B2K Blaze Vibe / Say Of Reunion: “We’re Not Best Friends…It’s Business”

Published: Thursday 16th May 2019 by Sam

B2K are back and haven’t missed a step, even if – as of last week – they’re missing a member.

The quad have been rocking US audiences on their sold-out ‘Millennium Tour’ and mark their second wind with a feature spread in the latest issue of Vibe Magazine.

Perhaps even better is how real Omarion, Lil Fizz, Raz-B, and J-Boog kept it when dishing on their regrouping.

Because, while some reunions are presented as being rooted in “kumbaya,” the B2K boys stress theirs in more about timing, their fans, and above all…business.

Peep pics and quotes below…

Lil Fizz On Differences This Go Round:

“At the end of the day, we’re all grown men and we all live our own separate lives. It’s not like we’re brothers and best friends and hang out after the tour. Everybody’s home. I haven’t spoken to any of them. They haven’t spoken to me. And you know, that’s just that. It’s business, but we know what it is. When we come together, the spirit takes over.”

Raz-B On Working With His Bandmates Again:

“I’ve been trying to put the group together for 16 years,” he admits, noting his efforts to secure the B2K trademark for the group. “Just like Fizz said, I never left the group. They like to say the universe; I like to say the price.”

Raz On Having Better Communication This Time:

“I think that is the therapy, which is the communication, speaking as enlightened four brothers from four different corners of the universe.

The love is there. Even when you dislike them for a moment or you guys got into a miscommunication, if we can come back to a cohesive space of love, then you’re cool.”

Omarion On Business Lessons:

“There’s always a conversation about business when it comes to the entertainment industry. First of all, most artists that are creative are not administrative. How do you play a show and then go backstage, make sure your numbers [are] right? It’s really difficult.”


J-Boog Echoing On Learning From Business Mistakes:

“It’s so much going on, and then things get moving and you start to not check on everything the way you’re supposed to check on everything. If you not in it for the business and you in it for the fame and the little trinkets, then you just gonna be like whatever. That’s the way the industry eventually gets you out of your business. Then you look back like, ‘damn I should’ve been on my sh*t.’”

Interestingly, the group are remaining coy about the plausibility of new music. Would you be here for it?

Your thoughts?

[Source: Vibe]

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  1. Tyty May 16, 2019

    Aka we don’t like each other, we still have unresolved issues from possible sexual assaults and homosexuality back in our heyday we are uncomfortable discussing these issues so other than making money we don’t mess with each other for fear of it dredging back up again.

    • Chill out May 16, 2019

      Thats R***. Child abuse! What is wrong with you? You gonna really not call it what is really was? NO ONE ASK FOR A PERVERT TO ABUSE THEM!!!!

      • Tyty May 16, 2019

        Why are you aggy only one member will admit hence ”possible sexual assault” I can’t call it what it is if 3 members refuse to acknowledge accusations and continue to work with alleged abusers.

      • iamdiego May 17, 2019

        Speak on it! Plus I believe Chris Stokes is making money off this tour behind the scenes. They are clearly in it for the money and i’ll admit they seem more honest about that than anything else. They probrably are ashamed but will not say it. Jboog seems off to me there is something about his eyes. The only one who seems unbothered is Omarion. You can tell Raz is being him genuine self and Fiz seems bored or tired lol.

    • Jasmine May 16, 2019

      We Got Bills To Pay TOUR. This is a money grab for them. It’s about the money.

    • Jasmine May 16, 2019

      We should not shame possible victims of child abuse. We are not entitled to tell them when to tell their stories.

  2. CHINA May 16, 2019

    As usual lets STRAY away from…did CHRIS STOKES AND MARQUES HOUSTON – R_APE and/or M_OLEST these boys??????? Why has NO CRIMINAL CHARGES been filed. WHY IS IT ALWAYS SWEPT under the rug????

  3. I hb&w both not sht May 16, 2019

    They need to change the name of the group,,,b2k .what?

    Look they keep fighting ..when people wish they had a record deal…look ,I have 2 boys that sing ready for a group

  4. Gee May 16, 2019

    Everything has and will continue to be swept under the rug because Chris Stokes is still in business ties with some of the members. Sadly this situation will continue to go unresolved because no one wants to deal with the truth.

  5. eric May 16, 2019

    They sold a lie to the public. I knew not to believe it. How much care and concern can they show for Raz-B and the issues they all have when they can’t even call each other real friends? Money won’t make any of their problems go away.

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