Chingy Looks Back On The Success Of ‘Right Thurr’

Published: Saturday 21st Sep 2019 by David

Chingy is a record-setting musician.

Now, sixteen years after the release of his debut album ‘Jackpot’, the performer looks back on the track which helped it sell over two million copies.

‘Right Thurr.’

How he feels about the Crunk tune today?

Find out how below…

‘Thurr‘s success helped carve a clear commercial path for the likes of Ciara‘s ‘Goodies‘ and Usher‘s ‘Yeah’…both affiliated with Chingy’s label Disturbing tha Peace by way of Ludacris.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Clarkson September 21, 2019

    A has been.

    This is normani in the next 5 years, looking back at the success of love lies and Dancing with a stranger, two songs that dont even belong to her. Lol

    • Only Facts September 21, 2019

      I think you mean this will be Camilla in 5 years looking back at the success of “Havana”. Shouldn’t you be streaming her two flop songs?

      As if 12:25 EST, “liar” is #92 on iTunes and “shameless” is #132 on iTunes…only two weeks after release. ?????

      • Clarkson September 21, 2019

        Havana and seniorita are both number one songs

        Camila can ride on the success of these two songs alone and have a long successful career. With only these two songs she can go on stadium tour after stadium tour for the rest of her career.

        Normani has no number 1 to her name. Motivation is nowhere on the charts.

        Normani will end up a reality star on rnb divas or love and hiphop, she’s already been on dancing with the stars, where she placed 3rd, ??????

      • Only Facts September 21, 2019

        Thank you for admitting that Camilla won’t have any future hits and confirming these two songs she just released are flops ??? Camilla will be dropped by her label within the next 3 years. She’s a joke. I hear Ariana cannot stand Camilla. I hear none of the pop girls like her now. Even Taylor is rumored to not like Camila now…hence they haven’t been seen together in a LOOOOONG time. She’s a loser

      • Clarkson September 21, 2019

        Boos dont block dunks – Kobe Bryant

        u can call Camila ugly, u can say nobody likes her etc but that wont stop her from topping the charts or slaying the charts. 2 number 1’s and i can see more number 1’s in future for Camila

        Madonna the queen of pop acknowledged Camila on her Instagram, praising her after Camila won video of the year at the vma’s. Stamp of approval from the queen of pop

        “Ariana cant stand her”

        So? Who is Arianna? lol. Who cares about who Arianna likes. This isnt high school , this is show business not a clique in high school.
        Nicki dont like cardi but did that stop cardi from getting 3 number 1’s and a Grammy? NO

        Arianna has two number 1’s and so those Camila
        Camila has won video of the year at the vma’s, Arianna hasn’t.

        Gurl sit down. normani motivation is nowhere on any chart after all the free promo and shout outs she got from 100 celebrities on Instagram and Twitter. Shameful

      • ?? JasMAN’s N** Juice ?? ? September 21, 2019

        Take this n**.

    • Kenny September 21, 2019


    • Nicky September 21, 2019

      RIP Camicky. You’re DONE. Continue to record your album of flops that no one will care for.

      Normani is Booked and Busy. ???????

      The music industry is about politics. Normani is playing her cards right and will have longevity in her caand Camicky is not liked by her peers hence the flopping of her new songs.

      I’m so sorry. ?????????

    • Mufasa September 21, 2019

      Wtf does this have to do with Normani?? Get a f****** life.

    • Tedder September 22, 2019

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  2. Only Facts September 21, 2019

    He can still get it.

    • Mother September 21, 2019


  3. YAS BIH September 21, 2019

    Thank god i’am a leader that have my own brain to think for myself because I never believed this story not once all for the simple fact that this is what ppl do to sabotage artist careers it’s been done for several decades put out a false story everybody believe it without getting a response from the person who’s being blamed, a lie is more exciting than the truth for most sucks he had to go through that and he had some really good hits that I still play his new songs aren’t bad either.

  4. Shayla Queen September 21, 2019

    His song Don’t Worry with Janet is still a bop!

  5. Adonis September 21, 2019

    He’s always been fine af

  6. Da’Veed September 21, 2019

    I wish a lot of artist would do this nowadays. I am going to actually look into his music

  7. Jj September 22, 2019

    I’m want his babies inside me

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