Not an Icon? Dionne Warwick Clarifies Comments On Beyonce After #Beyhive Attack

Published: Thursday 23rd May 2019 by Rashad

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick caused a firestorm of controversy after a recent interview saw her weigh in on today’s talent and who among the class has the potential to be an “icon” like herself.

Nearly a month after wrapping her Vegas residency and now hot on the promo trail of her new album, ‘She’s Back’ (released May 17), the well-respected, but much outspoken diva is back on the bad side of headlines after she implied Beyonce was among those who have “a long way to go” before reaching iconic status.  Speaking with our friends at Essence recently, Warwick stated:

“I don’t know if 10 years from now, anybody can actually sing the songs of our babies today. That’s not, as you guys say, ‘throwing shade.’ That’s just looking at it with reality,” she said.

That’s not all she said.  More inside:

“When you speak of folks who have been in the industry, recording for as long as I have, and my peers… These babies, who are approaching 20 years, maybe, which is amusing to me because I’m certain they wouldn’t even last that long. But since they have, when they get into the 50- and 60-year range, that’s when you can start saying, ‘Well, maybe there is a classic hidden somewhere amongst them.’ But at this very moment, I don’t see it.”

When quizzed on Beyonce, the 78-year-old lit up:

 “I have an admiration for Beyoncé,” Warwick stated. “Watching her grow has been quite refreshing. It’s wonderful to see how she’s been able to create what and who she wanted to be and who she is.”

But as far as that elusive iconic status goes, the ‘Walk on By’ singer suggested the ‘Crazy In Love’ star has a long road ahead;

“Now sustaining and become the icon [like] Gladys Knight, or Patti LaBelle, or Johnny Mathis, or Frank Sinatra, or Sammy Davis Jr.? I doubt that. I really do,” Warwick remarked. “I love her to death and can appreciate her talent. But that iconic status that I just mentioned before? Those names? It’s a long road [ahead].”


Needless to say, the comments above incited furore among members of the #Beyhive (Beyonce’s beloved fan group). See some of their comments below:


Once the hoopla got to the desk of Dionne, she responded with:


[photo source:  Getty Images]

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  1. IG: mixedboy May 23, 2019

    I mean she didn’t lie. ??‍♀️

    • Jasmine May 23, 2019

      Beyonce is a legend but to many people Dionne’s age she is not. People don’t have to think the same way or value what others value. The attacks are unnecessary

      • Hmmm…. May 23, 2019

        Agree, it’s not that serious. The icons of one generation don’t have to be icons of the next in order to be icons. Or the previous. Believe it or not, Just as to people Dionne’s age, Beyoncé isn’t an icon, to some people who are in their 20s, Gladys Knight and Patti aren’t their icons. ??‍♀️ They consider Britney, Rihanna, Beyoncé, etc. as their icons. Some of these kids, bless their soul, will look you dead in your face and say Ariana is better than Mariah. ?? It makes no sense sometimes but that’s the way it is. Artists will always be more meaningful to the generation they inspired. Winning over the hearts of the generation they were inspired BY, will always be a little more difficult.

      • Brent Christopher May 23, 2019

        @Hmmm … you really are unintelligent. MUSIC INDUSTRY ICON STATUS is not relegated to the generation (10 – 20 years) that is presently rising in the world. An ICON crosses generations & that is what you don’t seem to understand. Beyonce and her music has impacted ONE generation — the present one that has single handedly RUINED television, film, music & the exclusivity of TALENT being the root of Fame & Success.

        so, it’s EASY for her to somewhat standout.

        And you are absolutely wrong when you suggest that an ICON does not have to make social & cultural differences amongst the masses. the women who are considered GLOBAL ICONS have absolutely used their art to pierce the scope of race, class, gender & sexuality amongst the human race. Beyonce has accomplished very small, minute pieces of that level of influence. That’s why you’re so dismissive of the requirement.

        It’s easy for you card carrying, surface dwelling Beyhive members to discount the qualities that create legends & icons because many of those core qualities & attributes are not held by Beyonce. That’s the truth.

        Her multiple, undeserved Grammy’s came at a time when the award had already been watered down & given out like cups of water at a stateside track meet. And quite honestly, it’s ONLY her Grammy number and stage performance factor that reigns over any of the other female entertainers of right now.

        Other than that, Beyonce has not once introduced a single trend, genre, idea, concept or piece of art that would create a hole in the entertainment industry if it were removed.

        BUT… when you list the real ICONS that are recognized across ALL generations, the removal of their contributions would not only leave holes in the industry but also… easily remove Beyonce herself — because MUCH of her stage routine & overall aesthetic are the mirror image of ICON Tina Turner & ICONS Donna Summer + Diana Ross.

        There is a long list of other artists, musical sounds & industry opportunities that stem solely from the existence of these ICONIC ladies.

        There’s not one thing that Beyonce has ever planted or presented that can’t be removed from the music industry, with all else around her remaining in tact.


        Mary J. Blige & Toni Braxton would sooner be recognized as such by the industry, before the title is handed to Jay Z’s Wife.

        You raging kweens think you know so much because you come from so little. It’s pathetic!

