Brandy Officially Announces New Single ‘Freedom Rings’ [Video]

Published: Wednesday 25th Sep 2019 by Sam

Brandy is on her way!

All week, the Vocal Bible has been teasing…something. And now she’s confirmed that it’s her new single ‘Freedom Rings.’

Details below…

Moments ago, the R&B veteran opened up about the process of piecing together the track with the late LaShawn Daniels and the deeply rooted meaning of the song.

Check the diary-themed reveal:

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Stay tuned for more on B-Rocka’s exciting roll-out.

In the meanwhile, watch our recent interview with the soul-filled songbird below…

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Tyren Redd]

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  1. Clarkson September 25, 2019

    WHY ARE YOU DOWN THERE *whitney voice*


    • Nicky September 25, 2019

      Squeeeeeek Squeeeeeeeeek – Camicky Mouse Voice

      Motivation is projected to rise higher than Liar next week


      Shameless will be out the hot 100


  2. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 25, 2019

    Teaser after teaser. At her age she should release a few songs and see which ones get the best response instead of putting all her money into one song. Also she should provide a real release day for the single and a targeted date for the album release. I assume Friday as the day her single is being released but I dont know ?

    • tttodd September 25, 2019

      No. She should just release the music she loves, whether the public is receptive or not. Brandy has been around for 25 years and still moves like it’s the 90’s. You can’t take multi-year breaks in between albums then tease snippets with no explanation. Just drop the music and cut the s***. But with that being said, I’m excited to hear what she has up her sleeves. Just tired from the typical s*** a Brandy fan has to deal with. 🙁

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 25, 2019

        I agree 100 percent

    • Dontrel Dontrel September 25, 2019 please support and subscribe to be nice
      And btw I get your point slick

  3. Interac September 25, 2019

    “In a lower key honey”
    I laughed at that part. Her runs are to die for but she sounds vocally stressed in this clip which means she probably just finished singing her A*s off!

  4. Da bi lesbian Jasmine of TGJ September 25, 2019

    From what I heard in the clip it’s giving me Beyoncés Freedom ft Kendrick

    Although I’m excited for for new music I’d rather get a new album than a rerelease.
    And her put out “love you more” from what she teased way back

    • Dontrel Dontrel September 25, 2019 please support and subscribe to be nice
      Nope not me all Brandy and btw all women sang it waaaaay before Beyonce

  5. Ughhh September 25, 2019

    Please don’t give us nègro spirituals.

    • Just my opinion September 25, 2019

      Crying lol ?!

    • Dontrel Dontrel September 25, 2019 please support and subscribe to be nice
      I get it, I don’t care for that lane much either

    • TheUrbanGent September 26, 2019

      Seriously!!!!! I’m excited to hear the music, but nervous from the promo and her current style. I NEED r&b from her, not negro spirituals.

  6. DC3 FOREVER September 25, 2019

    Haters will always hate but there will forever be only 1 B to the R to the A to the N to the D to the Y.

  7. Jamie September 25, 2019

    Brandy is such a narcissist.

  8. Chief September 25, 2019

    I know people who sat in studio sessions with Brandy. This was a few years ago, maybe 2015. She is very serious about her craft. Extremely hands-on and involved in the creating process. She knows exactly how she wants her vocals, harmonies and runs to be. If she doesn’t get it exactly how she wants it she locks herself in the studio. I think she scrapped that material and her former management since then but I heard the music was hella dope. From what I’ve heard she went into a totally different direction.

    • 2bad2bme September 25, 2019

      Yea because at this point I’m for certain she has made over 100 songs since her last album

  9. Keith September 25, 2019

    So….now she’s hippie/flower child Brandy? Ok. Just gimme the music…

  10. PinotNoir September 26, 2019

    Brandy (like Mariah, Celine, and Xtina) doesn’t sell mostly because she abandoned the formula that had made her a star (which Adele recreated successfully): the sad song. B-Rocka’s Everything I Do cover, Mimi’s Without You cover, Celine’s All By Myself cover (… hmm, a pattern), and Xtina’s Beautiful are classics for the pathos. Everybody goes back to moving songs after club bangers to even out their moods and emotions. Veteran artists should capitalize on this very human loophole.

  11. Thanos of Titan September 26, 2019

    <3 B Rocka! Can't wait to hear the new tune later tonight!

  12. A&R September 26, 2019

    Am I the only the one that thought, the while whole time she was talking… what is you even talking about?!

    Not trying to rain one Bran’s expression but some times just letting the art speak is the best marketing. I’m excited about the album.. not any interviews. Just hoping she reaches her center again. Been worried about her mental.

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