Chart Check: Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Marks Her Career High With Hot 100 Debut

Published: Thursday 22nd Aug 2019 by Rashad

It’s a ‘Hot Girl Summer’ on the Hot 100!

Preceded with buzz as one of the most highly anticipated songs of the season, Megan Thee Stallion‘s ‘Summer’ – which features Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign – shot to the top of iTunes just hours after its release (as we reported here).  The favorable response on digital outlets was mirrored on streaming platforms over the course of the tune’s inaugural sales tracking week. Billboard reports:

“The single starts…with 24,000 downloads sold in the week ending Aug. 15, according to Nielsen Music. It also kicks off…with 25.4 million U.S. [streams] in the same period.

Radio airplay, similarly, has ignited at a rapid pace. “Summer” shoots 10.2 million in audience in the week ending Aug. 18, according to Nielsen Music.”

The result?  Stallion’s ridden to the first top 20 hit of her career.  Zooming past her previous personal best as a leading act, ‘Cash Sh*t (ft. Da Baby)’ (which peaked at #39), ‘Summer’ debuted at #11.  And, with its anxiously awaited music video set to premiere soon, the song is a shoo-in for the top 10 in the coming weeks.

Could Megan and Minaj be riding to their first chart-topping hit? Time will tell. Until then, look inside to see who joins them in the top 25 of this week’s ‘TGJ Chart Check:  Hot 100.’

Hot 100 This Week


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  1. Jasmine August 22, 2019

    Why not pst the Bilboard R&B \ Hip Hop Charts instead of the same regurgitated Top 100 tracks which are all whack!

    • 2bad2bme August 22, 2019

      Hot 100 is the main overall chart in the US which is the one that matters the most.

      • Jasmine August 22, 2019

        Yes for people with no brain or tastes of their own. If you primarily listen to urban music (aka r&b and hip hop) then the Pop charts (aka the Hot 100) is of less significance than the R&B & Hip Hop Charts. Use your brain for once.

    • Donald August 22, 2019


      • GUH BOOM! August 23, 2019


    • Oh na na September 13, 2019

      What sense are you making? YOU prefer urban or R&B. People who like pop can say you have no taste. Wind your sharp tongue in. Hot 100 is what matters and no one change that. It means your urban song is so good it’s crossed over to people that may not be fans of urban music.

  2. Andrew August 22, 2019

    Where’s Beyoncé ? She needs to get back to pop music

    • Jasmine August 22, 2019

      Wrong chart. Top 100 is the charts for younger artists with fans who stream aka it is just a popularity chart not based on actual sales revenue!

      Bey stays on the RnB charts which has more people her age group:

      • Clarkson August 22, 2019

        U are dumb. Keep making excuses for the queen of flops

        Everything is love flopped- it’s not a beyonce album, it’s a group album, it doesn’t count, there was no promo

        homecoming flopped- it’s a live album, it’s not a studio album, its had no promo, it had old songs

        The gift flopped- it’s not beyonce’s album, it’s a sound track , she only sings on 5 tracks, it had no promo, charts dont matter,

        Excuses excuses excuses from the fraudulent beehive.

      • SMH August 22, 2019

        Lol right, the excuses keep flowing. ALL Billboard charts are based on both popularity & sales revenue, and the R&B charts have more younger R&B and hip hop artists than the hot 100 does. R&B sales are significantly lower than pop music, thats why beyonce is on the R&B chart and not the hot 100.

      • Jasmine August 22, 2019

        What excuses? I stated facts. There is no female Bey’s age on the Top 25 charts! There are only 2 men Bey’s age on the Top 25 and they are just features acts. No wonder why she did features for DJ Khalid and Desposito. She knows how old she is and she is doing things her age group does as artists.

        Where is Pink at. She is Bey’s age too.

      • Oh na na September 13, 2019

        Beyoncé is not even old wtf? She’s older but you’re acting like she’s a grandma age where she should be making dull music. You’re putting her down instead of complimenting her actually. Beyoncé chooses mostly dull songs. That’s on her. And age has nothing to do with it lol. Excuses indeed. Never heard that one before.

  3. JustSaying August 22, 2019

    Nope. It’s already expected to fall to #27 next week. It’s damn near Autumn and still no video. Hot Girl Summer just didn’t live up to its hype and that’s facts. Keep streaming #TruthHurts it’s slated to hit top 3!!! So close y’all!!! ??????

    • SMH August 22, 2019


  4. Clarkson August 22, 2019

    Seniorita is expected to hit number 1 next week. I’m so happy for my girl Camila. A second number 1 after Havana
    Nobody will ever call her a one hit wonder ever again.

