Nicki Minaj’s ‘Megatron’ Bounces Back On iTunes After Chart Dip / Dominates Radio Following Fan Requests

Published: Wednesday 10th Jul 2019 by David

Nicki Minaj’s new single ‘Megatron‘ slipped and fell to dangerously low levels on the Billboard Hot 100 when it lost its Top 20 spot and fell out of the Top 90 just weeks after its release.

How her fans are remedying the matter? By storming radio.

Full story below…

The single has generated over $700,000 worldwide since June 21st 2019 and earned impressive opening week chart positions thanks to a campaign which saw the rapper appear on ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’.

Unfortunately, interest in the single waned in its second week and left the song forced to fend for itself. As a result, it was unable to sustain its glory and found itself clinging on for dear life at #92…72 spots lower than what it was the week before.


Fortunately, there is light at the end of the commercial tunnel.

Here’s why.

HITS Daily Double reports that the song is still rising on radio despite its chart slump thanks to fresh support it has picked up from ten major stations across the country.


Their plan is working.

For, their requests have forced radio to meet demand by increasing the number of spins it receives each day and pulled it back into iTunes Top 100.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Bravo!!! July 10, 2019

    Is this a good thing or bad thing for Nicki??

  2. Minaj ? July 10, 2019

    One thing I like about Tgj is that they report the good and the bad.

    • NickiMinajisCancelled July 10, 2019

      They NEVER reported that 72 titanic leap and you know it. It’s like y’all never wanna face your fears. St Nick ain’t real, keep fighting karma tho ?

      • 7E July 10, 2019

        they reported it, but of course, that headline went over your hating ass head.

    • Jasmine July 10, 2019

      Ciara’s Stretch Marks is the greatest selling album of 2019 and all Ciara performances are breathtaking according to TGJ.

      • Faf July 10, 2019

        I mean we all know Ciara’s the best female entertainer of this generation and she don’t do the same dance moves since 03 so they’re not wrong

      • Jasmine July 10, 2019

        Ciara is NOT of this generation!

        Bruno > Ciara
        Janet > Ciara
        Beyonce > Ciara
        Chris Brown > Ciara
        Fantasia > Ciara

        Ciara cannot sing and her voice is annoying. Thus, any real singer like Fantasia will put on a better show. Ciara dances like a person imitating Janet. Thus, dancers with their own style put on a better show than Ciara (Janet / Beyonce).

        Now shift to the ability to sell albums and Ciara keeps on flopping all the time. Ciara proves over and over she is not relevant to this generation.

      • mhmm July 10, 2019

        this post has nothing to do with Ciara … yet here we are

  3. IKNOWTHETRUTH July 10, 2019


  4. IG : mixedboy July 10, 2019

    Lord it’s a flop. Just stop already. What kind of site has this become! Jesus!

  5. Gee July 10, 2019

    Honestly Nicki should use this single as a buzz single and towards the end of the summer release her real official single and start promo. This is the time that Nicki and her team should be coming up with her promo strategy for the new album and era, and finally do a proper stateside tour that focuses on the new music as well as the fan favorites.

    • AJ July 10, 2019

      Nicki never said it was the first single from any album tho ?

      • Pedonika July 10, 2019

        Cause ms 2000 records on bubbling under and Party City wigs inventing queen is scared to flop, which she already did btw.

        Hang it up, flatscreen!

  6. NickiMinajisCancelled July 10, 2019

    Still tryna cash grab on y’all little Nicki MONOPOLY investment when the stock market finna crash. Y’all want the most flawed entertainer to be perfect so bad. Issa CULT! ???????

  7. Tyty July 10, 2019

    The song is a flop stop forcing it. Is she paying y’all for these posts? Nicki is done!!! Move on to the next single.

    • Pedonika July 10, 2019

      Its obvious AF they are either getting paid or they just know the only traffic this site gets these days is a Clownika or Illiteratonce post.

      • Tyty July 10, 2019

        How old are you clownika and illieratonce? You clowning peoples intelligence using words not even recognized in a dictionary? Okay…..

  8. Baad July 10, 2019

    You got what you deserve.

