Nicki Minaj In Talks With Irving Azoff For Management Deal

Published: Thursday 2nd May 2019 by David

Nicki Minaj is said to be in promising talks with Irving Azoff now that she has parted ways with her old management company.

Full story below…

Last year Minaj claimed that she had good reason to believe that Irving was one of the powerful forces using the media to derail her ‘Queen’ era. This year, ‘Variety’ claims that the pair have put their differences aside to discuss a management deal set to catapult the Queen of Hip Hop’s career to dizzyingly high levels.

He launched a smear campaign about my tour, and contacted people in the media to spread negative things about it.

Variety adds….

Azoff declined comment at the time, but this would not be the first time in his 50-year career that he buried the hatchet with an artist with whom he’d previously feuded. And as one insider suggests, Minaj may have been “impressed with [his] baller move.” Another source says the talks have been upbeat and “fun.”

If true, Minaj would share the industry heavy weight’s managerial powers with her peers Gwen Stefani,  Travis Scott, Bon Jovi and The Eagles.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

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  1. NickiGarbajisCancelled May 2, 2019


    • Pooh May 2, 2019

      She has one and you don’t. You madt suh?

    • Guardian Angel May 2, 2019

      Danyiel why did you’ve changed your nick boo?
      the first here like in the good old times, good for you 😀

  2. King of Kingz May 2, 2019

    Making chess moves, very smart business woman 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  3. My third eye May 2, 2019

    If I were her I wouldn’t do it. He will take advantage of her as he has done in the past.

    • Blake May 2, 2019


  4. Jez May 2, 2019

    Hpoes she learned her lesson and humble herself and work on rebranding herself espically after all the L’s she took last year.

  5. Clarkson May 2, 2019

    Who is she?

  6. Brent Christopher May 2, 2019

    It does not matter who is managing or representing Nicki if she does not tone down her disgusting attitude, mood & demeanor. Nicki truly does need to disappear following this subpar tour & record an album that is minimal in song selection but heavy in core rap quality. Her returning image needs to be CLEAN, as her social media posting should only be geared towards her MUSIC… ONLY. No more gossip, rumor & feud talk. I doubt seriously that she will EVER reach the heights of her former career, but she does need to convince the public to join her side again. Right now, the masses are completely turned OFF.

    • Lou-Andrew Rodriguez May 2, 2019

      I’m a huge fan and I somewhat agree. The general public have such a negative view on her and I want her to take that on and come back harder and cleaner than ever. Super Bass to diamond.

    • Blake May 2, 2019

      Excuse me but please remind me what this woman has done. Or are u going by your gossip or he said she said. And u pick what u feel is true. And act like it’s a fact. Child this is social media and anyone can use anyone for come ups I ain’t even a fan fan but real talk nicki hasn’t dont anything that u all force as if she did . Nicki is always going to be the problem cause she is number 1 and has been for over a decade. And the fact that u guys try to pull a cardi and say she is the it girl. HOW SWAY 😩🤣🤣🤣 who named her or crown her ..u put a standard for nicki but wont carry that same energy for cardi. U guys say nicki is the problem but last time I checked nicki never insulted cardi cardi made up lies and ride of the wave for come ups and use her past that she caused upon her self and define it as real which you all foolishly fall for and then u say that nicki feel like she is the best ..question why is that a question when she has been in the game for 10 years till present day. She write and has written for other artist. But she should call her self these title because you have a feeling about it. That is a u problem. Cardi can do ANYTHING a d u guys will call it being real. As if the issues she faced was not by her actions nicki befor fame didn’t have to have s** and sleep with people or pay people to play her music she did it the old fashion way mix tapes and that is how she is known before the plastic surgery before it all .cardi is only a caricature trying to please the gullible ghetto black audience but degrades black women. YET BLACK WOMEN SUPPORT IT. I REMEMBER WHRN CARDI TOLD HER FANS TO GET A BABY DADDIES but you support that and this woman played the sympathy card so everyone can like her and when u dont you are a HAter . Dont forget this woman is with Hollywood unlock aka Jason Lee who also degrades women on cardi b name aand cardi b dont care .you all want to force this narrative that nicki this nicki that but in reality everyone use her name to stay afloat .. because I have never seen such disgrace in my life not even men do this. But just women. No one claim nicki is innocent no one is and am not judging cardi but dont dear spite another in favor of someone you like based on feelings you just show your stupidity nicki was the first artist to praise cardi and cardi try and say she insulted her because she dont have the IQ to understand a verse. And you back her up when a five year old can see between the lines. You all are the problem. Just buch of blind sheeps.

