Mariah Carey Says She’s Not Worried About Lil Nas X Beating Her Hot 100 Record [Video]

Published: Thursday 25th Jul 2019 by Rashad

“Unbothered” is the name of the game for Pop diva Mariah Carey.

For over 20 years the undisputed Queen of the Billboard Hot 100 and her fans, affectionately called #Lambs, enjoyed the seemingly untouchable record of ‘longest number 1’ – a feat accomplished when her Boyz II Men-assisted tune, ‘One Sweet Day,’ held atop the tally for a whopping 16 weeks in the mid-90s.  Though challenged in 2017 when Luis Fonsi teamed with the likes of Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber to hoist the hit ‘Despacito’ to the chart’s summit for 16 weeks, their failure to nab a 17th week stay at the top kept Carey’s record in tact.

This week, however, a new challenger for the title arose in the form of Lil Nas X‘s megahit ‘Old Town Road.’  Boasting a tool ‘Day’ did not have in its arsenal at the time (streaming), the Billy Ray Cyrus-assisted tune – which has also extended its stay thanks to a number of high profile remixes – earned its 16th week at #1 as revealed by the chart’s most recent refresh (click here to read more).

As industry analysts believe it is likely the 20-year-old will break Carey’s longstanding record, our friends at The Blast caught up with the icon to ask if she was worried about the loss.  Her diva response just served as another reminder of why we love Mimi here at TGJ HQ:

Less than two weeks ago, Carey sent fans into a frenzy with the Twitter exchange above which insinuated she was open to remixing ‘Old Town Road.’  However, when recently asked by our friends at The Blast if she was willing to add her name to the long list of people who have revamped the tune, Carey responded:

‘Nobody wants to hear that remix,’ she said.

When quizzed on if she was worried about X dusting her in history books, the 49-year old said:

‘Darling, no.’


Click here to watch the video and hear it from her lips!

[photo credit:  Wireimage / Getty Images]

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  1. Clarkson July 25, 2019

    So we are not gonna talk about beyonce selling 900 copies in the UK.
    Waiting for the excuses the flea hive will come up with.
    But u guys said beyonce was not a singles seller but an album seller

    • BeyonceQueenofPop July 25, 2019

      Beyonce will definitely sell 600k in 3 days

      She outsold Adele and Taylor multiple times

      • QueenAdele July 25, 2019

        LMAO!!! Gurl are you sure about that?

      • Jasmine The Real Princess July 25, 2019

        I am sorry but Tidal has been exposed and therefore your roach queen can’t cheat her way to the top. Wasn’t the EIL chart drama enough evidence for you EBThives?

      • SMH July 25, 2019

        Lol, the hives are seriously delusional. On what planet exactly did she outsell Taylor & Adele? Lmao.

    • China July 25, 2019

      Beyonce will go down in the record books for BEING A GREAT CONCERT DRAW. She does NOT have an ICONIC song that people will be listening too for the next 25 years. She has NO HERO/ONE SWEET DAY like mariah. No I’ll Always love you/Greatest love of all Like Whitney. Hell, she does not even have a Rolling in the deep like Adele. Beyonce missed that train. Halo and Single ladies WILL not cut it, she’s basically a better voiced Jlo.

      • XYZ July 25, 2019

        Nah, she has crazy in love and single ladies. And people are still going wild to those in clubs, and crazy in love is what? 18 years old?

        You’re partly right though. Her catalogue does not live up to her Status. She is a Touring Artist and her songs or albums are not special IMO

      • QueenAdele July 25, 2019

        She has one———— “Telephone”
        This is Beyoncé biggest hit in her entire career worldwide

      • Pat July 28, 2019

        Even jlo got a few memorable tracks.

    • Brewer July 25, 2019

      Shes not the queen of Billboard Hot 100…….. You have to work and use the computer and internet, and if you can do that and dedicate some time each day then you can do this with no problem.
      I have been working with this for a month and have made over $2,000 already. let me know if you need more help.
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    • Clocking the fake Beyonce haters July 25, 2019

      Stfu it’s not just her album. And nobody is talking about her albums sales except you dummies who pretend you hate her so much. How tf do you let somebody you claim not to like occupy this much time that you spend all day leaving comments online about how many albums were sold. Get a life.