  9. Monica’s Dove July 10, 2019

    Lmao. Alll of this to say what, exactly? It’s still a massive flop. No ones listening to it. There’s no demand nor will it make any impact commercially. Will you report on her lying about Jamaican police drawing guns after she performed?

  10. Letmetruthnu July 10, 2019

    But what about the Billboard hot 100 ? It’s a mega flop…you guys are really being obvious are you being paid ?

    • ty July 10, 2019

      the song pulled in more money then you will ever see in life. and you make it obvious that you’re being paid to post biased and hate comments

  11. Dc July 10, 2019

    This is how payola works people if a song fell 72 spots and is mysterious moving up this is prime example of how payola works since y’all love to say who using payola

    • Jeans July 10, 2019

      The song is flop. Nice try barbs.

  12. MessyBoots July 10, 2019

    The actual headline should have been:

    “Megatron Falls 72 Spots on Hot 100, Breaks Record for Largest Fall by a Solo Female Rapper!” ???

    There, I fixed it TGJ.

    • Echo July 10, 2019

      Messy AF!!!!???

  13. LUCKI July 10, 2019

    I truly hate this charting era. People will celebrate just because her song debuted at #20. “ToP 20 HiT” my ass. Any song that charts high and falls over 50 spots the next week is no one’s hit. People streamed and watched the video out of curiosity, BUT the interest isn’t there. Over the years, Nicki has been the queen of frontloaded singles. “Megatrash” has become one of many. The GP has spoken Nicki. Get your s*** together. You don’t have many chances left.

    • BeyQueen July 10, 2019

      You damn right people gonna celebrate a top 20,It’s still a top 20 hit. Not every song released can do that. Y’all need to stop trying to downplay people’s success.

      • LUCKI July 10, 2019

        WHAT success? It dropped 72 spots in the second week. SEVENTY-TWO! That’s no hit or success by far. You and the rest of her Barbz are devastatingly delusional………..

      • E. July 10, 2019

        @DC the fact that it got back on the charts shows how tge fans stepped up. Just worry about how “press” is fluctuating on the charts. I’m sure by next week it’s gone drop back down the charts. Cardi get a lot of radio play Nicki don’t. I guess Cardi’s fans ain’t supporting her like they use to.” Wish Wish” flopped, “press” flopped and “clout” flopped. Y’all think cause it stay on the charts that makes it a hit. Cardi songs could be in the high 50s or low 60s on the charts for months and y’all swear they some hits.

    • E. July 10, 2019

      You Nicki haters sure are curious about everything she drop though. That’s why she’s not going anywhere, y’all hate her but can’t stop watching her every move. She’s been out over a decade and y’all still curious?! Y’all already established that y’all don’t like her so move on and stop checking for her. Then y’all say she’s flopping cause her fans are not supporting her. Then when her fans step up y’all still talking sh!t.

      • Dc July 10, 2019

        How y’all step up if song fell 72 places nobody hating just calling her out

  14. Lol July 10, 2019

    Are we supposed to be impressed by this?

  15. SNF July 10, 2019

    This is pitiful.

  16. Dc July 10, 2019

    Lmao that station making us believe it’s requested all day if that’s case wouldn’t have fallen 72 places ????

  17. Dc July 10, 2019

    Well back at 86 that jump was short lived lol

    • Jasmine1999 July 10, 2019

      Wow you’re actually checking for it lmao like Minaj…also don’t people chart higher on billboard than iTunes chart ?

    • E. July 10, 2019

      Damn you sure is watching ain’t you. I bet you be checking every hour. You have an unhealthy obsession.

      • Dc July 10, 2019

        Yep to prove it flopped ????

  18. 7E July 10, 2019


  19. MissGuided July 10, 2019

    Nicki and her Barbz just need to take this L. The song flopped, and was forgotten in a day.

  20. Moti25 July 10, 2019

    92 on Hot 100……

  21. gina July 11, 2019

    Shouldn’t have to beg fan to support your music!

    Good music will last!
    Report that on Billboard she went from #10 to this week #92

    Step your music up if you gonna keep calling yourself the queen!
    ohh and your style. seems like her raps are fake now she dont do s*** she write about! your not a style icon AT ALL (wearing the same one pices swin suit for 3 years now)
    sad times we are in!

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