      • Ohpippy May 2, 2019

        Shut up

      • tHAT WERQ May 9, 2019

        @MISS BLAKE, You poor delusional sissy…SMH…WhAT KIND OF DRUGS ARE YOU ON GIRL?!!…Are you that far up Minaj’s a** that you actually believe Cardi started that fued and actually lied on her?!!!!..You dumb c***!!..I want you to sit here and fix your carpel tunnel ass hands to type to me that you would be ok wkth anyone telling you that you are beneath them?!!..NO you wouldn’t bih!!!..for that porky pig ass heifer to tell that girl she is a player and that she is over her cuz she is the coach, she had to be delusional..that rap would have worked for a girl who was not charting and doing the numbers that Cardi B. is doin!!..Hell she been outpacin your bish since she hit the scene!!..Let’s be honest, that’s why you are really mad, b****!!!

  7. mase May 2, 2019

    It does not matter who is managing her , the quality of the music, beef or stunts she pulls- the heart of the matter is Nicki has a disgusting attitude. She’s not humble and thinks she’s the best thing to exist. this has turned away the public from her. It’s too late for her to wanna change. we’re over her. she’s over. the only audience left she appeals to are her few little fans she has left.

  8. mase May 2, 2019

    Cardi B is rap’s new it girl. we don’t need her.

    • King of Kingz May 2, 2019

      That strippa h** ain’t no damn rapper she a reality show personality who has Pardison ghostwrite all her s***, check her album credits

      • BARDI-GANG-GANG-GANG! May 9, 2019

        @”Queen of Kingz” B**** shut tf up!!..that’s why that heaux you up here cuttin for is attempting to make a comeback now!!..cuz instead of showin support by streaming Nicki s*** you get online and try to throw jabs at the girl who is getting streamed by her fans!!!.. We buying Cardi music, Heaux!… what ya’ll doin?!!..oh that’s right, you’re being the TROLL that you are!!!…and get your facts str8 heaux, since you don’t know the difference between a ghostwriter and a co-writer !!… Pardison is given credit on his partial writing, he does not write all her s***!!…he ain’t do nuthin different for her that Safaree wasn’t doing for Nicki bish! sit your mad ass down!!… Cuz Cardi still mopping the floor with her on the charts and at awards shows!!!..but you up here claiming she the Queen?!!!… Bish Where?!!!…in what dimension?!!!…not this here 1!!

        “My career’s takin’ off/ these heaux’s joggin’ in place/Swear these heaux’s run they mouth/Why these heaux’s outta shape?!”

        “Queen?”….lol!!..I actually feel sorry for her right now but she brought all of this on herself….

  9. Ty May 2, 2019

    I mean good luck repairing the image….personally think its a done deal for her. Interesting how I mentioned last time what big people in the industry did she p*** off and I got attacked but this article just proved how right was. Obviously people in the industry want rid of her for whatever reason. Hopefully that humble pie she ate will calm her down. But once a new it girl hits the scene pretty hard to come back from.

  10. PinotNoir May 2, 2019

    Irving seems to attract female artists with egos as big as his. Maybe Nikki and Xtina could remix “WooHoo” and give it the video treatment? We know those corsets were made. 😉

  11. Real_Bard410 May 2, 2019

    Go figures. Well I still have love for Nicki but she will NEVER be on the status she was. It’s hurtful bcuz it’s the truth. All the Barbz are bashing Cardi but reality is reality Cardi is the “IT” rap girl now. And make no mistakes I’m a Barb and will always be one but I’m not band-wagon goat either. Nicki had damaged her brand and image and honestly made past claims about her from another OG rap chick that was once called the “Queen” of rap come to light if ppl really follow rap and the industry. Nick HAS TO BUILD and BE HUMBLE this go round enuff is truly enuff. Still love you Nicki!

  12. BARZ4Barz May 2, 2019

    Smh she needs a mental and emotional break from the industry. This is such a poor move on her part especially consistently claiming to be the BEST! Her actions aren’t defining her words but then again look who is the topic of conversation. This girl has damaged her name & image but her so called barbs aren’t really fans. Because they constantly make excuses for her poor actions. Like this entire article, I’m sure all her barbs are saying this is dope choice. But if you know the history and full story then you would know it’s not. #ButGoHead

  13. titi May 2, 2019

    shes need some one that will shut her up and teach her to be humble cuz she trippin HARD!

  14. Dumb h*** May 2, 2019

    This the same person who she gave cocksucker of the day and who manages Travis

  15. I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht May 2, 2019

    This may be a good move for the Minaj . . She needed to get rid of somebody . .some body on her team was not on her team

  16. I hate b&w b itchezz . They both not sht May 2, 2019

    THEY letting her do too much, she need to cancel queen radio if she is still doing that….let them crave and search you…. Stop doing interview ……no collaboration unless artist has gone double platinum…..they keep using her…….like that Spanish b itch

    III just bagged a white guy. Yay Nicki has a new white boy 👦,

  17. Beam Me Up Scotty May 2, 2019

    I truly believe Queen would’ve done better had it gotten more support. Perhaps new management will give her the support she needs to sell her product. You all talk like Queen had nothing but trash songs, but there were some gems on there.

  18. QueenNickiMinaj May 3, 2019

    Yassssss the Queen of Rap/Pop

    The most charted diva of all time

    Super Bass songstress

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