ASAP Rocky Fan Arrested After Threatening To Blow Up The Swedish Embassy

Published: Monday 29th Jul 2019 by David

An ASAP Rocky loyalist has been slapped with the heavy hand of the law after threatening to destroy the Swedish embassy if it refused to free the rapper from the jail he is being held in.

Full story below…

Rocky was locked up after he and members of his camp were filmed in the heat of an altercation with a member of the general public in Sweden.

Since then, his fans have worked tirelessly to free him so that he can return to America as a free man. Unfortunately, one of these fans decided to take matters into her own hands last week by storming into the Swedish embassy, throwing liquid on its doors and threatening to blow it to smithereens if officials refused to comply with her wishes.

I’m going to blow this mother****** up!

When the Secret Service learned of this they issued a lookout warning for her and arrested when she returned to the embassy the following day and pulled its displays and kicked some of its furniture.


She was arrested on the spot and later booked for destruction of property and unlawful entry.

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  1. Jamie July 29, 2019

    I cannot relate as I am not a fan.

  2. Babygirloflife1 July 29, 2019

    Sorry i live in Soho and Calabasas what does BLM (Black lives matter got to do with me???? I cannot relate im famous right!?????
    Idiot who cares if he in jail he dont care abut black lives his words not ours

    • Shayla Queen July 29, 2019

      Oh stop it. He meant he didn’t relate to living in certain areas. Not everyone uses the victim card.

      • ? Suga Lopez July 29, 2019

        Maybe he should start using it so he can get himself out of jail.

      • I SAID WHAT I SAID…. July 29, 2019

        No dummy, you stfu! He meant what he said. He said that he pretty much can’t relate to the problems of black people because he’s rich. What a dumb statement. He wasn’t always rich, and came from the hood. The power of the tongue is real. I have absolutely no remorse, and neither should you clown! ?

  3. Clarkson July 29, 2019

    Swedish prisons are better, cleaner and much safer than many black neighbourhoods in America. That’s a fact

    • ERIC July 29, 2019

      OK Trump.

    • ? Suga Lopez July 29, 2019

      But is it safer than the WILD FOREST between your mother’s legs? I want to know.

    • War July 29, 2019

      Ok Donald jr

  4. ? Suga Lopez July 29, 2019

    I can’t relate.

    • Shayla Queen July 29, 2019

      In this case, he IS a victim. Not like everyone else who automatically stamps VICTIM all over their forehead and walk around like they can’t break out of the life they’re in and blame everyone else for their shortcomings.

  5. AJ July 29, 2019

    The beehive would never

    • Shayla Queen July 29, 2019

      They definitely would. If that h03 ended up behind bars there would be hell to pay and it would be real fun to watch ?

  6. Lol July 29, 2019

    The fact that she cares that much….a rapper she’s never met and never will meet feels that strongly about a stranger being in jail. Get your life together.

  7. Tyty July 29, 2019

    Black people are done rallying behind fools that don’t care about them. Why isn’t his rich privilege and helping him out? He needs to eat some humble pie and never forget his a black man again. Plus them prisons in Sweden are not bad. Stop pushing this story like we will change our minds.

    • Shayla Queen July 29, 2019

      Why should he care about anyone just because he has the same skin colour? Y’all fool for real. Always expecting someone to wipe your a$$ for you.

      • Tyty July 29, 2019

        Just like we don’t care he might rot in prison for 6 years ??. #nofucksgiven.

  8. TallB July 29, 2019

    He got some dumb fans ?

  9. Gurlwepa89 July 30, 2019

    You do the crime, you do the time. Keep him locked up.

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