    • Some1got2sayIt July 28, 2019


  2. Nope July 25, 2019

    He is on course to be the greatest artist of the world.

    • China July 25, 2019

      STFU you sound Just a stupid as JasmineTranny. This queen is a ONE HIT WONDER and we will never hear from him again

      • Fez July 26, 2019

        ? ? ? So true

  3. Jasmine The Real Princess July 25, 2019

    Glad Miss Piggy is finally losing one of her records. People barely remember that 90’s song anyway.

    • China July 25, 2019

      You sound STUPID. I’m sure all your 80 year old friends that die….ONE SWEET DAY is played at there funeral. You like 68 years old chatting and beefing with 20 year old’s on here???? Go somewhere and be a good Auntie or something? Instead of being on here HATING on diva’s go watch POSE so you can brush up on your TRANNYperformances every Thursday. StupidHoe

  4. Gee July 25, 2019

    The difference between them one has secured a legendary career while the other will be known for this one milestone hopefully he can establish longevity as MC has then that would be a major achievement more importantly but congratulations to Lil Nas X!!!

    • MessyBoots July 25, 2019

      ^that part!

  5. Jj July 25, 2019

    This is why he said what he said at week 13 because he knew it would breathe new life into tithe song he could have waited a month but the controversy was going to take it over the top but for some reason I think he’s lying about it

    • SMH July 25, 2019

      Yep, and that’s exactly why I’m not so sure i believe that he’s really gay.

    • Caleb July 25, 2019

      Lol he used to run a twitter account called Nas Maraj in which he was very openly gay.

      • SMH July 25, 2019

        Lol anybody can say anything on the internet for likes and followers.

    • Jasmine July 25, 2019

      He is gay. He has a gay lisp, acts feminine, and why would he lie about being gay? It’s not something you lie about. Yes, he used it to make more money off the song and he used it as a time when the media wants celebrity black men to be feminine to demasculinize the image of black men.

  6. Fancy BISH July 25, 2019

    I can appreciate the diversity that Old Town Road, One Sweet Day and Despacito brings! Damn, a gay black young man and a featured older white man are about to have the all time record! And the 16 week record is still and forever will be shared by a black woman of mixed heritage, 4 black men, 2 puerto ricans and a lil white bread on the side lol…come on America! ?? Especially at a time when that racist fool is sitting his orange Big Mac booty asss in the White House ? And Mariah has so many Billboard records it ain’t even funny! The Queen Of Billboard remains unbothered and unmatched!

      • Fancy BISH July 25, 2019
        Now, you trying to be cute with it, but this article today is about Mariah not being worried about Lil Nas X…in short, this is about #1’s hunnie…not Top 10’s, Top 5’s, overall entries, whatever…#1’s…Madonna has the most Top 10’s for women and Mariah has the most #1’s for women…these are the facts of life and I don’t know why you came in here today trying to dismiss Mariah! You will DEAL cause I’m not backing down from what I HAD SAID WAS ?

      • China July 25, 2019

        Madonna is the GOAT. HOWEVER, Mariah has More number 1’s and more Diamond Album sales. Mariah will go down in History as the Greats Female Vocalist of All time when her time is said and done.

      • Gworl Bye July 25, 2019

        Lmao nope, that title belongs to Whitney, thats why shes called The Voice.

    • QueenAdele July 25, 2019

      Sorry Girl but Mariah has two number ones in UK
      Madonna has thirteen
      Kylie Minogue has eight
      Janet has 0 but 17 top 10 hits
      Beyonce has four

  7. Gworl Bye July 25, 2019

    Shes not the queen of Billboard Hot 100, she came in at #2 on their Greatest Women of All Time list.

