Watch: Madonna & Quavo Wow With Controversial Performance at 2019 Eurovision

Published: Sunday 19th May 2019 by Rashad

As we reported here, Queen of Pop Madonna was confirmed as the headliner for grand finale of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Hosted by Bar Refaeli, Erez Tal, Assi Azar and Lucy Ayoub, the 64th edition of the contest – which was filmed in Tel Aviv, Israel this year –  aired Saturday (May 18) and saw the Pop diva performing her classic hit, ‘Like A Prayer,’ as well as her recently released single, ‘Future’ (featuring Migos star Quavo), and other new material from her June 14-due album, ‘Madame X.’

Despite being slammed by critics for being ‘out of tune,’ the 60-year-old still managed to bring forth a spectacle like only she can.  Look inside to see just how Madge took over the entire Eurovision stage with her larger than life performance:

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  1. Bey Best May 19, 2019


  2. Arjun May 19, 2019

    Its was boring
    The catholic thing with cape and priest its now very repeating
    And her live wasnt great nothing better
    Quavo didnt help,he does all the travel.for that

    • XYZ May 19, 2019

      She is doing that church thing for years now, it became really boring.

      Embarrassing that she is introduced as the queen of pop, but most of those newcomers were by far better than her

  3. Ben May 19, 2019

    She made a fool out of herself.
    She’s known for being rebellious but it’s beyond me why she had to bring politics into a song contest which is strictly non-political.
    She needs to grow up and get over herself already and maybe learn some new tricks as far as a performer.
    To think someone paid 2 million dollars for THAT… waste of money.

    • Joggers May 19, 2019

      If anything, Eurovision has always been highly political. Why do you think the UK got zero points from the public? Brexit much? Not to mention Iceland waving the Palestinian flag. Many political statements and controversies have taken place at Eurovision and for good reason – it’s the biggest show in Europe every year. So where you got the notion that there’s nothing political about it, is beyond me.

      • Ben May 19, 2019

        Obviously the scoring is revolving around Politics. I know that.
        I meant to say that every performer was instructed to stay away from delivering any political message on stage.
        And she thought she knew better and decided to bring the Israeli conflict in such a rude manner, as if she knows anything about it!
        And i’m saying it as an Israeli citizen who LIVES through it every day.
        The woman has no respect for anything, imo.

    • Joggers May 19, 2019

      The purpose of art is to comment on culture. She would be doing a disservice to herself by obeying the producers. Some of us are unaffraid to be on the right side of history. So you think it’s okay that innocent women and children in Israel and Palestine have been made suffer over a conflict about land, do you? This nationalist ideology is really pathetic. I often criticize my home country for the atrocities we’ve committed, there’s nothing wrong with acknowledging the truth. I feel sorry for you. The fact that you think it’s rude to get onstage and encourage two nations to put themselves in each other’s shoes and show some compassion for your fellow men is heartbreaking. People are literally dying and the artists advocating for peace are who we should be crucifying? I don’t think so.

  4. Emil May 19, 2019

    Here s what happened:
    The show was live, and Madonna confirmed her performance 2 days before the show (professional).
    Every year the contest is held in the winning country. So Israel has been in a conflict with Palestine for a while and lately it got worse. Madonna decided it was her place to come there and have her dancers at the end holding hands while wearing the Israeli and Palestine flags on their back. Followed by the message “wake up” . In a country that has been terorized by the Palestinians.
    The thing is she was warned that the Eurovision is not ok with political messages and she s stricly forbidden from doing anything like that. So she insisted to have her rehearsal behind closed doors so know one can see what she s trying to pull. Of course, she just wanted attention.
    You don t go to the biggest competition in Europe, watched by 200 MILLION people, where you were invited to perform just to break their rules and get into their political conflifts.

    • Emil May 19, 2019

      Oh, not to mention she got banned and they didn t even post her performance,

    • Truth-FreePalestine May 19, 2019

      Terrorised by the Israeli leader, killing children. Robbing their land. Committing war crimes, no regard for human life. This is not their land.

      • Ben May 19, 2019

        A load of crap.
        Do your homework.
        Better yet, come to israel and see who the real victim is.

    • Ben May 19, 2019

      Everything u said is true.
      Coming from an Israeli whose been following the event.