      • Hmmm…. May 24, 2019

        Lol. I can appreciate a well written argument because I’m usually the one writing the paragraphs here, but sis, you rambling your opinions off in circles as if they’re facts is borderline pyshchotic. “Beyoncé hasn’t invented anything, Beyonce hasn’t made any musical contributions. Beyoncé didn’t deserve the awards she has, Beyoncé isn’t intelligent.” Maybe you value your opinion enough to believe that you can use it to make conclusive statements like this, but no one else does. Again Sis, You do not know what an icon is. And Your singular opinion of who has or hasn’t made a cultural imprint on American music and society is consequential to you and no one else. Come back to Earth.

      • PCIO May 24, 2019

        Brent Christopher : you spoke my mind but you know what it is, let them believe what they want 😉 they are not able to understand some things, blessed are the fools.

    • CHINA May 24, 2019

      @mixedboy while i don’t agree with your “mixed boy status” because your DARK as night – who you trying to fool you a straight N_igga. Clown. Why the Old Gays so Pressed about being “mixed”. BEYONCE DOES NOT HAVE A CLASSIC STANDARD HIT. HALO did not go number 1. SHE HAS FAILED TO GET A — CLASSIC SONG THAT WILL BE PLAYED FOR THE NEXT 30-40 YEARS. She does not have a I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. She does not have a HERO. She does not have a Rhythm Nation. She does not have a Like A Virgin, Material Girl. She does not have a Standard Hit with a solid amount of Weeks at Number 1. The gays/Bee-hive is…………..Reaching………….

      • thry May 24, 2019

        @China she’s an icon to them, and that’s all well and good but in the end she will not go down in history as others have. and btw it ain’t all the gays lol I liked her until the Single ladies album and just couldn’t after that one. boooooring.

  2. MsYonce May 23, 2019

    Well if Beyoncé still has a long way to go to reach icon status.. Then the artists from this generation will never reach icon status

    • ME May 23, 2019


    • thry May 24, 2019

      they won’t. it’s a product of the times. there is a huge difference from now and then. social media and internet has destroyed that. massive difference between Michael, madonna, Janet, Mariah selling those albums then is not equivalent to what’s out now. there are no new Legends, they stopped in the early 90s

    • PCIO May 24, 2019

      Of course, do you know a million of Icons in the world? Don’t be so stupid, an icon is something rare otherwise everyone could be it. To be an Icon you must last in time, and when I say last I mean that a lot of people should remember your songs 20/30 years later, how can you talk about her as an Icon when she’s not even in the game since that long? That’s ridiculous.

  3. Bey Best May 23, 2019

    Dionne did not lie. Beyoncé is on her way to iconic status. Notice how her only original song that is worthy of a cover to prove that a female (or a girly man) can sing (especially in a competitive format) is “Listen.” Beyoncé is an exceptional entertainer who sings good enough. The end.

    • MsYonce May 23, 2019

      Sweetie Love on Top has 4 key changes its one of the hardest songs to sing… Listen is nothing! Beyonce is an icon period she’s been iconic for over 20 years stop the madness… If Beyoncever is not and icon then neither is Rihanna, Gaga , Adele, Britney etc

      • Eric May 23, 2019


      • CHINA May 24, 2019

        Did you just say Rihanna and Gaga and Adele and Britney are ICONS? No honey – lets break this down:
        1. Rihanna STOLE from Grace Jones – a real icon.
        2. Gaga STOLE each and every move from Madonna – a real icon
        3. Adele – STOLE each and every note from Mariah, Whitney, Patsy Cline and Lisa Stansfield
        4. Britney – Stole each and every note/move from Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson and every cheerleader in America.
        5. Beyonce – Stole Mariah’s Weave, Janet’s Dancing, Tina Turner’s energy and Diana Ross’s fan blowing Wig moments.
        Gay_s STFU NOT ICONS.

    • Eric May 23, 2019

      Respectfully, I don’t think you’re familiar with her catalogue of music. Along with songs like Resentment, Halo, and I Was Here, I don’t think the status of any singer is if someone is using them in a singing contest. I would venture to say, whether you like her or not, her singing is certainly more than “good enough,” IMHO.

  4. #Formulation May 23, 2019

    Is mariah an icon or legend?

    • Jasmine May 23, 2019

      Both. Hits for days

      • Fancy BISH May 23, 2019

        And classic hits at that ????

      • I hate blaccck n whyte May 24, 2019

        Fck Mariah Carey. F*** Beyonce to. .. Mariah rode of Whitney Houston back.
        Her songs are for a weak voice

        And Beyonce can’t sing anything like Whitney. She just don’t have it.

        Love Whitney

    • CHINA May 24, 2019

      Mariah Carey will go down in history for HERO. One Sweet Day and We belong Together being Iconic Hits. HERO to this day is played at EVERY graduation. Mariah also has Multiple DIAMOND albums. ICON Status. All Day, Every Day.

      • PCIO May 24, 2019

        You damn right CHINA.

  5. Fruit Filled Basket May 23, 2019

    I see nothing wrong with what Ms. Warwick said. Luckily Beyonce is a humble servant and doesn’t disrespect her elders or anyone who disagrees with her. The Lord will show mercy on her and grant her not only iconic status but Legendary status like those of Prince, Diana Ross, The Rolling Stones, and Tina Turner. God appreciates those who work hard and produces many fruit! Dionne is a class act and shall be treated as such.

  6. Unnatural May 23, 2019

    Dionne right tho. Beehive cld be mad but that’s the truth

  7. Divab May 23, 2019

    Let’s be real here. Beyoncé has surpassed iconic status she’s nearing legend status and unstoppable. Mention Beyoncé name Dione just to get records sales and have her name on tongues. Beyoncé is by far right around the corner of becoming a living legend period.

