Chart Check [Hot 100]: Camila Cabello’s ‘Shameless’ & ‘Liar’ Make Their Respective Debuts

Published: Tuesday 17th Sep 2019 by Rashad

If sales and streaming charts are any indication, fans of Camila Cabello (better known as #Camilizers) have certainly fallen in love with content from ‘Romance’ – the Pop singer’s soon-to-come sophomore album.

As her sizzling Shawn Mendes duet, the chart-topping ‘Senorita,’ continues its run in the top 5 months after its release, she’s looking to see her newest solo efforts – ‘Liar’ and ‘Shameless’ – join it in the Hot 100’s upper rankings.  Both making their debuts on the tally this week, of the duo of tunes – which saw their respective music videos unveiled shortly after they were officially released – the more radio-friendly ‘Liar’ is seemingly taking the lead in the race to the top.

Granted, its cinematic Dave Meyers-music video and Latin-inspired musical composition akin to the singer’s inaugural hit, ‘Havana,’ didn’t exactly hurt.  Look inside to see just where they premiered on the Hot 100 and check out who made the top 25 on this week’s edition of ‘Chart Check.’

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  1. Nicky September 17, 2019


    Karma is a B I T C H

    Good luck with the 2nd album of more flops

    Maybe she should stick to features


    • Only Facts September 17, 2019

      The kiii is Epic records is allegedly going broke and on the verge of disassembling it’s roster: meaning Camilla would be shuffled to another label, or dropped. Judging by these numbers, she’ll be dropped ?

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        Camila signed to syco also. She cant be dropped . Normani will not have a second album. When her debut sells 10k copies she will be dropped. Watch and see ????

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        Syco? ?? You mean the same label that just dropped little mix last year, and Cher Lloyd, and the same label that’s pretty must shelved Lauren and her talented a**? Yeah. She’s in great hands there ?

    • HavanaONana September 17, 2019

      Camila has good karma, she’s winning honey!
      2 #1s singles in Billboard Hot 100
      4 #1s in US Pop 100
      #1 debut album
      Grammy nominated
      4 VMA Awards including Video of the Year
      Most successful solo member of Fifth Harmony more than any 4 members combined

      Rising new singles in the charts

      Triple threat star

      Trolls are losing and panicking ?????

      • Only Facts September 18, 2019

        Remember when Iggy first came out and she got a #1 and #2 hit simultaneously? Then she became GRAMMY nominated, won awards, etc. Now look at her. Is she still on top?

        No shade to Iggy Iggz because I love her new album, but face the facts, what goes up must come down…and Camilla…well, homegirl is coming down sooner than expected.

  2. ??? September 17, 2019

    Lmfaooo FLOPS! normani hit #33 without payola and a fake relationship lmfaooo camilotta better remix thos e flops and jump on som e features quick before she flops away faster than that lion king roach lmfaooo ????

    • Clarkson September 17, 2019

      Ur clinging on to a 33 debut after all the hype and free promo from celebrities on Instagram and Twitter.

      My faves has 2 number 1’s.
      My faves is still holding strong at the number 2 spot while ur faves is at number 61. Lol

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        Your fave is about to get dropped. The press conference about Epic disassembling due to financial hardship is set for the end of the month. Your girl is going to get dropped

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        Allegedly ^ ?

  3. ADELE ARMY September 17, 2019

    Norman needs to get it together!
    Checklist, Slow Down, Waves and Now Motivation flopped hard!
    She got so much buzz and support by celebs online and gets such a weak chart position which was suppose to be the 4th Lead single of her album?
    This aint looking good. Stop doing gymnastics to sell records or copy Bey’ stage presence.

    • ??? September 17, 2019

      Lmaoooo changing your screen name aint gonna work Clarkson, camiluccis solo singles flopped harder than any of normanis, don’t change the subject lmfaooo ?????q

    • Only Facts September 17, 2019

      Try again loser. Those were never released as singles, only so Normani would have material to perform on tour with Ariana. Where are Camilla’s fans?! Clearly they didn’t buy or stream these new songs

      You don’t got from a 6x platinum #1 hit to failing to hit the top 40 the following year ?