    Khalid u need to release a remix of talk feat a rapper , this song has potential to hit number 1.

    • The Truth August 22, 2019

      Can Camilla get a hit WITHOUT a feature though? That’s the real question. And don’t mention “Never Be The Same”…that b***h did a remix with that s*** country singer that I don’t know his name…

      • The Truth August 22, 2019

        “Never Be The Same” remix featuring Kane Brown.

    • SMH August 22, 2019

      And who says its expected to hit #1?

    • REN August 22, 2019

      Khalid do have a remix for “Talk” with a rapper. They play the remix with ” Megan thee Stallion on the radio quite often.

    • Haterz Gon‘ Hate August 22, 2019

      But how many songs has Camilla released since Havana that have not gone to number 1? She still hasn’t got a lane until this track which took her a good while to figure out.

  5. Tyty August 22, 2019

    She should release the video otherwise it will just free fall..

  6. King of Kingz August 22, 2019

    People were so negative saying it was gonna flop, now look Nicki helped give Megan her biggest hit to date, congrats to these two black queens

    • Queen ?? Missy August 22, 2019

      ??? Hey are the Barbz dragging Brat Bhabie? She talking s*** about Nick.

    • The Truth August 22, 2019

      I think you have us all f***ed up. You mean MEGAN THEE STALLION gave Nick Minaj her biggest hit of 2019. Let’s be real, Meg is WAY more relevant that Nicki is and Nicki wouldn’t be getting ANY of this attention right now if it wasn’t for Meg.

      Let’s not forget MEGATRON! The BIGGEST flop of Nicki’s career!

  7. The Truth August 22, 2019

    TGJ – HIRE me to check your facts before posting!

    “Zooming past her previous personal best as a leading act, ‘Big Ole Freak’ (which peaked at #65)” INACCURATE INFORMATION!

    “Cash S***” peaked at 39


    • PussyPop$tress August 22, 2019

      cash shiiiiit is not her song tho.
      big ole freak is her personal best as a LEADING ACT. key words LEADING ACT

      • The Truth August 22, 2019

        What do you mean it’s not her song? Da Baby is featured on that song?

      • Kesha August 22, 2019

        Cash S*** is definitely her song. It’s on her mixtape and DaBaby is featured on the song. Check the facts.

  8. LUCKI August 22, 2019

    Hot Girl Summer has no staying power. Let’s see where it ends up on the charts next week. Meg & Nicki fumbled the ball with this one. The song should have hit much harder. It’s an album track at best.

    • ??? August 22, 2019

      lmaoooo aww u mad cuz dummi b’s mess paeked lower and flopped right off the charts lmfaooooo

      • Dc August 22, 2019

        Press debut at 16 wtf u talking bout

      • REN August 22, 2019

        @DC, yes and #16 is lower than #11.

      • Dc August 22, 2019

        But what’s clear is meg will neverrrrrr have 3 hot 100 number 1 so cardi good ??????????

    • REN August 22, 2019

      @DC years down the line those #1s ain’t gone mean s*** if she don’t get anymore. There are several artist from the past with quite a few #1s that don’t mean s*** now. You’re only as good as your last hit. Once the hits stop coming nobody cares about your previous work. Ashanti got 2 hot 100 #1s but where she at now?! I don’t hear her on the radio anymore.

      • GUH BOOM! August 23, 2019

        REN- Bish you should have just sat there and ate your food! You do realize if we are going to go on your idiotic ass statements then that means you basically just said Nicki is trash and forgotten about?!! know since “you are only as good as your last hit?!!”…while your misinformed moronic ass tryna throw shade you ended up dropping the whole Forest on Nicki’s head!…because as you know them same 3 Number 1’s that Cardi has that you are trying to downplay and minimize, b**** you remember this #FUNFENDIFACT:NICKI AIN’T GOT 1 GOTDAMN NUMBER 1 TO HER NAME, YOU DUMB B****!…You just got read by YOUR own READ!!!

      • REN August 23, 2019

        @ Guy Boom nah b**** you should’ve just sat and ate your food b****. I said that because people these days go by billboard charts to determine what’s good music. B**** I’m from the old school before rap was even acknowledged as music b****. Back then there was not a lot recognition for rap music. I said that to say this if you think being commercial define how good you are as a rapper b**** you don’t know s*** about rap music. The best rappers aren’t even on the charts. They would rather stay underground than go commercial. Everybody that knows about rap knows Nicki is a better rapper than Cardi. I don’t give a f*** how many #1s Cardi get Nicki is still the better rapper. Nicki will still be in the rap history books even without any #1s. Just like them top 50s Nicki was talking about, Cardi isn’t in nobody’s top 50. Even with a Grammy and #1s people still going to Nicki for features. Lastly, Nicki is still here after all these years with no #1s. Where is Ashanti?! Exactly b****, do you get my point. I don’t give a f*** if Nicki fall off the charts within a week. She still makes it on the charts. That’s something a lot of artist are not doing right now.