    • Brent Christopher May 23, 2019

      Beyonce has NOT surpassed ICON status. If you remove Beyonce’s Entire catalogue of music from the industry, nothing changes culturally or socially across generations. Beyonce is an incredible performer, but her status does not impact racial, class, gender or sexuality acceptance, recognition or standards. Nothing about Beyonce’s Music or philanthropic efforts has reshaped or greatly pierced the presence of laws, regulations, ideas of the thought process of her generation. Beyonce isn’t even intelligent. Everyone can tell. Beyonce isn’t socially conscious. She’s pretty and makes great booth pop anthems for raging homosexuals & their rat head good girlfriends. Beyonce has never created one song or starred in one film that shattered glass ceilings for women. She has never once done anything on screen that paired with the heights of our BILLIE HOLIDAY’s or LENA HORNE’s or DIAHNN CAROLE’s or DIANA ROSS & TINA TURNER. Beyonce is a great mix of all of those ladies, but she has not revonfigured any parts of the music industry ASIDE FROM dropping a surprise album on a Friday -/ changing the album release day from Tuesday’s. BIG DEAL! If albums went back to being released on Tuesdays, nothing about profit or impact would alter. JANET JACKSON & MADONNA are icons. Their albums presented totally new ideas, thought processes and presentations of social awareness. Beyonce gives you the same over sexed antics and bejeweled unitards — tying it under this fraud philosophy of woman empowerment. It’s fake! She isn’t intelligent enough to ever even expound on the themes she pretends to promote. An icon? NOT in this decade or the next.

      • Jazzt Jae May 23, 2019

        You wrote all of that to say exactly what? The novel you wrote just goes to show that you know nothing about Beyoncé’s philanthropic efforts. A quick google search will do you good.

      • Brent Christopher May 23, 2019

        If her philanthropic contributions were so impactful dear, I would not HAVE TO “google” them. LOL! you just helped to prove my point. There is NOTHING that Beyonce has presented to the world that has helped to reshape culture or society. she shakes her buttocks harder than her female contemporaries & she is pretty. An ICON… she is not!

      • CHINA May 24, 2019

        Had Beyonce not STOLEN Janet Jackson’s ICONIC blueprint?????? All day? Err Day?

      • Maxx May 24, 2019

        ‘Beyonce gives you the same over sexed antics and bejeweled unitards — tying it under this fraud philosophy of woman empowerment. It’s fake! She isn’t intelligent enough to ever even expound on the themes she pretends to promote. An icon? NOT in this decade or the next.’ Well said sir, well said. She is so played out & boring as hell. She sold s** & now she is trying to sell this woman empowerment angle…I have never fell for either. NEXT

  8. Keegan May 23, 2019

    Zero Lies

  9. MsYonce May 23, 2019

    The reality of the situation is that people will not give Beyonce her flowers until she’s gone. That’s just the way it goes!! With all honesty I think Beyoncé, Rihanna , Gaga and Britney are the icons of this generation. These older artists need to sit the f*** down. I’m so sick of them and their old time thinking.. This ain’t the 80s anymore we have a new generation of icons and it’s time y’all move the f*** around and accept that y’all time is over.. These older artists always talking s*** like 10 years time people won’t be listening to this or that like how the f*** would y’all know. Sit y’all asses down

    • Jasmine May 23, 2019

      Clearly what Dione said went over your head. Beyonce is a legend and that is a fact! The problem Dionne identified is having memorable music that will get played 50 years from now. Out of Bey, Rihanna, Britney, and Gaga I think Bey has the most memorable hits but not enough in total like a legend should have under their belt. Besides Crazy in love and Single Ladies I doubt any of her music will be played 50 years from now when I don’t even hear those two songs on oldies channels now! Don’t be so caught up in your fandom that u don’t see the bigger picture. Nobody is technically challenging whether or not Bey is a legend and icon because she certainly is but her music catalogue is similar to most artists of this generation where it is based on quantity and not quality music. Her catalogue should be as big and memorable as Janet and Michael’s with quality music!

      • iamdiego May 24, 2019

        In reality we dont knw who will be listened to in 50 yrs. Def not Dion respectfully. I’ll say that most of what we have heard for the last 30 yrs will be our oldies. Starting from the 90’s. I dont see anything wrong with Ms. Warrick’s statement because its her opinion. WHY ARE YALL ACTING LIKE HITS EQUAL CLASSICS these days? Yes, that used to be the case but we live in a time when the best music doesnt get promo or single treatment because it wont do well. Now In todays society, if your music dosent do well your cancelled. Back in the day you could completely flop and always have a chance to come back time and time again. True Bey’s music has changed but its only becuase she does want to be legendary. She wants to keep up with the times. I’ll give her ten more yrs of keeping up but i’d love for her to step outside the box and do a few Jazz records. I’d also like a full folk ablum from her simular to I Am…

    • Brent Christopher May 23, 2019

      AN ICON cannot be the same age of the generation presently reigning you idiot. An Icon has created a body of work that has reshaped the landscape of cultural & social existence. NONE of the women you mindless music lovers hail as “ICONS” have created anthems, ideas, albums or art that has impacted a global flow of thought, movement or structure. Marvin Gaye did that. Michael Jackson did that. Diana Ross did that. Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney & GaGa have NOT yet done that.

