New Song: Fantasia – ‘PTSD (ft. T-Pain)’

Published: Thursday 22nd Aug 2019 by Rashad

‘Disappointment in love’ serves as the inspiration for Fantasia‘s new single, ‘PTSD.’

The latest offering from her forthcoming album, ‘Sketchbook,’ Fannie’s enlisted help of T-Pain to bring the slow-tempo banger to life.  Speaking on the track, the Grammy-winner said:

“This was a much edgier song for me but one that I felt was needed on the Sketchbook album. Many people have experienced disappointment in the pursuit of love, but refuse to let one bad experience dictate their entire outlook on love & romance overall.”

Acting as the follow-up to the set’s anthemic lead single, ‘Enough’ (which reached #2 on the Billboard Adult R&B tally), look inside to hear the new track:


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  1. Emiliy August 22, 2019

    Now THIS is the Fantasia we been waiting for. Welcome back FANTASIA!

    • Rice August 23, 2019

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  2. Deangelo August 22, 2019

    I’m here for the switch up killed it.

  3. Gee August 22, 2019

    This is what I am talking about, this is pure dopeness.

  4. Interac August 23, 2019

    I’m not feeling this from her. I guess the brandy and jazmine collab is gonna carry this album.

  5. dfdfdf August 23, 2019

    straight fire Fantasia is so talented is i not one genre of music she cants do love her

  6. betty August 23, 2019

    there is nothing this girl cant do with her voice super talented

  7. Michael ballard August 23, 2019

    I love ❤️ it. That’s it

  8. pauline August 23, 2019

    now this is a sweet music… i love it

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  9. Mr RCW August 23, 2019

    Had my fingers crossed, but this isn’t dong it for me ??‍♂️??‍♂️

  10. Satoya August 23, 2019

    Sounds like your typical rb song, yall girls fall for anything, fantasia ain’t getting away with with this, maybe Rihanna or Bey could or alicia because it would be different for her, typical rb sound used fantasia late to the game and trying to play catch up, dont waiste your time in this crap, this going straight to adult radio l m a o

  11. Zen August 23, 2019

    Disappointing. Fantasia is in charge of her own career now and clearly does not have a good ear for music. This track sounds like a generic 2015-2017 moody/trap R&B production. She is capable of so much better. Her first four albums are gems!!!

  12. Jaga August 23, 2019

    We were rooting for you fantasia but this is an epic fail, why cant she work with newer fresher sounding producers, I guess they give them to beyonce and Rihanna. Fantasia is better than this, this project will go no where this sounds like a basic rb song mediocre,

  13. Jerri August 23, 2019

    I love it. Speak the truth Fantasia. Edgy, kind of a pop sound. Groovy.

  14. Banks no tyra August 23, 2019

    Typical trash from tasia,

  15. Twin Wilcox August 23, 2019

    This song is ???? Fantasia you are amazing and I’m loving the woman you are becoming I love you forever and always your #1 Fan…. Can’t wait for the album… The beat to this song is off the chain… You really hit this one hard I can’t stop listening to it… As soon as it starts your right into it..

  16. Mikey August 23, 2019

    I usually like fantasias music, but this song sounds as if its lacking something, it sounds dated , like it’s not a fresh rock soul sound, well fantasia we were trying to put you up there with the leading ladies of rb, such as beyonce, Alicia, Rihanna Ciara and Janelle monae but we may reconsider in the far future, keep touring though, that’s more suitable for u, do some Broadway plays and you be good, therefore you will not be sitting at the big girl table just yet, but you can continue to wait on them

  17. Mikey August 23, 2019

    Not impressed coming from fantasia, she should stick to tributes it’s like her sound now is trying to make up for time she list when her career was in jeopardy, I think we all know this wont be charting at number 1 on billboard’s rb

    • Zen August 23, 2019

      Wait a minute because she currently has a #2 record on the R&B charts

      • Your my angel August 23, 2019

        That’s Adult Rb sweetie

  18. Trinise August 23, 2019

    Its 2019, we live in a world where artist can sing and not know how to read…hey tasia cute song

  19. Pretty Red August 23, 2019

    My latest greatest new mantra and theme song been there done that and doing it again Need a new prescription with a higher mg. Some would call it a Good man

  20. Mel August 23, 2019

    This should not have been a ballad definitely a song that should have sounded more like a rap song

  21. Drive the boat August 23, 2019

    Fantasia had one job to save rb, and she failed, I’m not giving her any more chances. You just lost a fan baby

    • Truth, a REAL sissy August 23, 2019

      Girl u were never a fan

      • Truth Dot Com August 23, 2019

        RIGHT!!!!!! LOL!
        Girl bye.
        Save all that S*** for ya Mama!!!!