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        Normani = 1 girl 4 flops.
        Waves, slow down, checklist, motivation all flopped
        These are some produced by certified hit makers Calvin Harris and max Martin.

        Camila fans are right here, Havana certified diamond, 1.3 billion streams. Debut album certified platinum, opened the Grammys, 2 Grammy nominations.

        Where is normani? She placed 3rd on dancing with the stars, she lost to a retired football player. a retired football player in his 40’s beat her at dancing . Lol ????????

  4. Nicky September 17, 2019

    Dear Camicky,

    You’re not a star.


    Team Bey, Rih, Normani, Lizzo

    • Clarkson September 17, 2019

      Beyonce, Rihanna and lizzo all have number 1’s, normani doesnt and will never have a number 1.

      All normani has is 3rd place on dancing with the stars ??????

      Camila has 2 number 1’s.

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        Normani is a NEW solo artist. Camila has been solo for 3 years and has two #1’s and 38 million instagram “followers”…so why can’t she debut in the top 40?? Katy, Ariana debuted in the top 5 with their lead singles from their sophomore albums ??

        Camila is not a star!!! Where are her fans?! Where are her fans?!??? She better keep performing Havana because once she gets dropped, it’s over

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        Taylor swift song me debuted at number 99 are u going to call it a flop? U are dumb

        Iggy azalea fancy debuted at the bottom of the charts, it fell out the charts the following week, but it eventually peaked at number one and was crowned song of the summer.

        It’s only a clown that hold on to debuts.

        Camila is number 2 with seniorita. Ur ignoring this fact. Lol

        Ur faves debuted and peaked at number 33 after all the hype and free promo and shout outs from 100 different celebrities on Instagram and Twitter. Gurl hide ur face in shame ??????????

    • NORMANI September 17, 2019

      I am the star!!!! Lizzo and Camila who?

      • ? Jasmine’s Orange Juice ? September 17, 2019

        Lmfao!!!! Nicki your delusion is disturbing?????

  5. ??? September 17, 2019

    Lmaoooo how tf you have a song in the top five and STILL flop tho? Lmfaooo ?????

    • Nicky September 17, 2019


      38 Million Followers still can’t debut top 40


      Congrats to Ms Shawna and Young Thug!!!

    • Clarkson September 17, 2019

      At least Camila has a song in the top 5 , where is normani? Number 61 after all the hype and free promo and shout outs on Instagram and Twitter. Lol

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        You realize all of Twitter is clowning Camila right? She’s a loser. The same loser she probably was in school. She’s nothing without a feature, payola, or a bow on her head. Get ready because she’s over ?

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        She’s a loser? The last time I checked losers dont have two number 1’s, or 1.3 billion streams for one song. Gurl sit down.

        Camila is on her second album, her first is already platinum. Where is normani? Placing 3rd on dancing with the stars. Lol

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        You keep clinging on to those 2 #1’s. ? Where is she NOW on the charts in 2019 with her solo songs. Do you see how she gets clowned on Twitter?! Camilla is over and the second Epic disbands, watch her career disappear.

        Karma says hello.

  6. Clarkson September 17, 2019

    Very strong debuts. No hype, no free promo and shout outs from 100 celebrities on Instagram and Twitter, no live performance of the songs etc.
    It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. Havana debuted at number 99 and it peaked at number one. Liar is a certified bop.

    Queen Camila gonna rise next week when hurricane malone calms down.
    Besides Camila is still holding strong at number 2 with her song seniorita which peaked at number 1 (not everybody has that to their credit)

    Meanwhile normani at number 61 after all the free promo and shout outs from 100 celebrities on Instagram and Twitter. She performed this song at the vma’s also, so why is she falling down? A flop FLOP. ??

    • Educated September 17, 2019

      Bless your heart. “It’s not a race, it’s a marathon.” LMAO! My goodness, what are they teaching children in schools today? You should have said “It’s not a SPRINT, it’s a marathon.” Marathons and sprints are both races. You tried.