      Mariah Carey is the closest one of our generation to being considered an Icon. She created the entire POP STAR paired with RAP FEATURE song style that presently dictates the majority of chart success & music industry pairings.

      Your favorite ladies follow trends & make them popular, they don’t INVENT anything!

      • Hmmm…. May 23, 2019

        Lmao, there are different types of icons you maniac. ?? And age relative to generation is not relevant. Rest your fingers and sit down somewhere. They’re musicians, not prophets. Musical icons are not required to do anything beyond maintaining a historical reputation of significance and veneration in the collective memory of whatever generation they represent. They are not obligated to feed the poor, champion for LGBT issues, or run for president. Lmao, they don’t even have to be intelligent. You don’t know what an icon is… And hold on to your seat sis, because I want you to know that they don’t have to invent anything either. That has NOTHING to do with being an icon. But anyways, Icons are consensually determined by the group and your measure of who’s impacted the cultural and social landscape of music and who hasn’t is not enough to surmise anything. Your opinion is not the standard sis.

      • Oh Well May 24, 2019

        OMG Jasmine and Hmmm…. are the same person she is such a troll ????

      • Ot May 24, 2019

        Where is Whitney in this. Clearly she is an icon right. Going through the comments but no mention of her yet. I think her music catalogue and image is memorable. I know you guys are talking bout icons but what of Bob Marley too? I think he has made an influence in cultural and social realms.

      • I hate blaccck n whyte May 24, 2019

        I feel they hating on Whitney Houston because she can sing better, she is prettier to, they want her legend awards. Given to Mariah when it’s Whitney Houston legend awards. Even in death,

  10. MsYonce May 23, 2019

    By saying Beyoncé is not an icon y’all are saying Rihanna, Gaga and Britney are not icons either and that is simply not true

    • Brent Christopher May 23, 2019

      Rihanna, GaGa, Britney, Beyonce, Mariah and none of the others are yet ICONS.

      Judy Garland is an ICON.

      Lena Horne is an ICON.

      Sammy Davis Jr. is an ICON.

      Janet Jackson is an ICON.

      Prince is an ICON.

      The ladies you named are rising legends. That is all.

  11. Newton May 23, 2019

    But Dionne is 100% correct. Is Beyoncé producing any classic songs?! Can you see her doing Formation or Apeshit when she’s 60?? It will look silly. Apeshit is a computer creation, you can’t play it on piano. She’s been a trap rapper lately and I would love for her to get back to making melodic music like her first few albums.

  12. Are you Kidding Me? May 23, 2019

    I’m not even a Beyonce fan, but in the realm of Black Singing Icons, how many times does Ms. Warwick’s name come up in that conversation?

    • Brent Christopher May 23, 2019

      Dionne Warwick was the FIRST BLACK WOMAN TO CROSS OVER INTO MAINSTREAM POP CULTURE you imBicile. If it were not for Dionne Warwick, there would have been no Diana Ross, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson or Mariah. You all sound so FOOLISH! KNOW YOUR HISTORY!!

      • iamdiego May 24, 2019

        true but Dion never got her roses. not that she needs them to be validated but the GP had they heads all up Aretha and other women’s ass at that point. they did not apreciate Ms Warrick. Her voice could not keep up with the other ladies back then. to get hits back in the day you had to sing soft and bland (unless you were Aretha). thats how she became one of the first black pop/mainsteam artist. she did what she had to do at the time. sadly even now they talk about all the others from back then but she doesnt come up a lot.

  13. MsYonce May 23, 2019

    Here comes these idiotic comments about “classics”. Yall don’t know what will be a classic and what will not be a classic. A lot of the songs that y’all call classics were not considered when they first came out they were simply just “successful and popular songs”. Only time will tell what will be a classic…….

    • One in One May 24, 2019

      I agree! And just like others before her, she play her discography whenever she deems necessary. Thats how others before her songs stood the test of time.

  14. Ropeburn May 23, 2019

    But where is the lie tho? Poppin your punanny on stage in front of a bunch of drugged out rich Wypipo at Coachella doesn’t make up for a lackluster musical catalog. All these years in the game and she has yet to give us her magnum opus. Can you imagine her trynna sing Flawless in her 50s? ?

    • Fancy BISH May 23, 2019

      Chile, I can’t WAIT to buy Control on vinyl! And that’s just Janet’s first mini batch of classics! ??Chiiiiile, the SONG IS THE STAR ⭐️ These new heauxs think they can bust down all day and be bigger than their songs, which they are…but soon, those songs will be gone along with their funky punannnys and what will they have LEFT? They better GET RIGHT ?

  15. Brent Christopher May 23, 2019

    EVERYTHING that Dionne Warwick said is 100% FACTUAL.

    Beyonce is NOT an Icon & she is NOT a Legend… yet.

    Beyonce does NOT have a slew of classic songs to her catalogue. Beyonce hasn’t even had a solo 25 year career to make her eligible for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame consideration.

    In the next 20-25 years, yes… MAYBE Beyonce will be recognized for Lifetime Achievement, but as of right NOW, Beyonce has NOT reached the pinnacle of original, game changing, history reshaping, cultural impact status. She is one of the BEST for this very low standard and low bar of a generation, but she does NOT reign alongside your Mahalia Jackson’s, Lena Horne’s, Liza Minelli’s, Judy Garland’s or Diane Carrol’s. Beyonce is NOT a triple threat & never has been.

