Watch: Ciara Scorches ‘Kimmel Live!’ With ‘Level Up,’ ‘Goodies,’ & More

Published: Thursday 16th May 2019 by Rashad

With the first full sales tracking week of her latest album, ‘Beauty Marks,’ zooming toward its finish mark, R&B stage blazer Ciara is looking to give undecided music lovers one more incentive to purchase.

Taking to ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ on Thursday (May 16), the Grammy-winner rendered a jaw-dropping live rendition of the LP’s latest single, ‘Thinkin’ Bout You,‘ after kicking things off with a high-octane performance of ‘Set.’

Rounding the appearance out with new showings of her classic tunes ‘Goodies’ & ‘1,2 Step,‘ step inside to see just how she fared:


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  1. GG May 17, 2019

    She slayed TF out of this! Beauty Marks is #1 on I tunes rnb charts!!! Congrats sis

    • Jasmine May 17, 2019

      It’s a shame that her album flopped. She did not make top 20 on Billboard (aka the real charts). She seems stuck in 2004 but music has changed since then. I liked her performance

      • JaylaTooBad May 17, 2019

        You a f*** hater f*** you b**** your wig is a flop h** I’m tired of y’all coming on Ciara post with y’all negative comments everytime I see a hating h** imma roast b**** now flopped that jasmine you miserable ass bedbug

      • Jasmine May 17, 2019

        I’m not a hater. That is my opinion. I said what I said and ain’t sh|t u can do about it!

      • JOHNVIDAL May 18, 2019

        Jasmine you´re a hater. You have the nerve to tell others we are haters lol You often tell me I´m a Mariah hater (LMAO) just because I also like Celine. It´s crazy. You´re absorbed by your prejudices.

  2. Drip May 17, 2019

    She KILLED THIS!!! Her, Bey, and Teyana know how to eat a stage!!!

  3. June Brown May 17, 2019

    I truly enjoyed Ciara’s performance and music ? new and old. ???

  4. Ty May 17, 2019

    She is a good performer and with the right people a good artist but at the moment who are her audience? She doesn’t have a particular fan base she is catering to so who is buying her music? Rihanna, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj all have an audience. If she can establish that she will win. Chris Brown has the opposite problem his got an audience or fan base but his music is rubbish.

    • Jasmine May 17, 2019

      I loved the quality of her older music. This new music…I’ll pass. Lyrics like ‘Yummy yummy all in your tummy’ ruin a good song because it renders that song unrelateable to her target audience. Her lyrics should relate to people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Her new ballads sound like demos for bigger voices singers instead of being tailored to her voice. I’m 2008 she released a song called Ride. That could have been a big hit for her. Her song Body Party releases a couple albums ago was also a good hit. Seems to me that is the direction her music should go (Edgy RnB mixed with hip-hop).

  5. Maxx May 17, 2019

    She’s a good entertainer…not everyone can belt a tune, but its her combined talent that I admire..she has the total package!

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