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        Uhhh look at u, ur the first person in ur family to graduate high school so u think ur the shìt. Bless ur heart darling.

        it’s a race not a marathon is a popular quote, even tho it may be wrong it’s still conveying the message across.

        Just like using slangs like *urs* *thru* *tryin*
        They are wrong, but u know what the person means unless ur dumb, which u are.

      • Educated September 17, 2019

        A marathon is a race… and now you know. You’re welcome. Hopefully next time you try to use the phrase it’ll actually make sense. Again, you’re welcome.

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        Gurl even dr. Phil says it’s a marathon not a race, dr. Phil claimed he invented the phrase. I will keep saying it so sit ur b*** down.

        Ur high school degree ain’t gonna change the fact that ur a ghetto hood rat. I can bet u try ur best to sound white when u speak. Poor thing. U wanted my attention now you’ve gotten it, I have noticed u. ??????

    • Only Facts September 17, 2019

      38 million followers and failing to debut in the top 40 is a strong debut? Epic even paid pop radio to play Liar every hour on the hour the day of its release ?? she’s nothing without payola and a feature.

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        Norma is number 61, after performing at the vma’s and getting shout outs from 100 celebrities on Instagram and Twitter, what do u have to say about that?

        Camila songs will rise when hurricane malone calms down.

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        They’ll rise? They’re free falling on iTunes now and gettin zero radio AirPlay. Camila is a loser and none of the pop girls like her.

        Let’s see: Normani first solo single debuted at #33 and Normani only has 5 million followers

        Camilla’s two solo singles from her sophomore album cannot even debut in the top 40 and she has 2 #1’s and 38 million followers.


      • PinotNoir September 18, 2019

        I don’t care about this precum premie “singer” …. but wanted you to consider most of these celebs’ followers are in Asia and Latin America, i.e. even if they all buy the song, it won’t chart high on American Billboard Charts as only US sales in, and streams from, the US count. Now carry on. ?

  7. HavanaONana September 17, 2019

    Congrats Camila???

    • Only Facts September 17, 2019

      Epic records is about to disassemble due to financial hardship and Camila is about to be dropped. Congrats on failing to save the record label from going broke? ?

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        Allegedly ^ ?

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        Keep spreading dumb rumours

        A huge record label like epic that has hundreds of artists on its roster are relying on Camila to save them from bankruptcy. Gurl ur dumb. u need help.

        It must be painful seeing Camila have 2 number 1’s while ur faves has none.

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        Look at the stats. Nobody on epic records is doing well. They haven’t broken even in 3 years. Hundreds of artists on its current roster? Try about 30. They’re going broke allegedly. Just wait and see. Camila is over.


      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        @clarkson just like I was lying about Camila failing to debut in the top 50 two days ago? ?

        I hope you and Camilla enjoy the success of Senorita because this is it for homegirl on the charts ?????


      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        Gurl do u even know how a record deal works.

        Do u even know how a business runs.
        Ur a real clown. A record label has put all their hope on one artist to save them from going bankrupt. U are dumb

        Keep ignoring the receipts I’m dropping. Lol that’s how u know a clown. Always Ignoring facts

        Keep ignoring the fact that normani is number 61 after all the hype and free promo and shout outs she got from 100 celebrities on Instagram and Twitter. She performed this song at the vmas and instead of the song to rise, it fell further down

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        @clarkson, yes, Normani is currently #61 four weeks after the songs release. This is her first solo single.

        Camilla has 38 million followers and two #1 singles, yet she cannot debut in the top 40.

        Got it.

        Oh, and yes, small labels that are in financial ruin will put their all into one artist that they deem to be the most profitable in an effort to recoup on their losses (hence epic releasing TWO high budget videos, paying pop radio to play liar every hour on the hour). And it all backfired. The songs didn’t give them the results they wanted and they (allegedly) put their all into these releases.

        Megan Trainor is already in talks (allegedly) to move to RCA after Epic refused to put any more money into her third album. Yeah, you know nothing about the industry. Trust me, homegirl will be on a new label soon and these songs will be labeled “buzz singles”

        I know what I’m talking about hun.