    Beyonce is pretty and a great stage performer.

    She does not write all of her own music, create all of her own stage ideas, style herself for any affair, or present styles of music that change the landscape of modern day sound.


  16. Not David But DA’VEED May 23, 2019

    The industry is lackluster. I don’t know what Dione is talking about.

    • Brent Christopher May 23, 2019

      The industry is very lackluster and that is why it APPEARS that Beyonce is so impactful & other worldly. She does not have any other REAL female competition as far as stage presence & performance. That’s why it looks as if she is so GREAT.

      Beyonce is not the top seller of this generation.

      Beyonce is not the best singer of this generation.

      Beyonce is not the best dancer of this generation.

      Beyonce is not an actress of any sort amongst this generation.

      Beyonce is not a plain sheet of paper, songwriter of our generation.

      Beyonce does not create her own staging, tour themes, choreography or “fashion designs” amongst our generation.

      So HONESTLY… how on earth do we consider her an ICON??

      Beyonce gives INCREDIBLE stage shows!

      THAT one factor does not make one a supreme legend or icon when their solo career is only 16 years in the making.

      It takes 25 years to simply be considered a nominee for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.


      • iamdiego May 24, 2019

        a lot of what you stated were OPINION’s love. Singing is subjective. No she’s not the top seller tho lol. Bey acts pretty good on stage and in her videos. When you say dancer do your mean just choreo (SUBJECTIVE)? have you been in the studio/rehearsal with Beyonce or her stage/PRODUCTION manager? Honestly, how is ANY of what you stated facts? sounds like a whole lotta, whole lotta! lol Dion was nicer about what she said than yall in the comments chile lol.

  17. Pat May 23, 2019

    Beyonce is Good performer. Overhyped in a no talent generation.

    • Brent Christopher May 23, 2019

      THANK YOU! You are spot on. Her ONLY supreme quality is that she is the BEST high energy stage performer when compared to her female contemporaries between 1999 – present day.

      And quite honestly, had Britney never had her mental breakdown, Beyonce would NOT be considered a better DANCER or overall performer.

      Beyonce shakes, jiggles and twerks. There is NOTHING technical or intricate about the choreography she overcharges you raging homosexuals & hood rats to see live.

      • Jazzt Jae May 23, 2019

        Sis all Britney did was give you intricate “hand dances”. Britney is a carbon copy of Janet and not a good one at that.

      • iamdiego May 24, 2019

        lmao what? britney!!! yall wanna hate beyonce so bad that yall okay with being delusional. I love me som brit but no.

    • Brent Christopher May 23, 2019

      @Jazzt Jae YES.. you are RIGHT! Britney is a carbon copy of ICON Janet in regards to Janet’s original, game changing choreography.

      another reason why I say that Britney, Rihanna, GaGa, Beyonce & the others are NOT icons. There is NOTHING that any of them presently create, present or design that has not already been done for the first time by the real inventors & pioneers who came before them.

      once girls are COPYING the original stylings of your Beyonce’s, then… THEN… we can etch them in history books. but FIRST, they’ve got to present something ORIGINAL.

      .., and that has NEVER been Beyonce’s strong suit.


  18. Fancy BISH May 23, 2019

    And Auntie Dionne, can you talk about the MENZ as well? LIKE TF I SAID, you can’t call yourself a king or prince without CLASSIC HITS ? Now, who gon check me boo? I got TIME TAHDAY lmaoooo ?

    • Ropeburn May 23, 2019

      Chile, the men ain’t been doin ish since Usher put out Confessions.

      • Fancy BISH May 23, 2019

        Chile, you are SO ON POINT ✅ ✅ ✅ ? I don’t even hear USHER going around caring about king this or prince that and ain’t NANN ONE OF THESE SO CALLED KINGS has an album as big as Confessions! Point blank PERIOD.

  19. Gee May 23, 2019

    Ms.Warwick stated her opinion you either agree with it or you don’t. The insults only shows the immaturity of the Beehive.

    • iamdiego May 24, 2019

      it also shows the immaturity of others who find every oportunity to critisize and lowkey attack beyonce becuase of someone elses opinion. I guess its all to be expected.

  20. Wonder Woman May 23, 2019

    Legends panel deemed her an Icon a long time ago??


    But on a serious note Bey is and has been the standard, she’s a pioneer to today’s artists you can see and feel her impact in all the major pop girls careers…. I mean she made leotards a think, and now non of our faves can perform without one, she invented suprise releases and because of her iconic asss , albums now release on fridays, and let us not talk on her longevity…. She’s way past icon status TBH

    • Brent Christopher May 23, 2019


      Beyonce blends everything she studied from watching Tina Turner, Donna Summer, Diana Ross & Janet Jackson to create the “artist” we see today.

      There are NO “pop girls” of today who are mimicking Beyonce because Beyonce still has not presented ANYTHING impactful that was not already laid before her time.

      I do honor the fact that her surprise album changed the DAY that albums are released, but… the overall impact of that day change has not altered album sales or any other factor of music industry success.

      If Beyonce is already an ICON and sitting alongside Janet, Madonna & Whitney, then you are also saying that Steph Curry is sitting alongside Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson & Kareem Abdul Jabber.

      It’s DISRESPECTFUL and completely UNFAIR to prematurely just GIVE HER those accolades.

