Nicki Minaj Fans Respond To Rapper’s Marriage Update

Published: Sunday 23rd Jun 2019 by David

The return of Nicki Minaj‘s hit radio show ‘Queen Radio‘ saw her bare and share all on her strange feud with Miley Cyrus, her global smash hit single ‘Megatron’ and her plans to wed Kenneth Petty…a man who has caused division amongst her fan base.

How they responded to what she told them about their relationship?

Read below…

We did get our marriage license. I think I have what I was striving for, just happiness. It was so hard to get to a happy place. Now that I’m there I don’t want to compromise that for anyone or anything.


Her fans, and their foes, had this to say….

One thing the members her fan base can agree on? The importance of ensuring the aforementioned ‘Megatron’ soars commercially globally. So far, they are faring very well as they have already purchased enough copies to make it one of the week’s highest-selling new releases in the United States and one of the fastest-selling tracks in the United Kingdom this year.


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  1. Adonis June 23, 2019

    Why are Nikki fans so retarded!? One wrote “she wants the perfect man” r u dumb!? In what way is he the perfect man!? He is a rapist am deathly a k1ller! U lunatic! Nikki loves sexually perverted men look at her pedo pig brother! And 69 who she collaborated with also a pedo! Ugh I hope she marries him and he messes her life up frankly lol

    • Mark Jones June 23, 2019

      What type of person are you to wish anything like this on someone. You guys need to focus on your life and how to be happy with who you are.

    • Kaycee June 23, 2019

      And that does what for you! ? What will you gain? Just want to have something to talk about bc you are to unintelligent to discuss topics that are important. Let me, social security, police brutality, the fact that people are not kind, helpful, or remorseful..etc… 🧻🧻🧹have several seats.

    • I hate blaccck n whyte June 24, 2019

      You a hating ass w****, and what you wish will come back to you….. your a hating ass w****

  2. Jasmine Da Bi Asian 🙋🏿‍♀️iSlay🙅🏿‍♀️ TROLLmine Rasputia on the daily 💁🏿‍♀️ June 23, 2019

    If Nicki were TRULY happy you’d be able to tell by her music, aura and artwork. But this is the same Nicki from the past 10 years, same vibe, same energy, same era regurgitates again. And no growth. She has absolutely no glow whatsoever because she’s not glowing, her personal life is miserable and she’s trying to front like she’s good- which anyone with half a brain can see, she’s not.. As usual Nicki is lying (like most Sagittarius) and is only fooling the remaining amount of fans she has left, which doesn’t consist of rational, level headed adults.

    • I hate blaccck n whyte June 24, 2019

      Shout out to Sagittarius….all the stars are Sagittarius from Nicki to Tyra Nene leake, jayz Brittany and me. Sagittarius are good people

      • PinotNoir June 27, 2019

        Sagittarius rise to stardom early … but never keep it up. Hay-Z has his Virgo Moon to thank for his relentless hustle (AND he married another will-work-herself-to-death-money-hungry Virgo). NeNe Leakes a star, though? Shiid, must why the sky is starless tonight.

  3. olusheyi banjo June 23, 2019

    It’s her life let her do what seems best for her. If it is a mistake she will have to make that decision on her own

  4. Tyty June 23, 2019

    Well she does love supporting and surrounding herself with criminals and perverts. Her brother, 69 now she is dating a rapist and murderer. Nicki is not mentally all there anyway plus her obvious drug use doesn’t help her judgment. She is your average hood rat with money.

    • Kaycee June 23, 2019

      You are goofy af…How long have you been knowing Nicki and her family. Do you have pictures of you breaking bread with them for Sunday dinner. You only know what the media tells you. She is not responsible for her brother you don’t choose your family. Also if you did something 25yrs ago and nothing since. People change and grow. You are no judge. ..Weirdo

      • Tyty June 23, 2019

        1. Her brother is in prison for molestation court documents available for anyone to read. 2. She has admitted out of her own mouth to taking drugs and being violent towards previous partners. 3. 69 is in jail and is a s** offender again available court documents plus video footage. 4. Current bf a murder and rapist which he did prison time for and a registered s** offender<<< which part was made up by the media again? Nobody with a sane mind would surround themselves with such degenerates. If she was your average hood rat you wouldn’t be so quick to defend her. You allow celebrity to override common sense hence why you’re a fan and I’m not. See the difference.