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        Beyonce already had 3 number 1 when she released her second album bday. Dejavu and ring the alarm were the lead singles and they both underperformed so what are u saying exactly?

        Did the record label drop beyonce after her two lead singles underperformed? NO

        Gurl u are dumb as hell

        This is the first week and ur already calling a song a flop. No promo no live performances, nothing. Smh

        Those two number 1’s Camila has must be hurting ur soul real bad, u wish it was normani who had them , too bad ??????

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        Columbia didn’t release two high budget videos for two lead singles for Beyoncé’s second album for them to miss the top 50 with a debut. Try again. Camila is a flop and she hasn’t been consigned by ANY of the pop girls, legends or icons except for Taylor Swift. Camila is a loser. The GP has spoken.

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        Ring the alarm was a big budget video.

        Dejavu was a big budget video with over 10 different outfit changes, fireworks, out door shooting etc. The song was produced by prince if I’m not mistaken

        Keep lying to urself honey.

        Rihanna rated r lead singles underperformed. Hard and Russian roulette. Both had big budget videos. Hard had a feature also, young jeezy.

        Camila doesnt need to have another number 1, all her songs cant hit number 1, that’s a ridiculous high standard. she already has 2 number 1’s and that’s more than enough to solidify her career as a viable solo act.
        U are acting like Camila is adele.

        Living legend madonna gave Camila a shout out on her Instagram the night Camila won video of the year at the vma’s . We’ve been thru this before. I gave u receipts .
        Ricky Martin is a legend and he performed along Camila at the Grammys.

        Ur talking in circles, that a characteristic of a clown. Ur just angry and bitter ur faves is flopping real bad. Number 61 is a very sad number after all the hype.

        seniorita is still holding strong at number two after it peaked at number 1 both ur ignoring this, why? Ur a loser ?????

  8. Clarkson September 17, 2019

    All female albums to reach #1 in 100 countries on iTunes (in order):

    #1. Prism (100)
    #2. BEYONCÉ (113)
    #3. 1989 (100)
    #4. 25 (114)
    #5. Lemonade (108)
    #6. reputation (114)
    #7. Camila (109)
    #8. Sweetener (101)
    #9. Lover (100)

    Peep Camila at number 7. And she did this with her debut album. None of the girls on this list did this with their debut album only Camila. Bow down

    Camila has cemented her self as a legend.

    Normani will not sell more than 10k first week on her debut album. Mark my words.

    • Only Facts September 17, 2019

      Epic records is about to disassemble due to financial hardship. They were relying on Camila to make them money but it didn’t work. She’s about to flop. Get ready. This was supposed to be her “teenage dream” with 5 #1 hits right????

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        U need help
        A huge record label is relying on the success of two singles to save the label from financial ruin, u are dumb as hell.

        U better see a doctor

        Camila has two number 1’s, I have given u receipts
        Number 1 in 109 countries. A debut album for that matter., how many days has Camila been in the game shes already setting records and breaking records.
        Normani will never achieve ever

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        @clarkson you realize Epic isn’t huge right? Once LA Reid was ousted as the head, the label fell to financial ruin (allegedly). You obviously know nothing about the industry. Just like big machine relied on Taylor Swift, Epic was relying on Camila because of how Havana performed. Now that l they didn’t recoup on their return, things are (allegedly) not looking good. Epic only ya about 30 artists (if that).

        You also called me a liar when I posted two days ago that Camila was not going to debut in the top 50 on billboard ?

        Tootles hun.

  9. Beam Me Up Scotty September 17, 2019


    • HavanaONana September 17, 2019

      “Liar” is more mainstream single and has the potential to chart to the top??????

  10. ? Jasmine’s Orange Juice ? September 17, 2019

    #56 Camila Cabello “Liar”
    #60 Camila Cabello “Shameless”
    #61 Normani “ Motivation”

    It looks to me that Camila charted higher than Normani?????

