Fantasia Announces New Album ‘Sketchbook’

Published: Sunday 9th Jun 2019 by Sam

Fantasia is back!

Fresh from whetting appetites with new single ‘Enough,’ the ‘American Idol’ graduate has announced ‘Sketchbook’ – her seventh studio album.

The set serves as the songbird’s first collection of original tunes since 2016’s ‘The Definition Of…’ and sees her continue her musical journey as an independent act.

Set for release later this year, the project is billed as a work of art, pieced together as a “sketchbook.”

Check out Ms. Barrino open up about the LP below…

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“The process that I had to go through was #Necessary and I wanted to show that through my music and artwork” #Sketchbook Coming Soon‼️ #NewSingle #Enough Available NOW‼️#RockSoulEntertainment (link in bio)

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“I’m like wine, I’m getting better and better with time” #Fantasia @TasiasWord #Sketchbook Coming Soon‼️ #NewSingle #Enough Available NOW‼️#RockSoulEntertainment (link in bio)

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The lion-share of Fantasia’s catalogue is incredible, so we’re all sorts of ready for this.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ariana Grande June 9, 2019


    • Layola June 9, 2019

      400 likes on Instagram.. thats a sign someone should heading to a pub or a local nightclub!

      • L June 9, 2019

        I don’t think this woman understands trend or music. She should stick to gospel or expel.

      • Xgg June 9, 2019

        That’s not Fantasia Instagram that’s a fan page idiot’s

    • Jasmine June 9, 2019

      I bet she sells more than Stretch Marks by Ciara

  2. D’Angelo June 9, 2019

    Ready for this… come through sis.. Let real talent push through.

    • Latheefa Koya June 9, 2019

      No! She doesn’t have a star power to begin with. A pub singer maybe, but not recording artist!

      • Mmmm June 9, 2019


      • Jasmine June 9, 2019

        Shut it. Fantasia has an audience and she stays true to her audience. U clearly have never liked Fantasia ‘to begin with’ so why are u even checking for Fantasia news ?

  3. Love Fantasia June 9, 2019

    The modern Day Queen Of Soul Fantasia IS COMING TO SNATCH WIGS! Her last album was MEH hopefully this one will be better

    • Mariah June 9, 2019

      She isn’t queen of anything and please put away your bong dahlingsss!

      • True lambily June 9, 2019

        You not a real lamb, why hate on a womwn who said mariah carey IS MUSIC, such hateful creature.

        GO fantasia, The princess of SOUL

      • Love Fantasia June 9, 2019

        Go play in traffic and listen to GTFO!

      • D’Angelo June 9, 2019

        Don’t hate, your fav love Fantasia… smdh

  4. John Vidal June 9, 2019

    Just retire.. dont you have enough flop in your career huh?

    • Jasmine June 9, 2019

      Shut up b|tch.

    • D’Angelo June 9, 2019

      Lots of haters I. This group today…. only means she bout to kill the fame with authentic talent.

  5. Latheefa Koya June 9, 2019

    ? just leave showbiz sis… nobody’s checking you out!

    • Jasmine June 9, 2019

      Shut it hater. She had an audience.

      • D’Angelo June 9, 2019


  6. Haterz Gon‘ Hate June 9, 2019

    DAMN!!!!! Fanny don’t hurt em’!! ???? Too right, she always turns in a good body of work. She has a solid fan base so will ultimately be seeing more of the bag ??while she does what she loves ? Meanwhile the haterz who commented first remains devoid of any sort of purpose for being alive, is being eaten from the inside with negativity and hate while Tasia remains unbothered, booked and PAID ✅ ?

  7. Meee June 9, 2019

    Just drop the album n let us pick the single fanny.

  8. BeyHive June 9, 2019

    She is booked for another flop! Gurl, sit or call Ciara!

    • Jasmine June 9, 2019

      Ciara flops harder than Fantasia. Fantasia knows how to work an audience with her voice. Ciara could learn from. Fantasia how to get loyal fans who buy ur concert tickets and music

  9. Ryan Willingham June 9, 2019

    That new single “enough” isn’t doing it for, but I wish luck

  10. Wtf June 9, 2019

    sometime you need to except the fact that you don’t have what it takes to become a superstar. you have done enough. local church is better for you. we have enough supplies of bey with b*tt implants.

