Rolling Stone To Rival Billboard With Its Own Chart !

Rolling Stone has its eye on Billboard’s crown!

A full report on the publication’s plans to shake the industry up below…

Rolling Stone’s chart will take on Billboard’s tally for the first time next Monday when it’s launched by the CEO Jay Penske.

He shared the following….

What’s imperative and exciting about our new Rolling Stone Charts is that it will present a transparent, granular and real-time quantification to accurately reflect listeners’ evolving interests and give insight into worldwide trends.

The Stone chart will be updated daily and aim to offer a more transparent view of how chart positions are formulated with help from analytics pulled from Alpha Data (formerly Buzz Angle Music).

‘Variety’ adds…

Three other weekly charts that will launch Monday are the Rolling Stone Artist 500, ranking the most-streamed artists; the Rolling Stone Trending 25, a list of the fastest-moving songs based on a number of metrics; and the Rolling Stone Breakthrough 25, which will look at artists who have entered the charted for the first time.

Billboard (which is powered by Nielsen Soundscan) is yet to respond to Rolling’s bid to dominate the lane it once monopolised.


Do you think it should?

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  1. Tori May 7, 2019

    But wouldn’t BB still have a bit of an edge if they’re still doing Streaming and Sales? Is this supposed to be a rivalry? I always said BB needed a rival charting system but I don’t think this is it….

  2. Mbeachdude May 7, 2019

    Hmm…gonna be interesting!

  3. Danny Bey May 7, 2019

    I just wanna see if Billboard gets shook by this bc they’ve been getting away with a lot of bullsh*t since the beginning of the digital era and “technicalities” and ish

    • Casual May 8, 2019


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