  8. Stevone l Jackson July 25, 2019

    to me even if his song goes past 16 weeks it does not count in my eyes Mariah Carey did not have to remake her song over and over and over again in order to maintain interest in one Sweet day the one song just played on the radio and people listen to it week after week that’s the difference

  9. Stevone l Jackson July 25, 2019

    get the hell off this page talkin about that thief you call Beyonce b**** don’t nobody here give a f*** about that lying Fake and manipulative F** hating b**** that you f*** seem to give all praise to and she really don’t like your ass remember her Mama put her in check about not treating you f***’s badly because you f*gs are her money bag….wow how you forget… LMAO.

  10. #TheTruth July 25, 2019

    Exactly no one wants to hear that, I agree with her.

    Mariah’s career goes far beyond that one record. Maybe back in the day she would have been bothered who knows. But at this point… and if he gets a 1/4 of her career then props to him.

    Someone named the Despacito song. He was kind of a one hit wonder wonder worldwide. Like Psy. And the list goes on.
    But he already had a career in latin markets if I’m not mistaken. So it’s not like he’s going back to nothing.

    That’s the difference with Lil Nas X, he’s a totally new artist so he has to build everything and last.

  11. ??? July 25, 2019

    lmaooooo damn all this, lets talk about roach flopping harder than ever in the uk with only 940 copies sold and now shes battling Nas for the #4 spot next week lmfaoooooooooooooo

    • QueenAdele July 25, 2019

      I heard Kylie Minogue’s Greatest Hits Step back in Time outsell her in UK ???????

  12. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 25, 2019

    #Loves It Darling

  13. Casual July 25, 2019

    I hope he breaks the record. I’m a chart purist and historian, and I find this exciting.

    However, he is not exactly breaking MC & and B2M’s record for One Sweet Day, in the same way that End of the Road (13 weeks) did not break Elvis’ record with (Don’t Be Cruel/Hound Dog, 11 weeks). The atmospherics for topping the chart for One Sweet Day were very different in the mid-90s versus today. Streaming did not even exist back then, and the charts were calculated differently.

    I think it is valid to say, however, that if he makes it to week 17 at the top, Lil Nas X will be breaking the record held by Despacito.

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 25, 2019

      Despacito is a very blring/bland record idk how it almost beat one sweet day, it’s nothing special or unique.

      Ole tiwn road can not be discredited because of the “TIMES” If anything it’s HARDER to go #1 now cuz only a minum talent is required which makes the achievment more Elusive ESPECIALLY for a Brand new artist like nasx

      • ??? July 25, 2019

        lmaooo gurl shut up and explain why your bug fave FLOPPED HARD with only 949 copies sold lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 25, 2019

        949 is way more than 460!

        U just jealous of me and ALL the Carter’s cuz we ALL LIGHT SKIN And u just sum darkbutt DARKEY that only Stans for washed up darkies like NIKKI and RIH-SCEDULED!…

        Bey released a huge Album In 2016 got pregnant did coachella did 2 STADIUM tours and a 9 track Mixtape with Jayz then Lion King… one of the most successful films of alltime and now a new RIHANNA QUALITY soundtrack album..

        What’s your fav song on LION KING THE GIFT??? There’s no way u don’t like it despite it’s RihBolla like Sales lol

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 25, 2019


        U just sum jealous W. Hore jeluss of ALL LIGHT SKINS that’s why u stan for darkies like NIKKI and RIH-SCEDULED to Spite BEY AND CARDI B!!!!!!!!!! And Always making Fun of my Weight!

  14. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 25, 2019

    Ole town road is the most deserving #1 in a long time. It’s unique rich Catchy and Organic like a #1 record should be. Hope it stays for 20 weeks

    • BeyonceQueenofPop July 25, 2019

      Oh hell no Beyonce “Spirit” should stay number one for 20 weeks

      She is outselling Taylor’s Archer and Billie Ellish Bad Guy

  15. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 25, 2019


    U just sum jealous W. Hore jeluss of ALL LIGHT SKINS that’s why u stan for darkies like NIKKI and RIH-SCEDULED to Spite BEY AND CARDI B!!!!!!!!!!

  16. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 25, 2019

    Brown Skinned Girls was written for @??? Lmao

    • BeyonceQueenofPop July 25, 2019

      It was written for Fantasia

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