  5. Kaycee June 23, 2019

    Nicki is the Queen, she’s talented,beautiful,fun. She’s my best friend (in my head) lol. I think she should who makes her happy. Nobody can speak on their intimate moments. They don’t know their bonds and struggles. People should b*** out. Also we are all human and make mistake. Jesus forgives, 25 years ago and no repeat. Trust he is ok. Stop harassing my girl, seriously I’ll throw hand for her. OXYGEN THIEVES have serval seats and STFU.

  6. TruthfullySpeaking June 23, 2019

    Awww Kenneth is the perfect man and I’m glad Micki helped him out that pit he “felon”. 😂😂😂😂 Gotta love hypocrisy! 😜

    • TruthfullySpeaking June 23, 2019

      B**** I SCREAMED!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. tika June 23, 2019

    This old woman is acting like trash!

    i hope she goes back into hiding like go forever

    you attitude Suks major balls!

    personality on 0

  8. Unnatural June 23, 2019

    Friends/stans are frickin idiots! Your job is to buy albums and concert tickets! If she does a makeup collab, buy the make up. She does a clothing collaboration buy the clothes. But I don’t Undertand who fans/ Stan’s think they are to dictate how these celebrities run their lives like fall the hell back! It’s her life. She is an actual person with her own set of problems that she and no one else has to deal with. Just because they share a piece of it on SM with y’all don’t mean y’all can tell them how to love. That’ goes the same for the other heavy hitters Beyoncé and Rihanna. Just because y’all can talk mess Behind a keyboard don’t mean you doing anything for your fave. It’s pathetic already.

  9. Clarkson June 23, 2019

    He is going to kill this woman or m***** their kid mark my words.
    Assuming he was tall and cute that would be a different case but this dude is so basic and average as hell.

    What does she see in him?
    He is a registered s** offender
    He is a murderer
    He has been to prison
    He is poor
    He already has children with other women.

    Nicki u don’t love yourself.

  10. Stop Trying to Please Mommy June 23, 2019

    Nicki, the sin is in the fornication, not the pregnancy. You don’t have to be married to have a child if you’re concerned about God’s eyes. Pregnancy is not a sin. Formulation is.

  11. Cleva June 23, 2019

    Her global smash hit Megatron??? 😂😂. That shiiiiit couldn’t even stay #1 on iTunes for 24 hrs!!!

    • June 23, 2019

      Why are you laughing, Nicki Minaj is a millionaire and is getting richer by the moment. I will never understand you, ignoramuses.

      • Echo June 23, 2019

        Stfu h0€, you don’t know me to understand me!!! Why you diiiick riding her coins, what you got in the bank clown 🤡???? I said wtf I said! Global smash hit where??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  12. Urg June 23, 2019

    Ole girl is a grown woman if she wants to marry Mr. Petty that is her business. Y’all barbz are crazy as ever.

  13. Yolanda June 23, 2019

    I’m going out on a limb in saying Nicki is playing herself. To put sooooo much effort in being a worldwide superstar only to come out a multi-millionaire, wife, and mother is…well…QUITE MEDIOCRE. Many people and artists have achieved that goal by doing less. She had bigger aspirations, like Rihanna. But, dem drugs…opiods…percocets…changed her route. Unless Nicki has been seeing Petty all along while she was in other relationships, a year to rekindle a 20-year absence is well…NOT SMART! Nicki just wants a baby…and her so-called-bible-thumping mother is making her think she has to be married first. I hope she had enough time to put in a PRE-NUP!

  14. I hate blaccck n whyte June 24, 2019

    I’m not surprised…She deserves it.
    This ceremony is going to be huge..

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