  22. Its yaya b I t c h August 23, 2019

    Fantasia sure does prevent me from waisting my coins on her supporting her project, with these lack luster singles, Good luck to you

  23. Big lex August 23, 2019

    Ummmm for her brand to be rock soul sound based, she seems as if she is giving us typical rb, I think of Tina turner, James brown, Aretha Franklin, Patti labelle when rock soul is mentioned, fantasia stop saying rock soul

  24. Popeyes Chicken Sandwich August 23, 2019


  25. Beyonce August 23, 2019

    Give the girl a break, I like this song

  26. A TRIBE CALLED QUEST August 23, 2019

    Fantasia should just stick to Gospel, Broadway, touring, stealing husbands and learning how to read, rb can do without her, Jennifer Hudson come on baby, you may can take this, fantasia dont want it

    • Truth Dot Com August 23, 2019


      You funny!

      Lets just go back to Reality!

  27. Sketchbook August 23, 2019

    Fantasia, this is a mess, you could of stayed with a label for all this and let Brian finish taking the rest of your money,

  28. #TEAMTASIA August 23, 2019

    LMAO @ banks no Tyra being exposed as a pressed troll. Fantasia has you so BOTHERED that you created 10 different usernames to bash her. Get your life baby!!!

    • Lakira August 23, 2019

      The same thing I said, she pressed, tasia did what she came to do, she slayed

  29. Will man August 23, 2019

    This is garbage. I will just support her tours. She gives a h e l l of a concert

  30. Chanel August 23, 2019

    Wht so much hate for fantasia, this song slays, yall haters can take that weak s h I t back to ur mama

    • Truth Dot Com August 23, 2019

      Somebody is clearly bothered by Fantasia’s shine.
      She must be doing something right!


  31. Truth, a REAL sissy August 23, 2019


  32. Danny Bey August 23, 2019

    Y’all praising this and saying how this is what you wanted from her but won’t stream or support it after today ?

    But come thru Fanny!

  33. Keytone August 23, 2019

    Typical rb sound, but yall dont have to disrespect her, she a changed woman

  34. Daughta August 23, 2019

    FANTASIA!!!!! What is you doing baybeeeeee???? This is an album track at best. I’m so disappointed in both of her singles but “Enough” is way better than this. The album isn’t shaping up to look so good…………

  35. Reynold August 23, 2019

    Yall I’m scared for fantasi, this is album may go down as the worst, I dont like none of the singles, come on tasia prove these haters wrong

  36. Dean August 23, 2019

    Fantasia hang it up, flat screen, RB IS DEAD!!!!

  37. Banks no tyra August 23, 2019

    This is why God created beyonce

    • Britty Pooh August 23, 2019

      B**** you are crazy. Did Fantasia p*** in your cereal? Insult your family? Stop your bag? Your behavior is alarming and obsessive.

  38. Bette Reed Barrino August 23, 2019

    I’m very bias when it comes to Fantasia and her works because she is family first But I genuinely like the the things she does Even if I do y get the song in the beginning mostly because of my age After a couple of times I like it Bottom line is Cuz can sang Keep up the good work Fantasia

  39. Gee August 23, 2019

    Sounds almost like Rhianna’s beat. Imjs

    • Truth Dot Com August 23, 2019

      Well Fantasia and Rihanna are Facebook and Instagram friends.

  40. Bree lawson August 23, 2019

    Thank u for ur services fantasia, but were going with lizzo this go round

  41. Truth Dot Com August 23, 2019

    Take your seat at the table Fantasia!

  42. YAS BIH August 23, 2019

    Ayyye okay now this is hot.

  43. YAS BIH August 23, 2019

    Seeing so much hate for this song in the comments im so confused it’s not even bad wtf I swear if it was Beyoncé or Rihanna yall would love it and eat it up idc lol this is going on my playlist.

  44. 2bad2bme August 23, 2019

    T-Pain carried this song but Kelly Rowland could’ve made this back in 2011. Very forgettable. Stop trying to save that Brandy and Jazmine song and just give it to us!

  45. Dro August 23, 2019

    Well obviously a lot of fake comments have been left on this article. But the FACTS are that the song has been received well & is already sitting at #7 on the iTunes R&B/Soul chart. Clearly the people are feeling this song.

    Haters stay mad.

    • Dc August 23, 2019

      Fantasia not even a big seller for peeps to be mad ????