      You all shoe such disrespect to the real ICONS when you slap titles & achievements on individuals who are still working their way up. It’s not right.

      • ME May 24, 2019

        Lol Steph Curry only got popular about 4 years ago and debuted in the nba this decade. Beyonce been in the game since the late 1990s, her comparison are along the side of Kobe, and Lebron. People are placing them alongside the Greats.

      • Brent Christopher May 24, 2019

        @ME Beyonce has only been a notable, solo artist since 2003. Her ties to DESTINY’s CHILD should not be tied into her individual efforts & achievements. Beyonce STILL… is not on level with the women who CROSS GENERATIONS consider to be I C O N S !! ?

  21. Dc May 23, 2019


  22. A&R May 23, 2019

    Umm.. there’s a way to objectify what it means to be legendary and iconic. Saying that to say, although ppl are allowed to have their opinions, it’s possible to smell dislike and hate within it.

    Icon or iconic by definition is…a person or thing that represents and or symbolize a moment/ idol. Or think.. a staple to pins a VERY POPULAR MOMENR IN TIME. Clearly Beyoncé is that. Now, whether or not Dione prefers her style or method is one thing but to strip the woman of a title that’s clearly fitting can come across as secret hate.

    Legendary is when your legacy lives beyond your time… and what places a person there is the fact that their work is of such quality it resonates/ connects and stays relevant with many generations. A good way to measure that is to see how generations can identify a person that came before them. My kids know Beyonce and her work as much as they know the most popular artist of their peer group. This suggest that Beyoncé is well on her way to legendary (because time is required for that) but home girl is definitely an icon of our time.. early 00s until now.. and I say until she passes.

    As for music.. it blows me that Beyoncé is so good as a performer that it overshadows her timeless songs like Rocket, Halo, Like a Boy, End of Time, Crazy in Love, Single Ladies.. to name a few. All of those songs can be sung and performed in any market or arena by artists to come and the messages/ feels of the music can apply during times after ours. Although the each song listed doesn’t carry the popularity that would make one make think “classic” the content/ concepts they’re based on are able to stand the test. That goes the the point made that the songs won’t be able to be sung at a later time. That’s a lie lol I think she’s just at an age where she prefers a certain sound. And that’s fine.

    The world won’t truly realize the talent Beyonce is until she passes. It’s really sad.

    • Brent Christopher May 24, 2019

      by music industry standards (not Webster dictionary definition)… Beyonce is NOT in the same circle as the real, notably recognized ICONS. when Judy Garland, Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, Mahalia Jackson, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Madonna or James Brown are spoken about, it is completely FOOLISH to even remotely squeeze Beyonce’s Name between theirs. and to be quite honest, it’s only Beyonce’s Mindless, homosexual fans who push this undeserving narrative and ridiculous accolades on her likeness. BEYONCE KNOWS that she is no Icon. She is popular, pretty and great at shaking her behinds & popping her pu$$ harder than any other young, female entertainer while on stage. However, NOTHING that Beyonce has ever recorded or released with 100% originality, will go down in history books as a social or cultural phenomenon. NOTHING!! All Beyonce does is steal rid bits of aesthetic layers from other artists or entities & combines them to create a theme, performance or lyrics that fit her present sexcapade. Beyonce is a classic and layered as a bowl of cereal. That’s her depth. We have to stop GIVING people in this generation accolades that they haven’t quite earned. It’s done way too often. Once Beyonce has invested a solid 40-50 years in the industry like Patti, Aretha, Gladys, Teena Marie, CHAKA Kahn & the likes… then, and only then, should we revisit this conversation. Beyonce’s Music doesn’t even SELL the ways in which Janet’s did for two decades straight. If Beyonce were such an ICON, she would push real numbers. And we can’t say that NOBODY sells anymore because Drake & Adele are pushing real units. If Beyonce were ICONIC, her fan base would consist of the same or more of the record buying public. Instead, she has a very niche audience and those hood rats are very LIMITED in style, an understanding of quality or appeal. Period.

      • A&R May 24, 2019

        All those big names from the past are LEGENDS that were icons first lol. Look at it this way, after MJ dropped Thriller, he hit iconic status. Why? Because that album and song legit shifted pop culture.. encompassing the sound of music, video production, fashion/style of that time. That time = 5 to 10 year span. Why is that important? Because when we refer to the decade or moment and recall who was most influential artist of those periods we think of him. Because MJ has been able to continuously have Thriller like moments after Thriller, he worked his way to Legendary. From the early 00s until now Beyonce has been the standard that all music execs use to develop future pop singers. Her Thriller moment was Single Ladies. She shifted pop music, style etc.. had the president of the United States recognizing and doing her signature dance. Since then she has gone on to have smaller Thriller moments… Formation being one. When we’re old and thinking about 2005 until 2020 and are forced to listed those who made major contributions to the music industry, Beyoncé will be at the top of the list.. even if you don’t prefer her. That = icon lol now… once she hit 50 and is still tearing it up like Janet, Tina and so forth.. and her music is still impactful.. we can talk Legendary. Know the difference between the two and then we can have a sensible conversation.

    • iamdiego May 24, 2019

      this is the best comment ive seen.

