New Song: Beyonce & Donald Glover – ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’

Published: Thursday 11th Jul 2019 by Sam

‘The Lion King’ is as anticipated for its cinematic brilliance as it is for its musical magnificence. And the latter is proving justified.

Moments ago, Disney released the full soundtrack for the surefire blockbuster, featuring renewed versions of songs from the 1994 classic – as well as three new numbers too.

However, it appears the centrepiece of the project is Beyonce and Donald Glover‘s take on ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’

The singing sensations play Nala and Simba respectively and their Pharrell produced duet appears at a pivotal part of the film.

Ahead of ‘The Lion King’s July 19th release, take a listen to ‘Can You Feel’ after the jump…

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  1. pat July 11, 2019

    decent cover…since Spirit is flopping… maybe this will do what they hoped for

    • King of Kingz July 11, 2019

      ?you sound dumb af, u hating h*** always think something is flopping smh the song just came out & is doing well & will do even better when the movie drops next week

      • pat July 11, 2019

        i said what i said

      • PCIO July 11, 2019

        That’s a no.

      • Jasmine1999 July 11, 2019

        I just let my man bust a fat nut up in my boooty. He said ‘can u feel the love tonight’ and I said make me feel it like Beyonce LOL

    • Bravo!!! July 11, 2019

      Where you single at Pat? Who signed you to their record label?? Was you apart of one of the biggest female group?? Where you in the music business over twenty years?? Are you worth over 500 million??

      • ??? July 11, 2019

        lmaooo, no but neither is roach so whats your point lmfaoooooooo

      • Bravo!!! July 11, 2019

        I’m sure you can comprehend baby gurl!

    • Bravo!!! July 11, 2019

      Ya being doing the most to be basic!!

      • Bravo!!! July 11, 2019


    • Brent Christopher July 11, 2019

      LIZZO: Truth Hurts – #6

      CARDI B: Press – #42

      CARDI B: Please Me – #72

      SAWEETIE: My Type – #82

      MEGAN: Cash Sh*t – #86

      NICKI MINAJ: Megatron – #92


  2. Iamme July 11, 2019


    • Brent Christopher July 11, 2019

      LIZZO: Truth Hurts – #6

      CARDI B: Press – #42

      CARDI B: Please Me – #72

      SAWEETIE: My Type – #82

      MEGAN: Cash Sh*t – #86

      NICKI MINAJ: Megatron – #92


      • Iamme July 11, 2019

        Do you have a job?

  3. truthtea July 11, 2019

    I’ll wait to hear it in the movie but I can already tell you I’ll remain a fan of Elton Johns version!

  4. SuxMyCockiness ? July 11, 2019

    Lol, cute cover but Nala is doing way to much ???

  5. Gavinluvsbeyonce July 11, 2019

    love Beyoncé’s versatility in vocals and of course her district voice is incomparable! ?

  6. Jason Symons July 11, 2019

    Wow!! That sounds awesome!! I can’t wait to see the movie, The Lion King is one of my favorite Disney movies. I have a feeling that it’s gonna be really good.

    • Fancy BISH July 11, 2019

      This! ❤️ ? ?

  7. Oliver July 11, 2019

    THat is awesome ?.

  8. Drip July 11, 2019

    They should’ve just let Beyonce sing the whole damn thing since they obviously had her vocals louder than everyone else’s. I could barely enjoy it honestly.

    • ERIC July 11, 2019

      I agree. Louder and doing way too much for a character voice.

      • Oh plz July 11, 2019

        Agreed. This is a clearly a song where less is more. She’s a seasoned musician/vocalist and should know that.

    • Jay Thats Me July 11, 2019


      • Jasmine1999 July 11, 2019

        Why do people who don’t understand music/movie business have so much input from their cubicle (if you even have that much of a job) you imbeciles the engineers and producers would not release it like this if they didn’t like it

    • Nate July 11, 2019

      It was Beyonce. It was Donald. She’s obviously holding back as much as she can, but Donald just talking through these songs. He should have booked a vocal coach for this..

  9. Holliewuudd July 11, 2019

    I’m loving Beyonce’s pronunciation of the words in this song which is a big part of these types of productions. The words in the song should be clean and crisp, and she killed that.