    • Boss Up August 23, 2019

      Honestly,this song isn’t good. At all. Enough was definitely a step in the right direction. Thus song is forgettable. Definitely not single worthy

  46. Deangelo August 23, 2019

    ???????????? Killed it served it

  47. Dro August 23, 2019

    Also, @ Tyra No Banks, you can make all the fake comments you want. JHud is still a flop and no one wants to buy her albums or watch her movies. Hopefully, she doesn’t make the Aretha movie flop.

    • bluegangsta253 August 23, 2019

      B**** shut up, your mama the flop

    • Boss Up August 23, 2019

      JHud is a BRAND in itself. Notice how she stays consistently relevant even without an album, a movie, or tour…STARPOWER.

  48. Dc August 23, 2019

    Sounds like t pain singing most song pass

  49. The Truth August 23, 2019

    YAASSSS Fanny!!

  50. Justina August 23, 2019

    Now that the JDud stan has gotten his trolling out of the way, will the real Tasia fans please stand up?

    Songs cool. I don’t think it’s single material but it might be a grower like “Enough” which is currently doing well on the charts.

  51. Dkny August 23, 2019


    • Ashley Bank$$$ August 23, 2019


  52. Ashley Bank$$$ August 23, 2019

    Who listens to Fantasia in 2019 to be that pressed to leave negative comments for this woman, I’m sure she making money off tours. Cause besides bey and rih. What other rb girl touring other than k Michelle

  53. Kristi p**** August 23, 2019

    Yessssssssssss Fantasia you betta work

  54. Erica August 23, 2019

    I’m having s** to this song this weekend u heard me… cant wait for the video

  55. When love takes over August 23, 2019

    Yall say R&B Dead, clearly its alive and well, we got Fantasia now #streamptsd

  56. Deena August 23, 2019

    Fantasia a legend period, who want the smoke

  57. $hannon August 23, 2019

    Well D A M, I’m glad Fantasia cant read, because she would be furious and crying at these hateful comments

    • Hw August 23, 2019

      Did we cancel fantasia or something, why so many negative comments

      • Boss Up August 23, 2019

        No cancellations for Fantasia! She’s just SO much better than this! We expect so much more from her. This song Just isn’t…”it” ??‍♀️

  58. Boss Up August 23, 2019
    Now THIS is how you collaborate with T-Pain. Classic,timeless R&B love song from JHud’s GRAMMY award-winning, critically acclaimed debut album?

    • Boss Up August 23, 2019

      Now THIS is how you collaborate with the genius that is T-Pain!!! Classic,TIMELESS R&B love song he wrote and produced for JHud’s GRAMMY Award winning, critically acclaimed debut album?

      • Shamari DeVoe’s Tube Top August 23, 2019

        11 years ago and no platinum plaque. Who cares?

      • Boss Up August 23, 2019

        My point exactly. This joint is timeless…and GRAMMY worthy. I mean…WINNING!? Something PTSD could NEVERRRR be…

      • Boss Up August 23, 2019

        Let’s talk about “The Definition Of…” omg what an embarrassment ? Or “Fantasia” Peaked at #19. OUCH

      • Classic man August 23, 2019

        Fantasia already has a Grammy, platinum and gold plaques honey! So what exactly are you saying? Fantasia has classic R&B hits. “When I See You” alone eclipses anything JHud has released. Let’s not forget “Free Youself”, “Truth Is”, “Baby Mama”, the Grammy award winning “Bittersweet”, “Collard Greens and Corn Bread”, “Lose To Win”. What classics does JHud have? No ones singing “Spotlight” in 2019….

      • Boss Up August 23, 2019

        What classics does JHud have,are you serious?!? Before “ Spotlight” there was her definitive rendition of “And I Am Telling You” that she faithfully closes out EVERY show with. “If This Isn’t Love”, “Giving Myself” ( a classic wedding standard now), Top 10 on Billboard Hip Hop/R&B hit “Where You At”, “Think Like A Man”, “I Can’t Describe”, the Grammy nominated “It’s Your World.”

      • Boss Up August 23, 2019

        The world still sings along to “Spotlight” like it’s new. The world still is trying to imitate her iconic “deliver” note from Where You At with the TRENDING #deliverchallenge.

