Model Files Paternity Suit Against Future To Prove Her Daughter Is His 7th Child

Published: Monday 26th Aug 2019 by Rashad

Last year model and entrepreneur Eliza Reign alleged rapper Future (born Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn) ordered her assassination after she refused to terminate her pregnancy with what she believed was his 6th child.

The report – which rang out just weeks before Wilburn welcomed his actual 6th child with model Joie Chavis (click here to read more on that) – also preceded multiple interviews where the emcee went on record to say he wanted more kids (click here to read that).

Now, despite repeatedly stating she’s feared for her safety, Reign is ready to face off with the ‘Mask Off’ maestro in court to prove he is her child’s father and receive the child support she feels she’s due.

Details inside:


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4 month check up ?

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Eliza has reportedly filed court documents in Broward County, Florida to establish paternity as well as capture child support – including retroactive support – from the rapper for her child, Reign Wilburn (pictured above), born April 19.

While many reports indicate the infant is Future’s 6th child, he expressly stated in an interview with Big Boy in January that he already has six children (a count that includes the baby born in December 2018).

Click here to see that interview.

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  4. Ughhh August 26, 2019

    Stop calling everyone a model.

  5. StopTheInsanity August 26, 2019

    Is she even considered a Instagram model???
    Clearly you all are just using that word model loosely ???‍♂️

    • Jasmine August 26, 2019

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