Nicki Minaj’s ‘Megatron’ Makes UK Top 40 Debut / Extends Reign As Highest-Selling Female Rapper Of All Time

Published: Sunday 30th Jun 2019 by David

As Nicki Minaj debuted nearly a decade before streaming became a piece of the chart puzzle, the rapper’s younger rivals now find themselves tasked with the impossible challenge of matching records she set with pure sales.

The loftiest of these is the records she holds for being the highest-selling female rapper of all time and one of the fastest selling musicians to debut in the 21st century.

For, despite the fact that the entertainer has never topped the Billboard Hot 100, her solo singles and albums have sold more copies than any other lady lyricist in chart history and find their numbers elevated to even higher ground when the material she features on are factored into her sales question.

Today, she extends her run with help from her new single ‘Megatron.’


‘Mega’ leads the way for Minaj’s fifth studio album and is enjoying a healthy run on iTunes after her fans opted to make digital purchases and not streaming their point of focus.

The sum of their hard work? A new Top 40 single.

Opening at #34 in the United Kingdom, ‘Megatron’ pushed the number of weeks the rapper has spent in the Top 40 to 309 by becoming her 35th single to impact the space.


On Spotify, the single has already earned $40,000 (the bulk of which will delivered to the rapper and her publishing company) and on YouTube, where its video takes centre stage, its earnings rap to the beat of $47,250.


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  1. Jackx June 30, 2019

    No thanks, song is trash

    • Jasmine June 30, 2019

      This song could be a hit for her if she would promote it more. It’s like she is at a point where she either does not want to make money touring or she is pregnant. A tour would reconnect her with her fans and promote her new music.

      • Zoo Stinker July 1, 2019

        Only Nicki gets blogs to post weird ass She really wanted to say that MEGATRON was the highest debut of a solo song from a female rapper since Chun Li in 2018. LOL. She cant because it debuted at #25. Press debuted at #26. SHES WASHED UP.

    • Delores Wheeler July 9, 2019


  2. NickiisCancelled June 30, 2019

    “It ain’t about the race, it’s the marathon.”

    Now watch megaflop come to an end next week when it free falls off the chart. Usain Bolt would NEVER. ????????????

    • Jayy June 30, 2019

      Yo, I don’t really comment too much but I have to say this. When you start quoting n***** lyrics on a positive post about them and use it to bring them down, you are the true definition and embodiment of a f****** hater. But then again, your name really says it all

    • Renia June 30, 2019

      So what bihh? it still charted. she won and you lost. try again

  3. tina June 30, 2019

    Man this is some dumb news!

    congrats niki on breaking onto a char who hoo yay liek this wasnt expected! lol

    • LemonLove June 30, 2019

      So dumb you commented?

  4. Caleb June 30, 2019

    They really exaggerate her pure sales soooo much. If you take out the streaming her album sales go down by 60%.

    • E. June 30, 2019

      You are bothered so much. Y’all shouldn’t say s*** about Nicki’s attitude because y’all are no better than what y’all say she is. Every time there’s a positive post about her here y’all come with the negativity. Haven’t you heard if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing at all. Y’all are some miserable people that go out y’all way to spew negativity on every post about her.

      • Caleb June 30, 2019

        It’s a comment section and I commented on what was on the tgj post. I didn’t hear you talking about “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” when Nicki was calling Wanna Thompson ugly and telling her she isn’t pretty and rich like she is.

      • Delores Wheeler July 9, 2019

        GROW UP

    • Shayla Queen June 30, 2019

      Yet they try say Cardi’s achievements are all “payola” when this plastic b|tch is overhyped and a FRAUD.

  5. MessyBoots June 30, 2019

    I am so sick of TGJ spinning this false narrative that Nicki Minaj is the best selling female rapper of all time. It’s like comparing apples and oranges from different eras. Perhaps Minaj is the best selling female rapper of the DIGITAL era but I have a difficult time giving her the ALL TIME title when it’s not even comparable. How many copies did Doo Wop sell back in the late 90s when CD singles cost anywhere between 1.99-4.99… should we double or triple whatever her numbers were to even out all of Nicki’s .99 cents downloads?! How does that work! Her total album sales are around 5-7M tops, worldwide… but Miseducation sold like 12-14M worldwide.. Missy has four or five platinum or multi platinum albums in the US ALONE? What are her sales from all of her mega hit No.1 hits… they surely DID NOT cost .99 cents per track anywhere in the world. So should we double or triple the numbers of her state’s to compete with Minaj’s cheap MCdonalds 99 cents singles from the iTunes era?!

    Plain and simple, They CAN’T compete.. dont tell me Minaj’s .99 cents McSingles compare to someone else before them selling 5-10 million singles for 2-5 dollars a pop. If you do please adjust the previous era for INFLATION because these numbers TGJ constantly trot out are A JOKE!!!!

    • OurP June 30, 2019

      McSingles GONE CHILE ?

    • Caleb June 30, 2019

      ?? ?? ??

  6. Delores Wheeler June 30, 2019


  7. IKNOWTHETRUTH June 30, 2019


  8. no ma’am June 30, 2019


  9. Nicki Maraj June 30, 2019

    Another post about The Queen and CardiB fans are here ???? Why Are You Here this Post is For The Queen and her fans to comment y’all be so quick to spread hate on the Queen well keep on hating because she’s still the Highest Paid Female Rapper of All Times

    • Zoo Stinker July 1, 2019

      Lol. Thats like saying 50 Cent is the King of Rap because he sold more than Kendrick, which he has. 50 Cent sold more because he came out 20 years

  10. Erica June 30, 2019

    But why barbs not talking about how megaflop is charting lower than press on iTunes & it’s only been out for a week while Cardi single been out months. That make this hold post a Kii in itself, but y’all go ahead keep her fans delusional

  11. Ariana Gramde June 30, 2019

    Well done sis, I love you!

