Did You Miss It? Monica Amazes With ‘Star Spangled Banner’ at Game 5 of #NBAFinals

Published: Monday 10th Jun 2019 by Rashad

Monday (June 10) saw R&B veteran Monica slam dunk a live performance of the U.S. national anthem at Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Taking to the court ahead of the Toronto Raptors & the Golden State Warriors’ epic face off, look inside to see Mo show ’em how it’s really done:

The stellar showing comes just as her latest release, ‘Commitment,’ continues its climb up Adult R&B airplay and streaming charts.  The effort is one of many gems set to line her forthcoming album, ‘Chapter 38,’ which reportedly features contributions from the likes of R&B singer Tank, Missy Elliott, and more.

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  1. Rebecca June 11, 2019

    She sounded so beautiful! ? And i’m over here listening to her on Pandora. Straight fire ?

    • Tyty June 11, 2019

      Yes and Rihanna could never!

      • John Vidal June 11, 2019

        Thats insulting please dont put her name anywhere under “vocal” or “talent”.

      • Rebecca June 11, 2019

        Grow up.

      • Gina Loba June 11, 2019

        Rihanna is the best immigrant joke of the decade! Free America from untalented singer… so embarrassing. ?

      • Yulanda June 11, 2019


  2. Ajm265 June 11, 2019

    Great job. Good breath controls.

    • Truth June 11, 2019

      Ri could never.. she is a studio singer like Madonna, Miley, Katy and Taylor!

      • Rebecca June 11, 2019

        What is wrong with you? Grow up.

  3. Jasmine June 11, 2019

    Her voice is sounding a little more stronger and mature than it has the past 9 years but I wish she would bring back her 2010 Still Standing vocals where she SLAYED with the soprano notes:


  4. Interac June 11, 2019

    Monica always delivers! And she seems to be doing so well with her independence as an artist.

  5. Kim,Keisha&Pam June 11, 2019

    Monica is such a class act. Vocally she SLAYED! She’s such a slept on gem! I’m so ready for her new album. Commitment & Me+You are quality R&B bops! She doesn’t get the credit she deserves!

  6. Ryan Willingham June 11, 2019

    Sing Mo!!!!

  7. Mateo June 11, 2019

    I like how she had influences from Beyoncé’s rendition here and made it her own effortlessly.

    • ??? June 11, 2019

      lmaooo gurl sit, that non-singing screetching that roach does isn’t even near the level of vocals that monica has, just stop it lmfaoooooo

    • thanosoftitan June 11, 2019

      I’m sorry, boo…but you’re kind of talking nonsense.

      You’re doing yourself a disservice.

      Please stop trying to inject Beyoncé into every topic. It’s not clever, it’s giving every bit of hackneyed.

    • Gina Loba June 11, 2019

      Bey’s what? Time to put down your bong! ?

  8. Gee June 11, 2019

    Monica did her thang. Even though I didn’t really care for her last album Code Red she always delivers. Still Standing was a great album and era. So far the Chapter 38 era has been very strong as I love both songs released so far. Also I Happy that Monica will be receiving the 2019 Lady of Soul award she certainly deserves this recognition.

  9. China June 11, 2019

    Her first two albums are CLASSICS

    • Fancy BISH June 11, 2019


  10. Monica’s Dove June 11, 2019

    Legend! That’s all I will say. The catalogue speaks for itself. Beautiful performance per usual.

  11. pat June 11, 2019

    nice. emote and keep it simple

  12. Jay June 11, 2019

    Monica vocals are not to be compared to her counterparts. Monica is different. We are all different. However, with Monica’s difference, she displayed a true alto (lower female vocal) performance. It is so easy for Monica to sing in the upper vocal range giving soprano. Monica national anthem vocal performances are always uniquely different but stay true to the tradition and her self. I believe Monica soars, with a spacy breathable record. Monica is a stellar unmatched, REAL vocal performer. Monica blessed the USA team Golden State Warriors!

    • LUCKI June 11, 2019

      No. Monica struggles in her upper register, as she is an alto. Her voice is more tenor these days since she has aged and given birth three times. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but she isn’t and has never been anyone’s soprano. Beyonce in her earlier days (98-2011), Tamar Braxton, Tamia, and of course Whitney & Mariah are just a few examples of sopranos. Monica’s strengths has always been her rich vocal tone, power and long notes.

      • LUCKI June 11, 2019

        Mariah isn’t a soprano anymore, but she was at her vocal peak in the 90’s. Whitney was a soprano for most of her career! Her voice deepened in the mid-late 90’s. KeKe Wyatt and Kelly Price are other examples of sopranos. My point was: Monica isn’t a soprano.

      • Lolita June 11, 2019

        Mariah was and will never be a soprano. What are you talking about?

      • LUCKI June 11, 2019

        What are YOU talking about?

  13. Dc June 11, 2019

    So she not canceled cause she sang for NBA black people so crazy had it been NFL woulda been Monica canceled hashtag smh.

    • TheBest@Me June 11, 2019

      Wtf are u talking abt? When have we ever cancelled for singing for the NBA? We were boycotting the NFL! Grow Up!!!!

      • Dc June 11, 2019

        It’s still the anthem though my point so it’s ok to sing for NBA gtfoh

  14. Jay j June 11, 2019

    Monica you were amazing tonight. #chapter38 I’m excited about.

  15. Roro June 11, 2019

    Thats why I miss the 80s and 90s.

  16. Toya June 11, 2019

    Her impact is real not like Bey!

    • Tez June 11, 2019

      2 Different Artist. Monica did a fantastic Job last night and I am super proud of her. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Chapter 38. It appears that the album is going to take a little longer because she’s adding her “Real Story” to it now. #Excited. I really hope she “Lemonade’s” us with this album.

    • Rebecca June 11, 2019

      Stop trying to start unnecessary drama. My goodness, grow up.

      • Jay j June 11, 2019


  17. Mackus June 11, 2019

    She slayed tf out of this damn!

  18. TheBest@Me June 11, 2019

    My Girl Has Never Let Me Down!!!! Mo Killed It and I Am Sooooo Freaking Proud!!!! #DoveLove ??

  19. Anne June 11, 2019

    Great job! Better than her usual tone IMO.

  20. Karen June 11, 2019

    A Stellar Performance! She Killed It! Nuff Said!

  21. Maxx June 11, 2019

    This is how an artist showcased her natural god given talent & SLAYSSSS! Loved it, simple but still showing those nuances in her voice that are only Monica’s.

  22. ERIC June 11, 2019

    It was too slow, but she sounded good.

  23. Adolph Hester June 12, 2019

    Very commendable!!!!! I didn’t know she had it like that vocally.

  24. Sk June 12, 2019

    Must to your ears
    About we set Monica and Klay up on a blind date

  25. Sk June 12, 2019

    Music to your ears
    Can we set up Monica and Klay on a blind date

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