  10. Erica July 11, 2019

    Again not bad, but when here bey take on a track like this which required big vocals, you can hear her limits

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 11, 2019

      Lol this does not require Big vocals and outside of maybe 2 offplaced overbearing notes this cover was PERFECT and equal to the original. Idk what u expected lol despite popular belief beys vocal technique does have it’s flaws

      • Jay Thats Me July 11, 2019


      • gina July 11, 2019

        beyonce has no vocal technique, her voice is as weak as brandy’s.

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 11, 2019

      And beys vocal power is definitely far bigger than this song required. Beys vocal power is somewhere between Leona Lewis whom is outclassed and Cristina agulera whom sounds horrible

      • ??? July 11, 2019

        lmaoooo just stop it fatso, roach and her roach screeching is not a match for this song that requires actual vocals and your fat ass knows it, Xtina’s vocal power buries that flopped roach’s weak vocals on ANY day lmfaoooooo

  11. Hih July 11, 2019

    Why do you guys hate on her so much but run to the posts ?

    • Danny Bey July 11, 2019


  12. Like It Really Matters July 11, 2019


  13. DIABETES UNBOTHERED July 11, 2019

    Bey gonna win that Oscar in 2020 for the performance of voicing Nala

    • Ugggh July 11, 2019

      She has like 20 min screen time in total. She won’t

    • foolishpride July 11, 2019

      Oh I forgot she only does things for awards.
      At least her fans are honest

    • gina July 11, 2019

      lmaooo yeah right, Jesus will come back before beyonce wins an oscar.

    • Claude Remains July 11, 2019

      There is no Oscar category for “voicing” an animated character in a CGI film, so I don’t think she’ll be winning any Oscars.

    • Maxx July 11, 2019

      Yeah and if she do, it will be because she paid for it.

  14. Oh plz July 11, 2019

    Love you Bey, but the vocal acrobatics on this song are completely inappropriate. This is supposed to be a sublime duet between two characters in love, not Beyonce riffing and raffing, ft. Donald Glover. No gurl, no.

    • Jay Thats Me July 11, 2019


    • Rosy July 11, 2019

      Beyonce voice sucks when singing ballads. She has no soul and when she sings you feel no goosebumps I’m sorry bey I will stick to the original lion king song and movie I’m tired of all these Disney remake and it will flop

  15. Lex July 11, 2019

    WOW Beyoncé WOW …. She did that and her voice is everything . Wish she was by herself singing this track

  16. Clarkson July 11, 2019

    Beyonce needs to stop if not she will expose her self to the world about how basic and generic her singing voice is. No emotion nothing.
    Listen to lady gaga’s a star is born sound track. U can hear gaga’s pain, anger, depression, sadness, love and a host of other emotions.

    • That B**** July 11, 2019

      Beyonce has been around for over 20 years. Everyone has heard her singing voice. Have a seat.

      • Clarkson July 11, 2019

        Gurl, I said what I said.
        Spirit is flopping. Floprit LOOL

      • That B**** July 11, 2019

        Biitch u MAD..good Day lol

      • Clarkson July 11, 2019

        Ur faves about to ruin a bunch of classics with her generic soulless voice.
        Is she going to put her name amongst the songwriters of this song cause we all know miss thing love to steal song writing credit.

        Is beyonce going to do a dance challenge for spirit cause spirit is about to flop the same way before I let go flopped. Lol

      • That B**** July 11, 2019

        Yes you better DEFLECT with the unnecessary essay lol..Bey usual?

      • Clarkson July 11, 2019

        Love, facts are facts. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. LOOOL.

  17. That B**** July 11, 2019

    I love it so much! Of course, her haters are here first. Lol

  18. Danny Bey July 11, 2019

    This LITERALLY left me in TEARS!!!!!!!!!! IDGAF, no slander will be tolerated. THIS WAS IT!!!!! Omg the emotion

    • Clarkson July 11, 2019

      Emotion? Gurl where? Beyonce’s voice is soul less.

      • Danny Bey July 11, 2019

        I SAID WTF I SAID. I felt the emotion. Your unwanted opinion isn’t going to change my experience with the song. Move.

  19. Anne July 11, 2019

    All I can say is …wow. Beyonce’s voice was made for this movie. Glover’s as well. Based on what I’ve heard and read so far, I think both soundtracks (the official one and Beyonce’s separate album). “Spirit” is becoming an all-time soundtrack favorite for me, right up there with Elton John’s original Lion King recordings and Whitney’s Bodyguard recordings IMO.

    • Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) July 11, 2019

      I love Spirit. Then again, Beyonce could LITERALLY step on my throat with a pointy heel and I would gladly let her. So maybe I’m biased lol

    • foolishpride July 11, 2019

      You are delusional

      Can You Feel sounds like a duet with Kermit the Frog
      The Bodyguard?? you have wax in both ears

      • Jasmine1999 July 11, 2019

        Why are you bringing up The Bodyguard?? Y’all bBey hating lunatics only reside here in TGJ lmao enjoy posting hateful comments that will never reach her

  20. Urg July 11, 2019

    In a meanwhile Brent Christopher is typing a full essay on how basic Beyonce is…..

    • Danny Bey July 11, 2019

      ?????????? YOU KNOW IT

  21. Tyler (We are the grandchildren of the slaves you couldn’t kill) July 11, 2019

    Every once and a while Beyonce has to remind you mortals that she can SING sing!

  22. foolishpride July 11, 2019


    This sounds like a Jim Henson Soundtrack

  23. Jeans July 11, 2019

    Just heard it. That was simply beautiful. Some of y’all just some hatin ass haters! Stay mad! They killed it!

    • Jasmine1999 July 11, 2019

      Sir, Indie Wire isn’t a deciding factor for everyone lmao..there are other critics and audience critics who say otherwise. You haven’t even seen it hater

  24. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. July 11, 2019

    I like the original. These two added nothing to the song. I hate when people re-do things just for their own egos. The same goes for Beauty and The Beast. I hate that they redid the iconic song from that soundtrack.

  25. MessyBoots July 11, 2019

    Beyonce only has TWO songs on the the new soundtrack.. this and Spirit. I also believe in this film Bey’s voice is only about 20 percent of the entire 2 hour plus running time.

    Bey haters need to stop making this some kind of A Star Is Born sized lead role for her. This film’s performance and/or reviews DO NOT rest primarily on Bey… this is a highly anticipated DISNEY live action remake featuring an ENSEMBLE cast. The director, cinematographer, screenwriters are the MAIN ppl responsible for how this project is received.

    AGAIN, Bey only has 2 tracks on the main SDTK and a speaking role that’s only 20-25 mins.

    Regarding the song.. I would have preferred them cut out that cheesy speaking intro.. that could have been an interlude.. Eltons version didnt have that cheesy intro.. it was just a straightforward melody.. this version sounds like it was lifted directly from a musical. Other than that, Bey’s vocals are sublime. ??

    • Skyrocket July 11, 2019

      Actually the original lion king soundtrack does that have “cheesy” intro

  26. Truth July 11, 2019

    Fan of everyone but this sounds off…Donald is singing flat and emotionless …you can’t ding like that with Beyoncé…Seth did waaay too much talking at the beginning…Nala and Timon saved this

  27. One July 11, 2019

    Just heard the original and its Stale lol. Yall really are haterz on here smh

  28. Clayne July 11, 2019

    This sounds sSO GOOD! Omg

  29. Jasmine1999 July 11, 2019

    This sounds amazing anyone who says otherwise is seriously a hater

    • Jasmine1999 July 11, 2019

      Yes indeed

  30. Claude Remains July 11, 2019

    How is this a “new song” if it was originally released in 1994?

    I really wonder if the person who writes this gossip blog actually finished school!!!

    • Jasmine1999 July 11, 2019

      Stop coming back posting multiple times as a different person lmao

  31. Opp July 11, 2019

    The movie has some bad reviews. Better stick to the original

  32. Xedos July 11, 2019


  33. #TheTruth July 11, 2019

    I think she sounds beautiful.
    I’m not convinced AT ALL by Donald
    I mean… with all the beautiful voices out there, they picked him… I need to see the movie of course. But I don’t think he has the chops to carry those songs. He’s very limited.

  34. Tyty July 11, 2019

    This is a hit!!

  35. Chaotic July 11, 2019

    Beyoncé killed it!!!!!! Her vocals are on point!!!

  36. Beam Me Up Scotty July 11, 2019

    I prefer the original. This cover is just ok.

  37. Ropeburn July 11, 2019

    Beyonce’s melisma is so damn annoying. Just sing the note girl, you ain’t Whitney or Mariah!!!

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