  23. One in One May 24, 2019

    You’re sluggish if you are using thr point that she, Beyonce, doesnt have a solid discography that will stand time. Dionne is right about claiming a throne because as good as it is. Humbleness is key. Which Bey is! She will be remembered along with her songs. Songs like Crazy in Love, Single Ladies, Irreplaceble, Diva, Get Me Bodied, Flawless, Love on Top, Drunk in Love, Sorry, Listen, Resentment, Hold Up, At Last, Fever, And Before I Let Go are all classics. It up to her, fans, public, publists, and estates to ensure that they do. Beyonce is legit and OFFICIALLY CERTIFIED AND BONAFIDE!

    • Brent Christopher May 24, 2019

      Even if Beyonce’s Very limited discography stands the test of time, none of the music has impacted the social or cultural landscape across the globe. Nothing she has ever recorded is memorable or monumental in the grand scheme of everlasting hits. She’s a copycat and a cheat.

    • tackyteas May 24, 2019

      girl braging about her millions and how she is flawless makes her very far from being humble. bragging about her her family was upper middle class and her daddy driving a jag.. isnt the way a humble person speaks in interviews. she is so full of her self the goodyear blimp could be filled with her hot air alone

  24. Ty May 24, 2019

    Beyonce is the last of any icons Music will produce for a very long time. From Dionne generation she is the least talented, least memorable. I’m not sure why people say stuff about Beyonce only to back paddle. If you shakey with your opinion maybe it wasn’t coming from an honest place. If Beyonce isn’t iconic you might aswell call it’s wrap with this current generation of music and the next.

    • Brent Christopher May 24, 2019

      NO… FOOL!!

      John Legend already has a Tony, an Oscar, a Grammy & an Emmy. He will go down in history as an ICON.

      Brandy, Mary J. Blige, Toni Braxton, TLC & Alicia Keys will also receive “Lifetime Achievement Awards” right alongside Beyonce. Mary is Oscar Nominated & has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. BEYONCE DOES NOT!

      Beyonce is NOT the only one of our generation whose impact is considered HISTORICAL. And quite honestly, Beyonce’s Contributions to the music industry are NOT hailed as being historical…at all.

      Beyonce May be the one playing the marketing game and watering down her sound & presence to fit the mold of this talentless generation, but meanwhile, she is missing opportunities to impact our social & cultural landscape.

      • iamdiego May 24, 2019

        you know they pay for the hollywood walk of fame plaque’s. Destiny child has one tho.

    • Brent Christopher May 24, 2019

      and HOW is Dionne Warwick the “least memorable” when age is the FIRST BLACK WOMAN to crossover into mainstream America. before Dionne, a black artist was never given ACCESS to white dominated radio, television programs or periodicals. Dionne’s career made it so that Whitney and Janet could take center stage. To suggest Dionne is the least memorable is to PROVE that you are very limited in your music history — hence you being a Beyonce Stan & not understanding how she isn’t yet considered an ICON. What glass ceilings has she shattered that we’re not broken down by the female icons that came before her? Let’s be serious!

    • Brent Christopher May 24, 2019

      and HOW is Dionne Warwick the “least memorable” when she is the FIRST BLACK WOMAN to crossover into mainstream America?!

      before Dionne, a black artist was never given ACCESS to white dominated radio, television programs or mainstream periodicals. Black performers were sectioned off as “soulful acts” that were only granted BLACK entrance & the BLACK dollar.

      Dionne’s career made it so that Whitney and Janet could take center stage. Beyonce has Dionne Warwick to THANK!

      To suggest Dionne is the least memorable is to PROVE that you are very limited in your music history — hence you being a Beyonce Stan & not understanding how she isn’t yet considered an ICON.

      What glass ceilings has Beyonce shattered that were not broken down by the female icons that came before her? Let’s be serious!

      • Ty May 24, 2019

        Take your meds you lunatic… your rants which I didn’t even bother to read don’t change my mind or millions others including plenty of legends and icons who believe she has earned her place with the greats. You been up and down this post arguing like a rabid dog. Get a life!!! This blog ain’t it. You can cling onto the opinion of the weakest link of divas from past that’s your business not mine. Beyonce has achieved, surpassed anything this old lady has done in half the time. Now go get you some water I’d imagine you dehydrated from all the panting running up and down this post.

  25. #TheTruth May 24, 2019

    Well, here’s my 2 cents :

    – some of the names mentionned : Patty, Gladys, even her… well they might be big in the US. But worldwide, besides a few classics songs, they are no MJ or Stevie Wonder.

    – they have longetivity but what have they done for the past 20 years ? Gigs here and there and records that barely sold. And no that’s no shade.

    – I think that it’s harder for current artists to stay relevant because the internet has changed everything. Now the music offer is much wider and people have access to millions of songs at the tip of their fingers. The « elders » had much less competition.

    – regarding Bee, I applaud her for well adapting to the situation because she started « old school » and saw the changes in the industry and adapted her marketing cleverly. It’s not the case of a lot of singers who were huge in the late 90s and 00s and who are now struggling with sales : Christina, Britney, Usher, Nelly F, Fergie etc.

    • Brent Christopher May 24, 2019

      If you think for five seconds that Beyonce will STILL be releasing her “visual albums” & non charting singles well into her 50s, 60s & 70s, then you are more withdrawn from reality than the rest of her ratchet, raging homosexual fan base.

      Beyonce will be TOURING her 2003 – 2018 album fillers the same way that Gladys, Patti, Anita, CHAKA & Dionne are touring their classic, historical hits — the same hits that are sampled & used in television/film for contemporary projects across the globe.