      • Emil May 19, 2019

        Honestly, it doesn t even matter. It was the biggest night of the year in music for Europe and you just don t go in a country that s hosting it and paid you millions to be there and bring up the most sensitive thing for them. You re an artist and last night was just about enjoying the music. She was trying to “be woke” and “bring awarness” but she just crossed the line.

      • Alexandra May 19, 2019

        It was a bad performance, I was cringing the entire time at her vocals. And the political statement is just out of line. Mind your f****ng business Madonna

      • #TheTruth May 19, 2019

        Who the real victim is ?
        PLEASE, don’t even try to pretend there’s one good guy and one bad guy.
        There’s victims on BOTH sides, criminals on both sides.
        This is not a black and white type of situation. But of course you’re not being neutral in here.
        A while ago, I saw rabbins going to Palestinia to present their condolences to parents after Israelis forced Palestinian kids to drink gas and set them on fire.
        This is just one example among many others.
        And I’m well aware that Palestinians have been committing crimes against Israelis as well.
        You guys are learning to hate one another from the get go. Over what ? A piece of land ? This is more about economics, it’s always about the money.
        Leave politics behind, it’s about the people, the nation : it’s up to you guys to break that vicious circle. That non sense has been going on forever fu<k!n hell.

    • Caleb May 19, 2019

      Stfu. “In a country that has been terorized by the Palestinians”?!?! Israel is a country that was created by TERRORIZING PALESTINIANS.

      • Emil May 19, 2019

        As I said, it doesn t even matter. We all have different views on it depending on what we heard, read, witnessed etc. It s not our place to act like we know the universal truth. There are lots of patterns and sides to every story.
        That s not what we are talking about here. Last night was about celebrating music and it should be stayed that way. If Madonna cares so much about the conflict, she can go and talk about her political views on political TV shows.

      • #TheTruth May 20, 2019

        There’s no universal truth. But I think we can all agree that there’s many layers to the stories and people pretending that Israelis are the one and only victims is just pure lies. And this is coming from someone being neutral and thinking that there are wrongs on sides.
        Regarding Madonna, you didn’t hear her say sh!t over the last few months. She’s got something to promote. I don’t think she would have attempted anything on that topic if it wasn’t being held overthere.
        But she would have found something else no matter the location.

  5. Truth-FreePalestine May 19, 2019

    Looks like a Satanic ritual, Free Palestine from the war crimes and daily unlawful killing of children families for their own land. I am shocked this competition was allowed to be held. Israel is behind most of the atrostecities in the world, they tried to meddle in the African elections, behind the birth of ISIs. It’s the modern day holocaust on Palestinians. The world needs to wake up, and not all Jewish people support Israel.

    • Ben May 19, 2019

      You seem to be blind to the truth so I won’t waste my time trying to educate you.
      Keep on sipping the lies of the media.

  6. JOHNVIDAL May 19, 2019

    It was nothing against Israel. she loves Israel. It´s just a petition for peace. MANY people in Israel have never been ok with the way Israel has treated Palestine. Thankfully there are people in Israel with open minds despite the delicate issue. I love Israel for being one of the most vegan-friendly countries at the present. I just wish for peace everywhere. Unlike most of you it seems.

  7. Keith May 19, 2019

    She does seem to be repeating herself thematically but it was easy to WATCH. That new song itself is simply dreadful and when the autotune comes in it makes it worse….

  8. Sjl May 19, 2019

    There is so much age discrimination for female artists. What if Bono was up there or Paul McCartney and they did something controversial? Would you all be saying retire? The same with Mariah! She should have had huge radio hits from her excellent album Caution, yet she can’t get radio to play her anymore. These women are awesome!

    • Keith May 19, 2019

      These women ARE awesome. Madonna’s new material is simply subpar. When she comes with better material people will be less harsh. I agree with you totally regarding Mariah’s Caution, though…

  9. Dev May 19, 2019

    Bad song, bad preformance ad the ode to the illuminarti was just boring.

  10. ZinoismIsEvil May 19, 2019

    Free Palestine!

  11. Kyle May 19, 2019

    She needs to take note from Taylor swift. After reputation everything is about sunshine and rainbows. Pop music doesn’t need to be so serious it needs to be fun light hearted colorful. Those things can still unite people. We don’t need religion or political statements right now from pop stars. If pop stars want to make political statements then they should go to the White House and protest peacefully. There’s more effective ways to make statements

    • JOHNVIDAL May 19, 2019

      You´re wrong. Pop world films and music are very effective at making social changes in society.

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