First Look: Netflix’s ‘Rhythm + Flow’ [Starring Cardi B, T.I, & Chance The Rapper]

Published: Sunday 1st Sep 2019 by Sam

Netflix have have unleashed the first look at their new talent search ‘Rhythm & Flow.’

Anchored by Cardi B, T.I, and Chance The Rapper, the series sets out to discover Hip-Hop’s next big star.

Ahead of its October 9th arrival, check out the trailer and additional info below…

A three week event, the show – which was in development for over a year – will air each Wednesday on the streaming service.

Along the anchoring panel, a renown rapper from each city visited will appear as a guest judge.

‘Rhythm & Flow’ is executive produced by John Legend, Jesse Collins, Gaspin, and Ty Stiklorius. The show’s judging trio also serve as exec producers too.

We’ll be watching; will you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. The Real Princess Jasmine September 1, 2019

    It’s a No from Me dog , another meaningless Reality TV show with rappers who will win and you’ll never hear about them or their career in 2 years

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 1, 2019

      8.13.19 ~ NEVER FORGET

      The day FAGmine got exposed for the 100th time as a racist trash ? loser Troll

  2. Clarkson September 1, 2019

    T.i, chance and cardi , all Grammy winners with number 1’s

    Get ur coins ms cardi. nicki who?

    • The Real Princess Jasmine September 1, 2019

      For you to bring up Nicki Minaj’s name means you’re a Salty Biitch Tupac and Biggie don’t have Grammy Awards and those are the greatest Rappers Ever Nicki Minaj is compared with the greats not some cheap trick stripper hoee who can’t freestyle or write ✍?Her lyrics stop comparing a rapper to a stripper they have nothing in common it’s a reason why Nicki is worth over $85 million and the other girl is worth pennies with her 360 deal Atlantic Records gave her

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 1, 2019

        8.13.19 ~ NEVER FORGET

        The day Princess FAGmine Troll got exposed for the 100th time as a racist trash ? loser troll by TGJ .

        Never forget

      • Yolanda September 1, 2019

        Rap was not as mainstream when Biggie and Tupac were out. Biggie and Tupac did not make records with pop artists. Run DMC was one of the first hip hop acts to receive a Grammy Award nomination in 1984. Will Smith won a grammy in 1989 for Parents Just Don’t Understand (poppy-poppy-poppy) Biggie, Tupac, and Snoop were considered gangsta rappers. No grammy nomination nor a grammy for them. No way. Lil Kim won a grammy for Moulin Rouge (poppy), Queen Latifah won a grammy for U.N.I.T.Y. (safe and poppy). Nicki, on the other hand, came on the scene with Lil Wayne and Drake (cross-over artists) who made songs with pop artists. Lil Wayne and Drake won a grammy. Nicki…well…made records with every high-profiled pop artist in the record industry…still, no grammy.

  3. Lou-Andrew Rodriguez September 1, 2019

    Why Cardi though!!?

    • The Real Princess Jasmine September 1, 2019

      Because she’s easy to use cheap items have multiple buyers

      • Clarkson September 1, 2019

        Cheap items have multiple buyers that’s why nicki does 10000 features every year.

        Everybody who is somebody in the industry have number 1’s even irrelevant people like Colby o Dennis has a number 1 song (just dance – lady gaga feat Colby o donnis)

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 1, 2019

        Troll Alert!!!!! Do not engage

  4. Tyty September 1, 2019

    Whoever her team is they never drop the ball. Cardi ain’t missing a beat with her career moves.

    • Beam Me Up Scotty September 1, 2019

      What a joke. She has missed the beat many times.

      • Tyty September 1, 2019

        Yeah how?? Number 1 singles and albums. Grammies, Successful endeavours outside music like fashion nova… Million Dollar paycheck from Netflix, Pepsi adverts need I go on? Don’t delude yourself Cardi b and her team consistently make the right moves. Only thing left is launching a successful arena tour. Try again fool.

  5. Lizzoh September 1, 2019

    Oh great, something else to skip on Netflix.

  6. Sergio Pacheco September 1, 2019

    …And it’s official. Hip hop is dead. Just like jazz and rock, hip hop became the biggest thing in American culture that it practically killed itself. Oh well, wonder what the kids are gonna listen to nowadays to go against the mainstream culture that is hip hop now.

  7. Are You Kidding Me? September 1, 2019

    Having Cardi B. judge your rapping is like Jennifer Lopez telling you that you can’t sing. How about MC Lyte? Missy Elliott?

    • SNF September 1, 2019

      How about No.

  8. Maxx September 3, 2019

    People are trying to come for Cardi & her rap skills like she can’t be a judge, but Cardi is killing it right now. She remains professional in what she does for her job, you can tell she takes it serious & puts forth her best effort, and she has a team that keeps her popping! You have to give credit where credit is due & she can offer the next best thing a tip or 2

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