New Music: June’s Diary – ‘I Ain’t With It’ & ‘Stuntin’

Published: Friday 13th Sep 2019 by Sam

June’s Diary have delivered a double dose of newness with the release their ‘Take Your Time’ care-package.

The freshly unwrapped set is comprised of songs ‘I Ain’t With It’ and ‘Stuntin.’

As for the title of the mini-set, ‘Take Your Time’ references the quintet’s progress over the past three years as an independent music group and serves as a nod to the group’s resilience and strength as they forge ahead on their path to ownership as African-American creatives and uplifting women through storytelling

It comes on the heels of their 2018 EP ‘All Of Us.’

With a debut album still incoming, check out the latest from Kristal, Ashly, Brienna, Gabby,  and Shyann below…

Solid all-round!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Justme September 13, 2019

    They will never make it. If they keep sounding like the sza, Queen nija girl. Find a lane. Girl groups if not pop need an exclusive sound. They cant be trapping or sounding like other singers. WHEN TLC,SWV XSCAPE,DESTINY’S CHILD, EVEN DANITY KANE sounded different then everyone else on the radio. They need better producers ,better visuals, and more exposure. Why arent they singing at black girls rock or the bet awards.

    • Fancy BISH September 13, 2019

      This, this and this! ✅ ?

    • Michael September 13, 2019

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    • Nicole September 14, 2019

      They are not singing at those events cause no invited them! They are singing on the black music honors being aired on bounce tv. Its not as easy for an independent group to do all they want to. Money is always the barrier. Please do your research before speaking negativity over this talented group thats vocally better than most of the groups you mentioned.

  2. ~The Arcade~ September 13, 2019

    Not really feeling both tbh. But if I had to choose which one to go with; it would be the ‘I ain’t with it’.

    SN: Kristal Smith’s (June’s Diary) house went up in flames just a few days ago, really sad. She and her husband lost everything, however greatful that they both are safe… she has a GoFundme.

  3. 2bad2bme September 13, 2019

    They took too long. My attention is elsewhere.

  4. Truth September 13, 2019

    They can sing, I don’t know why they let these producers engineer their voices, they just don’t have it. When a destinys child song came on you could here each girls voice. This group nobody’s voice is distinctive. They all sound like SZA on auto tune in different tones.

    • Nicole September 14, 2019

      You have to have been a fan aince the beginning to tell the difference betweeb their voice which literally sound nothing alike but together make the most beautiful harmonies. Look up more of their singing videos on youtube.

      • XxNotSoNicexX September 14, 2019

        I love them, however the reverb is way too high and the color of their voices is lost. Previous music released did not have this problem. Therefore, they tend to sound the same, Ashlys voice is the most distinct imo, however it is harder to pick her out with all the echo.

  5. XYZ September 13, 2019

    Havent they been formed like ten years ago? And still no debut Album? Damn, kelly f***** this up

    • Nicole September 14, 2019

      Kelly hasnt been involved with them since 2016. Do your research please

  6. Only Facts September 13, 2019

    This is a prime example of why a flop artist (Kelly) shouldn’t sign new artists. Praying for the artists Ciara is signing to her “label”.

    These girls need a proper label and sadly, I think they need to go a little more pop to cross over. Once Fifth Harmony disbanded, it was perfect timing for June’s Diary to fill their spot. They need songs like “work from home” and “worth it” and they need to start getting features.

    Kelly, I love you, but b***h, you f***ed up these girls and they are too talented to be flopping like you.

    • Only Facts September 13, 2019

      Even the f***ing cover of this “release” looks cheap AF. Polaroids in front of a brick wall?? Really? Ugh. They need to sign to Atlantic, Interscope or RCA. Idk where they’re signed now, but they need to get legal counsel and get of their current contract

      • IKNOWTHETRUTH September 13, 2019


      • Nicole September 14, 2019

        They are independent artists meaning they are not signed to a label and are doing everything on their own (outside of frank Gatson their manager). Give them a break. They are more consisten and doing better than most independent solo artists.

      • Only Facts September 14, 2019

        They were signed to Epic. When were they dropped?

  7. ERIC September 13, 2019

    I like Stuntin. The vocal arrangement and harmonies are really kinda cool.

  8. Bravo!! September 14, 2019


  9. Swirly September 14, 2019

    There’s no room in the industry for these girls sadly. They just need to call it quits while they still have dignity. NO ONE is signing a 5 member girl group in 2019. It’s simply not cost efficient and girl groups are not in demand. BET and Kelly Rowland, mainly Kelly only did “Chasing Destiny” for views and a check. And unfortunately even the show was a flop with less than 500K viewers weekly. They didn’t even get a second season. I commend them for grinding and staying together but they are wasting time and should pursue solo projects.

  10. Ameta Bowers September 14, 2019

    I LOVE LOVE both songs!!! The talent of these beautiful women is super star level!! I want more and videos to go with them. God bless Junes’s Diary ❤️

    • High Price September 14, 2019

      Lol… nah.

  11. Shante September 14, 2019

    If little mix can’t get on radio in the states over here. What makes them think they have a shot. Kelly Rowland didn’t fail them it just nobody listening like they don’t listen kelly’s music. If not kpop or Latin boy groups record companies ain’t signing a girl group unless they come from south Korea (blackpink). It’s too expensive to keep up an American girl group together anyway. That’s fifth harmony broke up it was cheaper have them apart than together. Record companies will pick out the strongest singer in the group and make her go solo. They always do that.

  12. PeppermintPatti September 14, 2019

    They are about 15 years too late. These gals have been together for four or five years and have yet to release an album, EP, single or anything. Kelly dropped them like she does her other projects lol.

    • IKNOWTHETRUTH September 14, 2019


  13. Jujumanji September 14, 2019

    I hope these girls have real jobs. Like serious 9-5’s and they record nights and weekends cause I don’t see how these little sets are paying the bills for real.

  14. Thanos of Titan September 14, 2019

    I want to like them. They have the talent, but their team just does not create music that interests me.

    They’ve yet to release a single song I care for.

    It’s extremely disappointing that we don’t have a viable female music group to fill the void. #Next!!!!

  15. Ty September 16, 2019

    They were dropped from Epic around when LA Reid left. Epic was never really behind June’s Diary. They have been independent since then.

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