she would have female lovers! The only person people could think to pin on her is Robyn. The problem with that is Whitney was 16 when she met Robyn and 16 to 25 is a woman’s exploratory years where it is quite common for a young woman to have sexxual experiences with another young woman and not be gay or bi. Unless you can prove it on Whitney she was bi or gay as an adult I see this as slander. Bobby Brown is not credible either.

    • eric April 23, 2019

      @SMH. Protecting her career??? No one outside of Whitney’s family and professional circle really knew or paid a whole lot of attention to anything related to Whitney and Robyn. Her career was not in jeopardy until she married Bobby. Whitney didn’t care about the risk because she was in love with Bobby. Whitney made the choices she wanted to in life regardless of what others thought about it.

  7. Lana Del Fan April 23, 2019

    The tea runneth over

  8. The I hatwe b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 23, 2019

    Y’all mutha ducks are spool disrespectful………she is not gay, not sleeping with Angela basset,,,,she is not gay, not a crackhead, she said s** drugs rock and roll like all of them,, , her feelings were hurt awww that was Whitney mutha fuvkin Houston .

    There is NO BODY THAT CAN SINGER BETTER THAN HER. ESPECIALLY FEMALE F*** BEYON (who is jealous of Whitney Houston) , B**** wanna act like Whitney Houston was never alive, I’m trying figure out how they kiss her can’t sing ass. Especially when Whitney was here but keep trashing the greatest singer

  9. The I hatwe b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 23, 2019

    her family should sue. When someone does th at like everyone else family the Jackson don’t let f*** no body f*** with hem

    Ya know what im Going to get the book. I’m sure the Houston’s won’t they need to protect her legacy damn.

  10. The I hatwe b&w b itchezz . They both not sht April 23, 2019

    l Whitney was not pop, she was RnB, , rock, soul. You just don’t want her in the category ….of RnB music cause of that B**** who is jealous of Whitney keep acting like she was never born. B**** we can see

  11. JOHNVIDAL April 23, 2019

    I´m sure what she knows is the best anybody has known Whitney Houston.

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