Chris Brown Breaks James Brown’s Record For ‘Most Hot 100 Hits of All Time’ Among R&B Singers

Published: Thursday 30th May 2019 by Rashad

History books continue to reward Chris Brown for his hard work.

The singer-songwriter – who is just weeks away from the debut of his ninth solo studio album, ‘Indigo’ – has seen his name colored across Billboard Hot 100 a whopping 93 times over the last 15 years.  The 93rd appearance came this week courtesy of his guest starring role on the new DJ Khaled song, ‘Jealous,’ which also features Lil Wayne and Big Sean (found on Khaled’s ‘Father of Asahd’ album).

Easily R&B’s most active artist with a plethora of his own tracks landing placements on the tally alongside guest appearances on rappers, Pop singers, and fellow R&B stars’ tracks, Chris recently passed the most famous musical “Brown” to earn the title of “most Hot 100 appearances of any of the genre’s performers.”

Details inside:

Three weeks ago, Brown had 91 hits to his credit – a feat that tied him with ‘Godfather of Soul’ James Brown for most Hot 100 entries among R&B singers.  The next week, upon the #90 debut and peak (to date) of Marshmello‘s ‘Light It Up’ (which features Chris and Tyga), the 30-year-old laid surpassed James’ achievement.  This week, thanks to the debut of ‘Jealous’ at #57 on the refreshed chart (seen above), Chris extended the reign.

The news comes just weeks ahead of the release of ‘Indigo’ which, if the success of his previous albums are any indication, will only further cement his name next to the historic title as it contains a whopping 30 songs on its tracklist.

P.S. – Among all artists (not including the various contributors to ‘Glee’ soundtracks) Chris is in 7th place for most career Hot 100 entries.  As of time reported, only Drake, Lil Wayne, Elvis Presley, Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, and Kanye West have more.

Congrats to Chris!

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  1. Dc May 30, 2019

    Wobble didn’t make hot 100 yet they really not supporting cause of nicki she’s poison lol

    • Faf May 30, 2019

      Which matters more
      Or the chart?

      • Caleb May 30, 2019

        @faf the chart because nowadays everything gets certified because of YouTube views.

    • My third eye May 30, 2019

      The industry really hates Nicki. They took views off her last music video she released so that song wouldn’t chart.

      • Thatflopjuice May 30, 2019

        Karma hates Nicki, as it should! ?

      • Aadem May 30, 2019

        Idk about karma..(don’t believe in it) but when you let fame get to your head and you start bullying ppl…your most definitely gonna get back what you put out!! Well deserved…. maybe now she can be humbled..

  2. Accolades quicklyjj May 30, 2019

    No feature James Brown and Aretha did it with mostly solo songs not a small part that gets them these Accolades quickly

  3. SMH May 30, 2019

    Lmao whatever. Features and guest appearances don’t count, i don’t give a damn what this new Billboard says with their messy rule changes just so these kids can get “accolades” without having to do half the work that The Greats who actually earned their hits did. FOH.

  4. pat May 30, 2019

    guest features and 40 song albums, but ok

  5. Lol May 30, 2019

    Too bad most of those songs all sound like the same 2 or 3 songs he always does and putting out generic 40 song albums just to get extra streams. We’re not impressed.

  6. Brent Christopher May 30, 2019

    It is far EASIER for modern day artists/acts to impact the Billboard charts.

    During the days of our real ICONS & LEGENDS, only hardcore, REAL sales mattered.

    Now, radio play, streaming, YouTube plays, SoundCloud spins, tee shirt sales, ticket purchases and other misleading CRAP can make a song or album appear far more successful on the tally than it really IS!

    • Urg June 4, 2019

      Tell that to the stream queen Cardi who u stan for?

  7. Faf May 30, 2019

    Half his songs are pop though . Yeah 3x. Don’t wake me up. Turn up the music. Right next to u.

  8. Jeans May 30, 2019

    Whatever Billboard.

  9. Caleb May 30, 2019

    Until relatively recently songs had to be singles in order to chart on the hot 100. Now every song from every album can chart. That’s the only reason these new age artists are breaking the records on that chart with very forgettable songs.

  10. Markwilliams5000@gmail May 30, 2019


  11. Tyty May 30, 2019

    Why are people complaining about the charts? When certain artists say they no longer chasing singles and don’t have a number 1 for years y’all claim they are flops when certain artists are constantly charting through whatever means if manipulation y’all complain… Easy acceptability and Streaming killed music sales get over it!!

  12. LUCKI May 30, 2019

    His numbers are unimpressive. He hasn’t had a certified album in pure sales since the early 2010’s maybe? His tour numbers are lackluster too. When it comes to CB, he’s all smoke & mirrors. You’d think he’d be further ahead after being in the business for 15 years – even after the Rihanna scandal, but he has regressed in every way possible. When’s the last time he even had a #1 hit? #NotImpressed

  13. Nancy Brown May 30, 2019


  14. Nancy Brown May 30, 2019

    Proud of him, he’s always been very talented and still has a lot more to show the world. I see that being a father and becoming a new dad is agreeing with him. Best of luck to him and continued success.

  15. Deejay May 30, 2019

    Congrats Chris. Keep winning these Lynchers cannot stop you. They are hypocrites but you are blessed. You are blessed and highly favored, keep your head up. Keep sharing your talent, you are loved not judged.

  16. Teresa May 30, 2019

    Good job CB

  17. Tino May 30, 2019

    Moss are top 50 not even top 20 lol. Meanwhile TRUE R&B legends like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Usher all have at least 9 #1 Hot 100 hits as lead artists.

    • Tino May 30, 2019


  18. Theman May 30, 2019

    Hits and entries are two different things. With streaming it’s very easy to instantly chart.

    • King z May 30, 2019

      Congrats Chris

      Contrary to every belief, any song that hits the Hot 100 is actually a hit. There are thousands of songs released monthly but only 100 of them hit the charts

      They are all hits. Granted, all of them aren’t sizable, but they are hits

      Regardless of what people say, streaming and downloads are the way people consume music these days. They are a true representation of public taste

  19. JD May 31, 2019

    This is a wonderful feat for Chris Brown however he is not R&B traditionally & can not be compared as such to James Brown because neither was he (and the struggle was far greater with massive roadblocks & almost 0 technology). The comparison here is in the numbers on the charts not the genre of music. STOP LUMPING ARTISTS TOGETHER GIVE THEM CREDIT FOR WHO THEY ARE & THE GENRE OF MUSIC THEY REPRESENT!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS CHRIS BROWN❤❤❤

  20. Sandy May 31, 2019

    You deserve it
    You’re hard working and talented artist…
    God bless

  21. Gregg June 2, 2019

    The true King of R&B right here…you can say what you want but no-one can touch this dudes talent….he can sing, act and rap. Unfortunately Chris wont get the respect he deserves until much later….. just keep grinding it out Chris!

  22. DIANE ALLEN May 12, 2020

    Chris i

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