      • GUH BOOM! August 24, 2019

        @REN No you dumb f***! nobody cares if they not buying your music dumbass. That is like saying you go to work and don’t care to receive a check at the end of the pay period, STUPID! It is funny how you saying as long as she made the charts when your bum ass knows that she is going to fall the next week! Carts Matter, if they didn’t Nicki and you b*** hurt fans of hers wouldn’t be so pressed behind wtf Cardi doing! And you sound dumb af!!! Don’t nobody care about a damn TOP 50 list. That is one list of 1 person’s opinion. There were several people posting top 50 Lists, heaux! What History book is that going in?!,NOBODY’S!!! you stupid H**! Accolades (the samething that tackhead bish always USED TO boast about) are the things that go down in history dufus! You and your fake ass leader talkin that list bs because ain’t nobody checkin for that washed uup heaux anymore! And I don’t care what dinosaur age your late ass came from, that broad is done! To sit here and try and justify her falling off the charts the next week is frikken hilarious!!! So you show me where anybody ever held up a list and said it was more important than a damn GRAMMY YOU DUMB B****! And that shade is it ain’t like the b**** is at the top of the list no way!…she was frikken 33! Cardi is on a list for her album STILL selling worldwide since it’s release! Where “Queen” (besides yo dusty ass) at tho?! I will tell you, off the damn charts like the trash that it is!!THAT is the list that matters ma’am! Nicki parlaying at the bottom of billboard for most of her singles last album is nothing to boast about! Nor is her debuting top 20 this time around and falling off within weeks! Are you dumb?!! You must be! Yalll HEAUX’S will make any excuse for why that bish is failing now! As Jasmine said “Meg gave her her biggest hit of 2019!..Cuz yall clearly not checkin for your fave no how! If ya BROKE bum asses would buy her s*** she wouldn’t keep falling off after a week or so!!…NOW EAT YA FOOD B****!

      • REN August 27, 2019

        @ Guh Boom you still ain’t saying s***. Cardi ain’t doing too good on the charts these days. The only reason she is higher than Nicki is because she still get airplay. Like I said anybody that knows about hip hop do not define who is the best by who’s at the top of the billboard charts. Take your young ass on somewhere cause you know nothing about hip hop. Lil Nas X has the longest #1 in history… Does that make him the best rapper/entertainer?! I guess by your standards it would. People like you are a bunch of puppets influenced by billboard charts. If billboard says they’re the best y’all just run with it but I know talent or lack there of when I see it. Nicki is better than Cardi, I will still be listening to Nicki cause I like her music and that’s all that matters to me.

  9. The Truth August 22, 2019

    I love Meg, but they dropped the ball with the song and video.


    #1: Sampling a CURRENT hit song
    #2: Not having the video ready to drop when the song dropped
    #3: Releasing the song when people are going BACK to school for the FALL semester
    #4: The song itself is rather lackluster
    #5: Having Nicki Minaj on the track…

    Meg, just leave this song in the dust. I’d rather you promote Cash S***…or ANYTHING else on Fever.

    • Kenneth Cooper August 22, 2019

      Nicki made it a hit record

      • The Truth August 22, 2019

        It hit #11, but I don’t consider this a hit…especially since it’s on the decline. Meg is bigger than this song. This was her worst work in my opinion.

      • The Truth August 22, 2019

        And lets not forget MEGATRON peaked at #20….so Nicki should thank Megan because MEGAN gave her this #11 peak for 2019…Nicki’s biggest peak of 2019.

        NICKI MINAJ (the vet) is clinging to Hot Girl Meg (the newcomer, who I love) for relevancy. Don’t get it twisted. NICKI IS WASHED!! HANG IT UP….FLAT SCREEN!

    • None of your business August 22, 2019

      Girl/Boy, go kill yourself. Sounding like a ole mad ass b****. Go drink some nitric acid heaux.

  10. High Price August 22, 2019

    Can’t lie, on first listen. I really wasn’t impressed. Smh. Plus the irony of the title and Fall is less than a month away like the other user said. Smh. Yeah it’ll be her biggest hit but I got a feeling it won’t be her last… and that’s without Nicki.. the hype is really gone.

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