  12. MissGuided June 30, 2019

    Megatron isn’t a hit. Plain and simple. Nicki Minaj hasn’t had a hit in years….

  13. IKNOWTHETRUTH June 30, 2019


    • LemonLove June 30, 2019

      She already has. She’s sold more singles and albums than both (without streams). It doesn’t mean she’s better. Just a fact.

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH June 30, 2019


      • Caleb June 30, 2019

        Lies. She has not sold more albums than Lauryn Hill and that’s a fact even with streams. Without streams she hasn’t outsold Missy either. These are her album pure sales:
        Pink Friday – 2 million
        Roman Reloaded – 910,000
        Pinkprint – 670,000
        Queen – 200,000

    • MessyBoots June 30, 2019

      Anyone ever notice whenever they mention this chick, they emphasize on s*** that no other writers emphasize on. Queen sold cuz it bombed where it counts US. She reached the RIAA 100 million mark with mostly .99 MCsingles and mostly FEATURES (because that is the only thing she is QUEEN of btw..

      Take away her features which count for more than 70% of her Hot 100 entries/sales and you’re left with a mediocre selling artist. She has over 100 charted singles (70% percent FEATURES) and yet her highest selling LPs Pink Friday AND Roman Reloaded COMBINED dont even equal ONE Missy album (Under Construction) in sales. 100 charted singles and not a No.1 or Grammy in sight for over a decade. TRAGIC.

      The only.thing left for Barbz to hold onto are iTunes stats and .99 cents McSingle milestones. downloads..So b**** ain’t done nothing impressive but sell a bunch of EDM flavored pop tracks for 99 cents in the early 10s when 99 cents iTunes McSingles dominated the industry. But all that has changed w/ streaming. And guess what? Her streaming numbers are p I s s poor JUST LIKE HER ALBUM SALES!

      • MessyBoots June 30, 2019


        Thanks for posting that RIAA link. Never been on their website before. EVERY person here (including TGJ staff) should bookmark that link since TGJ loves to print fake news..

        I have a suggestion for TGJ..

        Since yall hold onto Nicki’s featured collabs so heavy let’s keep that same energy for the real ‘Queen’ Missy Misdemeanour Elliot!!!

        Count all of her sales for her featured credits on other people tracks or her songs that she wrote/produced for nearly every A list R&B, pop, hip hop star of the last 25 years. Make it fair if Nicki can add her featured collabs to bolster her sales the same can be done for Missy, Lil Kim, Eve, Lauryn/Fugees etc

      • Caleb June 30, 2019

        Got that right Messy Boots! The real kii is that if you scroll down further Cardi B is only 2 million behind Nicki in certified units which shocked me! Nicki is at 30.5 and Cardi is at 28.5. If she passes her will TGJ call her “the greatest selling female rapper of all-time” on every post?

    • IKNOWTHETRUTH June 30, 2019


    • Nicki Maraj June 30, 2019

      Queen of Flopping she hasn’t been on billboard since the 90s I believe her crown ? been taken get over it 80s head smh ??‍♂️ it’s 2019. Your Queen is expired

    • Fancy BISH June 30, 2019

      This one song is better than Nicki’s whole career ? ?

  14. Beam Me Up Scotty June 30, 2019

    Stay pressed Lil’ Kim and Remy Man fans. You are only fans of Cardi B because you hate Nicki Minaj.

    • NickiisCancelled June 30, 2019

      You are only a fan of Nicki Minaj because you hate other black female rappers. Foh

  15. None of your business June 30, 2019

    Congrats Nicki!!!! Extend your longevity to show all these hating a** b****es wassup.

  16. Shayla Queen June 30, 2019

    So the single charted even lower than her stank p**** flaps hang…

  17. PlayNice June 30, 2019

    Trash , she prolly could’ve did betta.. I hear

  18. Dc June 30, 2019

    Damn number 77 iTunes it will be out top 100 by Tuesday ????

  19. June 30, 2019

    Congratz to her.

  20. Fixer July 1, 2019

    It’s ironic that Nicki Minaj even ranks on the charts especially the fact she is a sympathizer to child m******** and rapists. If R Kelly gets pulled off the air Nicki Minaj should as well since her loyalty to rapists and baby blasters is noted to be a fact from her Brother jelanimaraj to tekashisnitch9 informant and s** offender with a plea deal and her murdering r***** bf Kenneth Petty. Honestly Nicki is a fraud and cares about nothing but her defense of pedos.

  21. i hate blaccck nd whyyte h*** i do July 1, 2019

    any questions?

  22. Zoo Stinker July 1, 2019

    Only Nicki gets blogs to post weird ass She really wanted to say that MEGATRON was the highest debut of a solo song from a female rapper since Chun Li in 2018. LOL. She cant because it debuted at #25. Press debuted at #26. SHES WASHED UP.

  23. MS July 1, 2019

    Why can’t we all get along? Why so much hate for this woman? I was never a fan of Nicki Minaj music, but I recently did some research on her and actually love her personality and some of her music. Some of you all should do the same. I swear some of you Americans are the weirdest people I have come across. You can like an artist without hating on another. Stop the negativity, sow more love to people and less hate,

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