Beyonce Announces ABC Special ‘Making…’The Gift’

Published: Sunday 15th Sep 2019 by Sam

Beyonce has a knack for surprises and moments ago she sprung another on the masses with the announcement that she’ll be airing a special on ABC.

Details on ‘Beyonce Presents: Making The Gift’ after the jump…

Set to air September 16th, the primetime broadcast will chronicle the creation of her ‘Lion King’ companion compilation ‘The Gift.’

Billed as sonic cinema, the critically acclaimed set saw Queen Bey unite a who’s who of the Afrobeats scene to celebrate the sounds of the Motherland while drawing on the overarching themes in the billion dollar grossing movie.

Check out the trailer:

We cannot wait!

Like many, we wished there was more promo for ‘The Gift’ (which is an incredible and wholly deserving body of work). Hence, here’s hoping this is the start of…more. Even if a spot-special, we’re just glad it’s receiving…something.

Your thoughts?

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  1. BOP-AHOLIC September 15, 2019

    Just why?!!!

    • Ben September 15, 2019

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    • EJai September 15, 2019

      Ditto……she has run out of ideas to steal I guess

  2. Brent Christopher September 15, 2019

    ??this will be nothing more than another fluff piece comprised of visuals following her as she appears to be “introspective” and “deep”. she will be combing through Google search engines looking for “inspiration” & praising herself in voiceovers for “digging up such deserving African talent”. we will see her walking through the Saharan deserts real slowly as she pretends to have any real inner connection to our motherland. then, of course, the money shots of her children running around her and she pretending to be the first woman on earth to give birth to twins. GIVE ME A BREAK!! the numbers and ratings for this very unnecessary airing will be just as abysmal as the LEMONADE HBO SPECIAL and the catastrophic numbers for this actual “THE GIFT” album release. Beyonce is so OVERRATED. an artist… she is not.

    pretty? sure.

    the best p|_|ssy popper on stage of our generation? absolutely.

    overall .. a witch to her demonic, self serving husband.

    • SMH September 15, 2019

      Lmao spot on, folks don’t even have to watch it now, you just gave them the whole special lol?

    • Brent Christopher September 15, 2019

      it KILLS ME how Beyonce and her team scrape together such pretentious footage of her always acting as if she creates these masterful projects from a blank canvas. Unlike Janet Jackson, Dawn, Rihanna, Madonna, Tina Turner, Pink, Cher, Mya & Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé lacks CREATIVITY. she does not create her own concert themes, album titles, costumes, song lyrics, music video treatments or alter egos. EVERYTHING she has ever presented publicly has been styled & curated by other, more talented individuals. you can tell by how Beyonce dresses off stage (prior to hiring the stylist), that she has no real eye for art, fashion, trends or couture. this is why her work can always be found in the unique creations of other singers, dancers & talents that are lesser known. even the video for the song that was lifted as the lead single from this “The Gift” project was copied from another female, African artist. FRAME BY FRAME, COSTUME BY COSTUME, LOCATION BY LOCATION, the Empressive Channel on YouTube displayed how Beyonce ripped another woman’s original work. this is all she knows how to do; hence the p|ss poor reception of every project she has released since her self titled album in December 2013. Beyonce is nowhere near as unique, original or creative as her publicists and her wanna be down “industry friends” hail her to be. it’s like an unsaid Hollywood rule to never publicly speak the truth about Beyonce or Jay. that’s why people are so taken aback when realists like myself write or share this level of truth. we are conditioned to believe that Beyonce is somehow greater than the Diana Ross’, Tina Turner’s, Lena Horne’s, Janet Jackson’s & Dorothy Danderidge’s that she could only hope to somehow share a hair of originality with. mark my words.. this CBS Special will be nothing more than another smoke & mirrors performance pulled from the Carter’s sketchbook of deceit.

      no thank you!

      • Lewey September 15, 2019

        I read the first two lines of this comment and realized you have no life. If you don’t like someone, why waste your time talking s*** and critiquing their every move. Furthermore, you know more about her than a lot of her fans. You a confused fan?

      • The truth always comes to light September 15, 2019

        @ Brent Christopher
        Chillllleeeee…. that was a reeeaad!!!! Y’all are deep in these comments! Lol

      • High Price September 15, 2019

        @Lewey, knowing a person’s move or history doesn’t make them a fan or in love with the person. People know trump’s moves, doesn’t mean they’re a fan of him at all. They’re just aware. People are the same when it comes to artistry and music. Beyonce is definitely in that realm. Its facts that Beyonce can sell the HELL out of her image. And it’s no conspiracy that a lot of her ideas were surfaced before she brought them to us in fruition. The idea does make one ponder. So YOU stop being so biased. I like Beyonce a lot and am proud of her success but some of the stuff she has done has already BEEN done despite what her audience things.

      • MonkeyseeMonkeydo September 15, 2019

        I agree with her not being an artist in the sense of creating her work from scratch. However, Beyonce is an incredible performer. She can dance and sing. Not many, if any can perform or entertain like her in terms of dancing and vocals.

