Ed Sheeran’s ‘Divide’ Tour Is Now the Highest Grossing Tour of All Time

Published: Friday 2nd Aug 2019 by Rashad

It’s just a great week to be Ed Sheeran.

The 28-year-0ld singer-songwriter, who is currently sitting atop the Billboard 200 with his fourth studio album, ‘No. 6 Collaborations Project,’ recently got news that he’s unseated Rock legends U2 for highest grossing tour of all time.

Details inside:

Via Billboard:

Since launching in Turin, Italy, on March 16, 2017, Ed Sheeran has taken The Divide Tour around the world and back with 246 shows across Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and North and South America.

…Sheeran has broken the record for the highest-grossing tour of all time. The trek has grossed $737.9 million and sold 8,503,496 tickets according to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore. It was Sheeran’s Aug. 2, 2019, concert in Odense, Denmark, that pushed The Divide Tour over the edge, with a one-night gross of $6,862,620.


Congrats are certainly due to British hitmaker who will extend his impressive record as he still has nine dates left to play.  After a grueling tour schedule, the ‘Divide Tour’ tour will wrap up on August 26 in Ipswich, England.

P.S.  Curious to know where Sheeran stands in relation to the greats he surpassed to achieve this record breaking feat?  Look below:

Highest Grossing Tours of All Time (as of time reported)

  1. Ed Sheeran’s (Divide Tour; $737.9 million; 2017-19)
  2. U2’s (360° Tour; $736.4 million; 2009-11)
  3. The Rolling Stones (A Bigger Bang Tour; $558 million; 2005-07)
  4.  Guns N’ Roses (Not in this Lifetime Tour; $529.6 million; ongoing)
  5.  Coldplay (A Head Full of Dreams Tour; $523.3 million; 2016-2017)

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  1. Fancy BISH August 2, 2019

    Edneesha betta slay! ?

  2. Rasputia (Pronounced Rah -SPEW – Cha) August 2, 2019

    Who gives a sh.it about him or Sam Smith? BAF = Basic As F.uck

    • Black Jasmine, The REAL Princess Jasmine Okurrr. August 3, 2019

      Obviously you do TRASHmine that’s why you took time out of your sh|t made up fantasyland life to leave a comment.

      • R@$puti@ L@ttimore August 3, 2019

        Don’t make me end u t*****. U ain’t Jasmine. Why u trynna be her?

  3. Kalorie August 2, 2019


  4. R@$puti@ L@ttimore August 2, 2019

    Who give a sh.t about this cracker or that f***** Sam Smith? I don’t. Next article

    • Yeh sure August 3, 2019

      You’ve alley made 2 comments, so you do. Next .

      • Black Jasmine, The REAL Princess Jasmine Okurrr. August 3, 2019

        TROLLmine the lady boy with his racist comments again, when will that vile Arab return to hell where it belongs.

      • R@$puti@ L@ttimore August 3, 2019

        Punk t***** why u pressed about what I say? It is legal to express your opinions. It is illegal to attack people even if their opinions ‘bother’ u

  5. Whoops ??‍♀️??? August 2, 2019


  6. 2bad2bme August 2, 2019

    The white privilege is flaming

    • Jasmine The Real Deal ??‍♀️Not 37 year old TRASHmine Da Bi Retards August 3, 2019

      Dont blame white pple if black pple is too broke to buy tix to spprt their black artist. Busy with spending their EBT on weave and drugs

    • Yeh sure August 3, 2019

      If white privilege is doing well in a white dominated place, then yes. I wonder if he has white privileged in Nigeria.. oh wait… no… that’ll be mostly black artists doing well there… black privilege for you.

    • Shayla Queen August 4, 2019

      Maybe Beyoncé should feature him on her next single. She might actually have her first hit in 12 years.

  7. Danny Bey August 3, 2019

    243 shows and two years, of course this would’ve hapoened. This could’ve been split into two tours. Not all that impressive

    • #TheTruth August 3, 2019

      Yeah I agree. I’m not a fan, I like him but I don’t care like that. I just feel like he’s been dragging this tour forever and ever… now that he has a new album out, what is he going to do ? A few months off and back on the road for 3 years to break his own record ?

      But I have to say on the other hand, if he kept adding dates like that, the demand was here, so no one can’t be mad at him.
      Those tours are providing jobs for a lot of people + the cities hosting the concerts also profit from it, especially in the hospitality branch.

      The right way to look at it is seeing the average grossing compared to the number of shows.
      Like how many shows played U2 to reach that $700M+ figure, more or less than him ? It does change everything.

  8. Ropeburn August 3, 2019

    There’s no doubt that Ed Sheeran has been wildly successful, but how in the hell can you still be touring for the same album for nearly 2 1/2 years?! And on top of that he has another album out for which a bunch of singles have been released. How can all of that count as the same tour?

  9. MessyBoots August 3, 2019

    White men dominating using white purchasing power. So the old white farts have passed the torch to a young white fart. All HIGHLY overrated. Plus he toured for 3 plus years! Color me “impressed”.. ???‍♀️

    • Shayla Queen August 4, 2019

      Chile please stop with your anti-white bs. All it does is cause more divide between the races.

  10. Jasmine The Real Princess August 3, 2019

    It’s never a great week to be Ed Sheeran. Not with that face of his

  11. Haterz Gon‘ Hate August 3, 2019

    So just like the oldies he’s opting to use a revenue model that means he tours long and hard. Gruelling and many artists today would never – but he’s conditioned his fans to expect to see him globally on tour. He could do the same thing in 3 years time and become a billionaire – we’ve heard it before – touring is where the bag is ????

  12. Xtina4life August 3, 2019

    Why is it that an artist just can’t have success no matter they sell an album or have a successful tour etc. All I see on here is the race card over and over. It isn’t his fault or any other white artist that has success. All I see on here is the race card over and over. You guys use it to when it doesn’t benefit you or one of your artist isn’t that successful. You don’t see the Latin community throwing the race card like the black community does over and over. This is getting really old especially on this site these comments.

    • SMH August 3, 2019

      This society was built on racism. Stop acting like it doesn’t exist. This isn’t fantasy island.

      • #TheTruth August 4, 2019

        Yes but I don’t see how this topic is about racism. Because he happens to be white he managed to break that record because of his ethnicity ?
        It doesn’t make sense.

        We also have to mention his tour was really a WORLD tour. Many artists tend to do North America, Europe, sometimes Australia and Japan and bye bye.

  13. Tyty August 3, 2019

    Two tour with the same name not impressive

  14. Caleb August 3, 2019


  15. Bam August 3, 2019

    Wait Bey ain’t a one of the highest grossing tours?

    • #TheTruth August 4, 2019

      Well if she tours for 2+ years and really goes all around the world… maybe she could be in that list.

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