  59. April August 23, 2019

    Um Jennifer Hudson really won season 3 of American Idol, they dont even acknowledge Fantasia, lol….Jennifer Hudson is the better singer, oscar winner, who lands cover of magazines, stars in movies, she is an A-list actress and singer/songwriter, she has won a fashion award, hangs with the popular girls, your all around celebrity gal pal, fantasia just a hood non reading homewrecker hussy who they trying to dress up and sell to us. But she missed her bus along time ago and we ain’t going back to pick her up. We moving forward, all Jennifer Hudson need is a Tony award, and she will have an egot, something fantasia will never have to worry about, Jennifer sung the national anthem at the super bowl,

    • Classic man August 23, 2019

      Jennifer has all of these awards with a lackluster career! She’s a bonafide karaoke and tribute singer. She hasn’t gotten any major roles since Dreamgirls nor has she gotten a hit since Spotlight which rode on the heels of Dreamgirls lol. Fantasia is a singer and she excels in her lane! She doesn’t have a bad album in her discography, she’s a Grammy Award winner, sells out her shows consistently, has platinum and gold albums and singles and is still RELEVANT! No one even likes Jennifer Hudson or supports her music. I recall everyone hating that annoying ass Weight Watchers commercial. LMAO

      • Boss Up August 23, 2019

        If no one “likes” her or “supports” her, then how the hell has Jennifer sustained in this industry on ALL platforms?!? You never will not see her. Booked,busy, and blessed despite her personal turmoil. A true professional.

  60. #TEAMTASIA August 23, 2019

    Jennifer Hudson Stan’s need to get the F*** off of Fantasias post with their negativity. Team Tasia needs to not even entertain their asses. Banks no Tyra get a life! Fantasia and Jennifer are sisters! We don’t pit them against each other like immature bottom stans. Fantasia’s fan base has better things to tend to like these tour tickets boo!



    • Princess of soul August 23, 2019

      What yall not going 2 do is slander jhud, she is far more successful than some fantasia
      But fantasia is ok in her lane, she ain’t no record breaker, or star in movies, she just ok, see Jennifer has a seat at the table, fantasia is still waiting to be served, I wouldn’t wait 2 long, she will starve, you Aretha handpicked Jennifer for the biopic, she knew fantasia could not read, like someone probably reading her these comments so bye girl byyyyyye, let us know when she get a number one on the billboard hot 100, that’s what I thought, silence as her singles suck a s s

      • Princess of soul August 23, 2019

        Matter a fact let’s pull up these net worths for Jennifer and fantasia, I bet u fantasia 2 fans will s*** up

      • PrayTell August 23, 2019

        Fantasia isn’t waiting for anything. She sleeps well at night with her husband and children. Jennifer doesn’t even take care of hers Elle Oh elle

    • Boss Up August 23, 2019

      ????????I agree, we should not be pitting these two talented Queens against each other. We should be mature enough to leave our opinions, but in a respectable way. I think the issues with “Stans” occurs when the disrespect comes into play. I’m not going to allow any shade to JHud, just as you wouldn’t to Tasia.

  61. Nemo August 23, 2019

    I love and will support this woman but don’t know who’s advising her as these songs are so disappointing for someone of her calibre . She can kill any song in any genre yet picks songs that don’t catch the imagination like they should . She’s one of the vocal greats of all time but she’s showing that she doesn’t have an ear for good music . I will still support her and hope that she gets a chance to fix things before the album comes out but as of now I’m sadly disappointed .

  62. PrayTell August 23, 2019

    Jennifer Hudson???!! Lol! Regardless of her accolades, musically she ain’t s*** compared to Fantasia. Nobody cares about her net worth which should be going to her son that she doesn’t take care of anyway. Let’s put Fantasia and Jennifer’s discographies side by side and see who comes out on top b****. We all know the answer. Be blessed trolls!

    • Princess of soul August 23, 2019

      Jennifer Hudson will blow fantasia out the box album wise , she worked with the best producers, sold out intimate concerts where she gets paid 1 to 2 million for one show where fantasia has to probably do 50 to see 20,000, Fantasia is D list,, fantasia will never so a movie cuz she cant reaz

  63. ERICso August 23, 2019

    Sounds like a leftover from Usher’s Hard II Love album. It’s not something I want to hear a second time. Just throw it away and let’s all pretend it never happened.

  64. ERIC August 23, 2019

    Sounds like a leftover from Usher’s Hard II Love album. It’s not something I want to hear a second time. Just throw it away and let’s all pretend it never happened.

  65. Nita August 24, 2019

    Love it

  66. Tashima August 24, 2019

    Yes ! They did that good music i love it

  67. Miss Collins August 24, 2019

    She should just abandon this project and do an album of Motown Classics where she puts her spin on them . Fantasia would kill that s*** ,

  68. Christie October 6, 2019

    I love it ? I’m sure it will be another hit

  69. Bio May 7, 2020

    I love this website design…

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