Hot Shots: Iggy Azalea Blazes the Pages of ‘Galore’ Magazine [Photos]

Published: Wednesday 11th Sep 2019 by Rashad

You can knock a lot of things about Grammy-nominated rapstress Iggy Azalea, but one of them certainly isn’t her hustle.

Despite publicly admitting her disappointment in the commercial response to her long-awaited sophomore album, ‘In My Defense’ (click here to read more on that), the 29-year-old is soldiering on in its support.  Most recently spotted gracing the pages of ‘Galore’ magazine, Azalea struck a slew of fierce poses under the lensing of famed photographer Jasper Soloff.

There, she also dished on her latest music video, ‘F*ck It Up’ (featuring Kash Doll), online haters, and so much more.  A fun interview indeed, look inside to see the final products from the photo shoot and read highlights from the accompanying feature story.

In other interviews, you’ve mentioned how you aren’t a fan of some of your old tracks. Can you tell us which ones and why?

Azalea:  No! I can’t tell you which ones, that’s my little secret. I don’t like to ruin anything for fans who still love some of those records. 




Do you feel like being in the spotlight, especially with social media nowadays, it’s harder to evolve because there will always be people bringing up your past work? 

Azalea:  I don’t think it makes it harder for me personally, but it certainly makes for a really annoying time with each step away from whatever you last did. Social media isn’t something I consider when creating music. 

What’s the best part about dating a fellow rapper? 

Azalea:  I suppose it’s good to have someone with a similar job as you because they understand the work that you have to put into things. 


We loved the Romy & Michelle vibes from your new video [‘F*ck It Up’]! What are some of your other favorite iconic 90s pop culture moments (or trends)?

Azalea: Who doesn’t love all things 90s?! I was born in 1990, so for me the early 00s are really where all my favorite trends happened. I loved inflatable furniture & unbuttoned Hawaiian print shirts. 


How do you keep yourself motivated and not let the haters get to you? 

Azalea: I genuinely don’t consider or think about strangers online or the things they write—thankfully.

Staying motivated isn’t something I have to fight for much, because I’m so passionate and excited by my projects. I have the opposite problem! I have to remember to make time for other things and be less consumed by “the job.” I love it so much! 

Click here to read the interview in full.

[photo source:  Galore Magazine/Jasper Soloff]

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  1. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 11, 2019

    She’s pretty. I liked her song Fancy.

    • Fancy BISH September 11, 2019

      It’s still the jam ?

  2. Fancy BISH September 11, 2019

    My girl Iggy ?? And it’s the truth…I don’t care about y’all lol…I mean, the online version of y’all ? Like, get up and walk away from the internet, it’s not that serious! I have NEVER thought more than a hot second about a stranger ? Y’all cute, but don’t get cute…cause I will jump through your screen if need be ? ? ? But, I’ve never had to do that ?

  3. Rico September 11, 2019

    But her album is a bop!! She needs to be thankful for any success.

  4. hold my phone September 12, 2019

    Meh. Fancy has always been a good beat with mediocre lyrics and a good chorus. The third verse is terrible. The only verse most people can even remember is parts of the first. Not a classic “rap” song by any stretch of the imagination. It’s more of a pop song anyway.

  5. gina September 12, 2019


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