      • Brent Christopher September 15, 2019

        @Lewey you DEFINITELY read a large portion of my thoughts & true assessments. and quite honestly dear, there are many other individuals in this comment section who definitely AGREE with me.

    • Tyty September 15, 2019

      ???? it’s just a special goodness me y’all so dramatic with these essays… imagine getting worked up over a behind the scenes special. You people need mental health evaluations

    • selahmoore777 September 15, 2019

      Factz….its not worth watching at all

  3. ??? September 15, 2019

    Lmfaooo what for? its already flopped and buried, and we all know she doesn’t pull tv ratings, the struggle to stay relevant is real lmfaooo #949yonce?????

  4. ??? September 15, 2019

    and didn’t #homeFLOPPING lose the emmy to carpool karaoke? Lmfaooo????

    • #CiciDaQueen September 15, 2019


  5. Pat September 15, 2019


  6. biancacook September 15, 2019

    well we know how this is gonna go. this has been beyonce’s playbook for some time now. proof that she can’t sell music but she can sell her image. this special will for sure ignite interest in the album. and THIS my ppl is the reason she’s so private, the amount of obsessed ppl that will convulse at any type of behind the scenes footage

    • High Price September 15, 2019

      Truth, truth and TRUTH! People are probably already marking it in their phone alarm/calendars now.

  7. Rashad September 15, 2019

    She’s had good albums but hasn’t had a song that’s a true bop since Love On Top. I miss pop Beyonce, this super “woke”, pretentious Bey seems inauthentic and someone else’s creation. I agree with the comments above, she is nowhere near as creative as Janet, Tina, Madonna, Mariah or Gaga and Adele of this generation yet the narrative we’re sold is that she’s on their level in control. She’s no different than manufactured pop stars like Ri or Ariana. I want good songs not this recycled mess

    • ROCK September 15, 2019

      You got that right.Pretentious.I wish we can go back to making music one can replay.The self hype is too annoying now.
      We want good music.

      • ROCK September 15, 2019


    • Aronna September 15, 2019

      how are u going to say she’s NOVWHERE NEAR AS CREATIVE AS THE NAMES YOU MENTIONED? they do Not hold a match to Beyonce’s style or creativity, you can onlyvwish,and they can too. Stop hating and downplaying what Beyonce is. She will one day be a Legend,the others NOT..

      • Brent Christopher September 15, 2019

        you’re obviously under the age of 21 if you looked at my list of ICONS and said that none of them hold a match to Beyonce’s Style. BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Diana Ross, Tina Turner & Janet Jackson created the fibers of Beyonce’s Stage presence, choreography, mannerisms & overall aura. ARE YOU A FOOL?! you have to have been born in 1998 or later to make such a ridiculous statement!

  8. Sydime25 September 15, 2019

    On another not kelly rowland new album is coming out on Sept 27th. Coins ready

    • The truth always comes to light September 15, 2019

      I’m excited about Kelly’s new project! Hopefully she comes with her on unique sound… she usually does well when she isn’t following trends!

      • Sydime25 September 15, 2019

        Yes in the interview she did she said that she will not disappoint. I’m so ready to head what it sounds like and the ft.

    • Coupe September 15, 2019


  9. Tyty September 15, 2019

    Meltdowns over a tv special ??? I’m crying y’all need help in these comments. Essays, debates y’all will be watching it anyway so Beyoncé wins in the end.

    • Clocked you September 15, 2019

      They really will

  10. #CiciDaQueen September 15, 2019

    Absolutely no one cares. Will flop just like the album. Not up for debate!!

  11. Tori September 15, 2019

    Is it sad that as a Beyoncé fan, I’m truly not invested in her anymore. From the trailer alone, I can see that she’s still using the styling she’s been using since 2008. It’s boring at this point, I mean seriously. She used it for the I Am.. tour dvd, Year of 4, “4” album cycle, Revel BTS, Life is But a Dream, “BEYONCÉ” album cycle, ST documentary, “Lemonade” album cycle, Formation tour, OTR II tour (didn’t use too much during tour I), Homecoming (witch was already heavily drenched in HBCU inspiration, the docu style was OVERKILL!), now the gift special. I don’t think I’ll be watching, it’s really not that important or different. And I already know she’ll through in some random ass clips of her family and old tour backstage clips and some s*** about black culture that won’t even tie into the “The Gift” or its making it self! I’m waiting for the real album.

  12. Clarkson September 15, 2019

    The emmys paid her dust.Lol

    6 nominations, 0 wins. After all the hype homecoming got. LOL

    I hope the Oscar’s pay her dust also , spirit is a terrible song.

    • Brent Christopher September 15, 2019

      the last collection of songs Beyonce released that were actually decent, all released at once in December 2013.

    • pat September 15, 2019

      that’s the purpose of this behind the scenes. the song was long forgotten so she’s trying to remind the academy it exists

  13. Jaquan September 15, 2019


  14. #TheTruth September 15, 2019

    The level of worthless criticism here is insane.

    Yes the album didn’t pull out big numbers. But before calling her a flop, wait until her next solo studio album and see how it performs. Then you’ll be able to call her a flop if she pulls out such numbers.

    You can dislike her as an artist but you should appreciate talent while it’s here.
    The girl can really sing and put on a show like no other.