    • Jasmine June 9, 2019

      ‘Accept’ not ‘except’ hater. U are hating so hard u can’t think to use the right words

    • D’Angelo June 9, 2019

      She not trying to be a super star, she is just doing what she loves… MUSIC… and she’s happy with that.. haters can hate

  11. MUSICHEAD June 9, 2019

    I love Fannie Mae Tasia but that last album was trash. I hope this new one is a return to form because I really liked the Side Effects album. Also looking forward to her Brandy & J Sulli collabo.

  12. B2B June 9, 2019

    “ENOUGH” is ?????? I really wish she would go ahead and book some performances for that record and maybe joint touring venture with urban ac radio stations nationwide. Get back out there Tasia, she is actually creating a sound!!! I’m ecstatic, no one else is doing this. Enough has soul but a subtle rock vibe. This is the rock soul she has been talking about. Love the single, love the live sound, all of it! And to the haters saying she need to give it up, Fantasia’s last album has less hits that any of her past and she still outperformed her peers. Fantasia is a God fearing woman and I am here for her resurgence!

    • Lily June 9, 2019

      Her photo doesnt translate into God fearing… ?

      • Haterz Gon‘ Hate June 9, 2019

        So are you some sort of brain implant that was there everytime she asked God for guidance and clarity and he came through for her? Were you there when she was growing up in a spiritual household? Are you in her head when she sings and the spirit is in her? Are you saying to have a relationship with God today you need to keep body fully clothed at all time?? YOU FOOL. It ain’t nobodies business what she wear and who she worship – this is why we have so many wars – folks be all in other people’s business when they don’t pay them no mind SMDH ?

    • Josh June 9, 2019

      Fantasia was still nominated for an Grammy for that album. Well the nomination was for her single Sleeping with the One I Love

  13. Yulanda June 9, 2019

    How do u market this woman? She looks like one of the contestant in RuPaul’s Drag show.

    Sorry… sisturr!

    • Jasmine June 9, 2019


  14. My third eye June 9, 2019

    Real fans don’t care about flopping, they care about supporting their favorite artist.

  15. Dc June 9, 2019

    She’s really arrogant to be such a flop

    • Jamie June 9, 2019

      It’s called confidence! Get some because anyone who has to put someone else down to feel better, doesn’t like himself. Period!

  16. Tyty June 9, 2019

    Who runs this blog? It’s literally full of nothing but trolls riddled in the comment section constantly sewing negativity on every post. House needs to be cleaned tired of seeing nothing but hateful degenerates ruining comment sections.

  17. ERIC June 9, 2019

    Her image jumps from one extreme to the next and very little of it is flattering. When her music was consistently good, so was her style and image.

    • Danny Bey June 9, 2019

      When has her music not been consistently good? Literally all of her albums are fire

  18. Blue June 9, 2019

    Damn !!! Fantasia you look hott as hell mama!!! These fools that come on these blogs is to talk s*** can eat it … They don’t follow you so how are they to know that you are a Grammy winner , starred on Broadway several times ,still sell out concert without the help of hit records but with hot shows with no recorded music and have the respect of the industry . People don’t take her on the road because she can steal the spotlight like that . Don’t sleep on Fantasia she is the real deal ask any real singer

  19. TC June 9, 2019

    Grammy award , billboard award , platinum and gold records , 80 million streams on Apple music alone . Where is the flop ? She is one of the best selling R&B artist out under Rhianna and Beyonce .

  20. Keith June 9, 2019

    Didn’t really care for the last album or “Enough” but Im ready to listen to what she’s been creating…

  21. Banks no tyra June 9, 2019

    Is she still sleeping with married men, let’s face it fantasia will never be as big as a Rihanna or beyonce, she should find another career cuz in 2019 who is actually checking for fantasia she cant even read

    • Blue June 10, 2019

      Yeah fool her own damn what up with people who need this and I am just as foolish to answer them . Do something positive give her what she is due anyone that would ask such a stupid question shows that you don’t keep up with her . Sleep that’s when your at your best

  22. JAY BEE June 10, 2019

    So many men hating on a woman i don’t get it! I’m ready for another album. Like she says she don’t care about what sells it’s all about what her fans like. That’s a true artist! Support our blacks. Y’all really allowing white people to talks over rap r&b soon we will have nothing because of our own

  23. Lavertis June 11, 2019

    A fan since Idol can wait.

  24. bluegangsta253 August 21, 2019

    You people so damn ignorant, always have to tear people down

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