Megan Thee Stallion Slays XXL Freshman Freestyle

Published: Tuesday 9th Jul 2019 by Sam

It’s officially a Hot Girl Summer and Megan Thee Stallion is bringing that Houston heat.

The fiery femcee is one of just two females in the XXL Freshman Class Of 2019, but she makes clear that she is her only competition.

It’s now trademark for those who made the list to deliver a freestyle and Meg obliges in scorching fashion.

Watch her drop bar after blazing bar after the jump…

Watch more from Megan’s XXL feature…

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  1. Gurlwepa89 July 9, 2019

    Love her,!! She got the talent and the look to match. She’s the real MC and not like one of these wannabes Milli vanilli bitchez. Go Meg!!

    • Dc July 9, 2019

      She ain’t slaying the charts overrated rapper

      • Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie July 9, 2019

        Check Billboard again h** and look for her name and you’ll see her. Meg is charting on her own talent. She doesn’t have to Payola her way into Billboard. Which is why she’ll be able to tour when she hit mainstream, unlike the h***** infested roach.

    • Dc July 9, 2019

      When she gets 3 number 1 s Grammy and ascap award holla back ??

      • Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie July 9, 2019

        Anyone can buy No.1s and a Grammy sis. Some people just actually want to deserve them and not have their record label bribe each and every radio statios and award shows to cover up the fact that you are an untalented hack.

        Megan is currently charting on the BB100 with Cash $hit and she’s doing this without a major label backing.

      • Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie July 9, 2019


  2. nickieseptember July 9, 2019

    She’s a star

    • Dc July 9, 2019

      Not yet

  3. 2bad2bme July 9, 2019

    One trick pony. All these females rap like they’re arguing with somebody. Where is the versatility?

    • Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie July 9, 2019

      You stan for OnetrickYonce and you dare talk about versatility??? The absolute audacity. ?

  4. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie July 9, 2019

    Team Meg!!! Y’all better stream the song of the summer Cash $hit!!!

    Meg is not worried about what the next b**** doing, she’s not involved in any legal mess. She’s about her talent and her money. She doesn’t need to Payola her way into anything, her talent speak for itself, which is how you build a healthy fan base that’s going to help you sell your seats.

    Some other H*** can’t relate. ?

    • Dc July 9, 2019

      Cardi had 3 great songs that’s why they went number 1 hater sad people forget the fact they were hits no payola needed Megan is average at best this why she not on major label yet

      • Jasmine1999 July 9, 2019

        Wtf Cardi started out on a small label too…chill out jeez there can be more than one female out. Y’all scared another rapper gonna dethrone Cardi or something?

  5. what would whitney do July 9, 2019

    kash doll on the come up!!!! check.

  6. Clarkson July 9, 2019

    I smell another kreyshawn or lumidee.

  7. Lil nas tee aws July 9, 2019

    I know people are going to hate me for this, but I’m pretty sure this is what Jay Z was trying to do when he got Beyonce to start rapping.

  8. Chillitsjustpizza July 9, 2019

    Rico nasty is legit low key

  9. Ry July 10, 2019

    There were 3 females in the class;

    Tierra Whack
    Rico Nasty


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