    Usually it’s either a good dancer (Ciara, Janet, Jlo…) or a good singer (Christina, Mariah etc) but the combination of both doesn’t come around very often.
    Even if you dislike her voice or her style, you can’t deny it.

    Anyway… this should have aired BEFORE the release.

    • Clarkson September 15, 2019

      Beyonce has a very generic voice

      Her style of performing is dated as hell.

      same dance routine
      Same costumes
      Same songs
      Same everything

      She has a terrible ear when it comes to music.
      For her to pick run the world GIRLs as her lead single from 4 is a clear indication that beyonce doesnt know what a hit sounds like.

      If u look at her chart achievements she’s not that great.
      Mariah , Michael, madonna all have chart achievements to back up their greatness.

      We dont need to watch this documentary cause we already know how it’s going to be. Beyonce walking around with no make up, beyonce acting like all the concepts are her own ideas, beyonce pretending to be producing and mixing etc, beyonce talking about how hard it is and all the obstacles she encountered while making this album etc

      This album was unlistenable. I deleted it after one listen.

      • #TheTruth September 15, 2019

        She may not have the most unique tone but she’s a skilled singer.

        She does re-use some routines but there’s also new choreo since there’s new material.

        Talking about hits, if there was a winning formula, there would be a lot of people upthere on the charts.

        The point of my post was, you don’t have to appreciate someone to recognize their talent. A lot of trolls on the internet like to throw insults and talk like flaming queens because it’s only virtual.

      • Taylor Knowles September 15, 2019

        Crazy fools have no ear for music unless its tone deaf Taylor Swine…..and no one will remember who won those tired Emmy’s but they Will remember Homecoming so go take your place in front of your Tablet on Sept 16th @ 10pm….

    • #CiciDaQueen September 15, 2019

      B**** Ciara is far more beautiful and humble and talented than Beyonce could ever be. Pay homage trick

      • Clocked you September 15, 2019

        Yet she isn’t on top? She doesn’t sell out stadiums’re a negative void of hate

      • Taylor Knowles September 15, 2019

        Bah hah hah if she could only get some air time and not ride on QBs coat-tails to be seen and she dances like a damn dude in a wig

      • #CiciDaQueen September 16, 2019

        Yet her name stays in your gingivitis infected mouths!!!! Ciara is the most consistent R&B girl out there. 15 years into her career she still has the ability to garner platinum selling hits. Who else is doing it because it’s certainly not Beyonce. No one bought The Flopft or Everything is Flop. So what’s really good!!!

    • biancacook September 15, 2019

      its not that ppl are really criticizing its that it’s not needed. nothing is gonna be different from her other documentaries that is used as a push for an album. the same “staged candid” scenes, family shots, expressing how much work she’s done and all she’s has given up and of course all of her “original” ideas. if she doesn’t use a docu its a tour. the point is ppl are realizing they’re getting the same thing over and over. the obsession is starting to wear off. we’ve watched her perform since 03 and its really all the same the production is the only thing that changes. at this point bey has been surviving off of image and performance which is why she’s not winning the awards her fans feel she deserves.

      • Keith September 15, 2019

        @biancacook: Yes, I agree the “obsession” is beginning to wear off as it does with all those who make it to the top. I will be interested to see how her insane fan base handles the natural evolution of a pop star…

    • Keith September 15, 2019

      @TheTruth: I think people DO appreciate her talent and hard work, but they are waking up to the fact that she IS NOT the creative many of you have believed her to be. I thought Homecoming was excellent, I like The Gift (even bought some of it) and the girl does work VERY HARD, but between strong SONGS and originality something is amiss.

  15. Keri Bogan September 15, 2019

    This comment section is pathetic… It doesn’t matter whether you’re bashing Beyoncé or admiring her, you’re still giving her attention and keeping her pockets full dumbass ??‍♀️

  16. Haterz Gon‘ Hate September 15, 2019

    You know if no one cared why does she always cause meltdowns in the comments sections? Why do so many people ALWAYS have so much to say? Why do people who claim she’s finished/not talented/not successful write essays about her?

    Beyoncé is at a point where somebody somewhere will ALWAYS have something negative to say – but this doesn’t change her legacy and what she has achieved thus far. I wouldn’t mind if Spirit, Bigger etc were sub par – but vocally she BEASTED a lot of your faves and demonstrated she can switch lanes and still execute ballads.

    True talent never ever dies (ask Lady Gaga) it will prevail and you will wake up the day this docu is released AND DEAL. ☝?

    • Keith September 15, 2019

      @Haterz Gon Hate: I think @biancacook said it best, the obsession is wearing off and people are starting to realize that she is not the “uber-talented immortal” some make her out to be. She is very talented but has her weaknesses and “blind spots” just as many other great artists do. The “blowback” is always in direct proportion to the hype…

  17. SMH September 15, 2019

    Why didnt she do this when the movie came out 2 or 3 months ago?

    • Irving September 16, 2019

      Because we are getting closer to Oscar season and she needs to remind the Academy this song exists, considering her dismal chances at being nominated for best supporting actress, she’s trying to at least bag best original song.

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