      STOP placing Beyonce on non-human levels. There is nothing about her present career or future status that will be any different than those who have come before her.

      she hasn’t even released a REAL, COHESIVE album since December 2013.

      so, to think we will receive global hits from this lady if she lives to reach the age of our Diana Ross’ & Tina Turner’s is completely FOOLISH!

      get a grip.

    • Brent Christopher May 24, 2019

      and there’s no such thing as, “aside from a few classic hits”, fool! to have a CLASSIC SONG is to forever be etched in history books & to collect royalties each time the song is sampled & used in theatrical projects. NOBODY will be using “Radio”, “Who Runs The World”, “Drunk In Love”, “Sorry” & Beyonce’s other crappy catalogue cuts in projects that the next generation will sit down to watch on television or in theaters. DO YOU KWEENS REALLY LISTEN TO THE SUB PAR CRAP BEYONCE RELEASES?? when you remove the “visual” hype williams-esque videos from the collective release of music, Beyonce’s Songs are 100% BASIC! that is why she only now wins URBAN CONTEMPORARY Grammy’s. Her father is no longer around to bribe committee members. That nonsense Beyonce sings: “driver roll up the partition please” isn’t worthy of monumental recognition or global praise. ITS GARBAGE!

      • #TheTruth May 24, 2019

        Child, you need to learn how to read.
        My comment was on the industry in general, I talked about Beyoncé in the very last part. I never placed her on a « non human level ». Breathe again.
        I stand by what I said.
        Now what you said about her not having a cohesive album in a long time is your opinion. No matter if you or I like her or don’t, she’s still having a hell of a career. And we all know that nowadays, it’s not just sales who maintain a career.
        And no matter liking her material or not, no one can deny she’s a gifted performer.
        We’ll see in 20 years from now on if she will be sampled.
        You tend to forget that the current generation samples mostly songs from previous generations.
        I’m not saying the next generations won’t sample songs from the 60-90s anymore. But their own references and standards will be different to ours, whether you like it or not.
        So Beyoncé will be sampled, so will other artists.

  26. Doasongwithurclothesononce May 24, 2019

    Weave ,a*** shaking and warberling dosent make you legendary. If she hadn’t used Elly, Michelle, Latvia,letoya and ferriah. then maybe she might be more “iconic”. But she used those ladies to prop her up and now she uses a 100 dancers,wind machines,weaves and croch shots to wow her masses I don’t want see what her run down cooter looks in a leatard when she 50 or 60. She’s like madrona or Brittany just with slightly more rhythm and anoying but stronger singing voice .what a minute. Madge and Brit at least came out solo fr the beginning. She’s a stunt queen who loves to show the world her a***. Not very legendary at all.. Rhianna is more legendary at this point!

    • Brent Christopher May 24, 2019

      THANK YOU for your honesty and realistic perspective!!

  27. Anne May 24, 2019

    Here’s the thing, Beyonce’s name is the only one that comes up to debate over. None of the others are even worth mentioning or contemplating over. That is how we can already know that she will standout in history among her contemporaries. Her iconic fate is already sealed. But right now she is still so active, it’s just a matter if time before her status is written in history.

  28. Urg May 24, 2019

    Phew Chilie the level of hate Brent has for Beyonce it aint normal. Gurl take it easy we get it u don’t like her and in ur opinion she is not an ICON????

  29. #TheTruth May 24, 2019

    Just for the record, I like her but I’m no stan. I stan for no one, I ain’t got time to waste with such foolery.
    But you sound like the visual concept is the only reason why she’s relevant.
    Look at DJ Khaled, he’s had a visual album, so did Fergie. Did they sell loads ? No.
    She’s still selling out stadiums. Who can say so after being in this industry over 20 years and +/- 17 years solo ? All her peers who cam out around the same time have known their peak a while ago. I think Pink is the only one being able to tour with such big shows but she’s doing arenas. Not stadiums.
    No stunts can pull that off.
    Anyone who saw some of her more minimalist live shows know she’s the real deal. You like her voice or you don’t that one thing. But you can’t deny that she could still put on a show with a mic and a spotlight.
    At the end of the day, it’s not fair to put singers against one another. They all have different careers, handled differently according to their time and politics and all that.

  30. I hate blaccck n whyte May 24, 2019

    Beyonce can not sing like Whitney Houston.

    ,20 years and b**** still don’t have the wind like Whitney.

    The legend the diva the voice Whitney Houston

  31. I hate blaccck n whyte May 24, 2019

    Fck Mariah Carey. F*** Beyonce to.

  32. PinotNoir May 24, 2019

    Whitney, Mariah, and Celine belted that legendary status door shut!

  33. Urg May 24, 2019

    ??? The ultimate Beyonce dragger is actually missing this party?

  34. Brazio May 24, 2019

    Dionne was only speaking the truth

  35. SMH May 25, 2019

    Lol the beyonce fans once again putting their immaturity and ignorance on full display. Dionne didn’t lie, beyonce is not an icon. Icons are undisputed. Michael, Janet, Whitney, Madonna, Prince, Mariah, Diana, Aretha, when those names are called Icons there’s no debate or dispute. The fact that this is being heavily debated all across social media proves that Beyonce has not reached Icon status yet.

  36. PinotNoir May 25, 2019

    Easier to be a light skin icon nowadays. Not when Aretha first started. Think!

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