    I don’t know why the trolls are shading Camila when in fact Normani is in the bottom charts

    Camila is the superstar here
    Normani is the Latavia of the Fifth Harmony

    • Only Facts September 17, 2019

      Normani’s solo single debuted almost a month ago. Camilla’s songs have been out for 2 weeks and this includes the payola that’s epic paid for.

      Motivation has so far peaked at #33

      So, how does someone with 38 million instagram followers debut this low? Did she buy those followers like she bought those streams?

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        “Motivation has so far peaked at #33”
        So u know motivation will never go up on the charts. Lol a flop

        The song is falling down after she performed it at the vma’s. After all the shout outs from Rihanna to Kelly Rowland.

        Camila hasn’t performed thes songs live, she has promoted it, no shout outs from 100 celebrities on the gram etc.

        Havana debuted at number 99 and its peaked at number 1. Nobody cares about debuts, everybody cares about peaks.

  11. Shayla Queen September 17, 2019

    Liar is a bop though

  12. High Price September 17, 2019

    Yikes! Those numbers aren’t good. They’re sure to fall next week for sure! She better cling to that feature in the top 5 because the rest is scraps!

  13. Only Facts September 17, 2019


  14. King z September 17, 2019

    Poor Camila couldn’t benefit from that payola check since the FCC has its eyes on record labels and radio stations

  15. Pu$$yPopstress September 17, 2019

    Wait y’all calling a song a flop based on where it debuted? There are many #1 singles that debuted at the bottom of the charts

    This is not indication of its success or failure narrative. WAit a few weeks before calling the songs a flop

    • Clarkson September 17, 2019

      Do u mind the clowns on this blog

      Havana debuted at number 99, and it peaked at number 1.

      Lots of clowns on this blog, comparing an artist like Camila who has two number 1’s to an artist like normani who placed 3rd on dancing with the stars ???????

      It’s like comparing Jay z to blue face or comparing beyonce to tinashe.

      Camila is at number 2 with seniorita while normani is at number 61, they ignored this part. Clowns

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        Havana was the result of payola. You don’t go from a song that big, and have 38 million followers, but fail to debut in the top 50. Camilla has been exposed as the poster for payola. Remix these songs like she remixes never be the same with Kane brown to get it in the top 10 ?????

      • Clarkson September 17, 2019

        Yawn. Ur talking in circles. Say something new honey, cause we’ve heard all this crap from u before. ????????

        Havana has 1.3 billion streams, the most streamed song by a female artist, I dont think payola works for streams

        Havana hit number 1 in 30 countries, I dont think a record label can afford payola in 30 different countries

        Havana music video 800 million views on YouTube
        Havana audio 1.6 billion views on YouTube

        Ur pained. liar is a bop. it will out peak motivation, deep down in ur heart u know it and u cant stand it. Sorry for u ????

      • Only Facts September 17, 2019

        I’ll bookmark this thread ??

      • Only Facts September 18, 2019

        The funniest thing is that “Senorita” debuted at #2 with no video. Why couldn’t her solo songs debut in the top 50? LOL

  16. Tyty September 18, 2019

    I don’t know one single person. Who listens to post malone yet his always in the charts etc ?

    • Only Facts September 18, 2019


  17. Jam September 18, 2019

    Y’all are so damn toxic.

    I think it’s sort of weird to compare them outside of the fact that they both came from fifth harmony. Other than that, why are they constantly compared?

    Also, this is Normani’s debut era vs Camila who struggled herself when she first came out until Havana saved the day. oMG and crying in the club were supposed to be lead singles of which both flopped and didn’t do as good as Motivation. Normani may not get a number 1 yet, but it doesn’t make her a flop. Camilia’s new singles had semi weak debuts but that doesn’t make her a flop neither…

  18. ??? September 18, 2019

    Lmaooooo clarkson is the only one here clinging to Normani and writing essays and novels defending camiluchos flops???. that explains why they all tanked so hard, camisutra has no fans outside of her payola team lmfaooooo ? ?? ?

  19. Thanos of Titan September 18, 2019

    Never really appealed to me. Corny and manufactured.

    Glad others can appreciate her, but she is not for me.

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