New Video: Jimmy Fallon & Megan Thee Stallion – ‘Hot Girl Fall’

Published: Monday 23rd Sep 2019 by Rashad

Megan Thee Stallion is bringing the heat no matter the weather!

Joining ‘The Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon for the first of his week of live shows (September 23), the burgeoning Rap diva brought the funny with a parodic sequel to her top 20 hit, ‘Hot Girl Summer,’ by introducing ‘Hot Girl Fall.’

We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the season! Get your laugh on inside:

The feature comes as Meg’s second appearance on the late night talk show this month alone.  Click here to see her first visit to ‘Fallon’ when she performed ‘Cash Sh*t’ and ‘Hot Girl Summer.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Mbeachdude September 23, 2019


  2. Clarkson September 24, 2019

    So this is what she’s gonna be known for

    Hot girl winter
    Hot girl chicken wings
    Hot girl flop
    Hot girl no number 1 song
    Hot girl herpès
    Hot girl married to a murderer

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 24, 2019

      Still better than your fav Normandi.

    • Clocked you September 24, 2019

      You’re ignorant. Hating on her for what? Haha jealous internet demon

    • Dc September 24, 2019

      She’s overrated

      • Clocked you September 24, 2019

        Like your comments

    • Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie September 24, 2019

      Coming from a bottom who stans a gimmick? Lmao, the jokes write themselves. Meg has a mixtape and no album out but she’s been doing big things. Your roach ass can stay mad.

  3. Xoxo September 24, 2019

    I don’t get the hype but good for her!

  4. Azweb September 24, 2019

    Megan thee stallion has always delivered the best, much love from me. I’m a fan

  5. YAS BIH September 24, 2019

    This is getting played out and strongly annoying, i’m not hating but by the looks of it I don’t think she’s going to last long.

  6. 2bad2bme September 24, 2019

    White folks only like black culture when it’s convenient for them.

  7. I Told You September 24, 2019

    good job Meg. let the GP know who your are! if anybody takes this seriously they are just as slow as Clarkston.

  8. Suxmycockiness ? September 24, 2019

    Lol ? This actually sounds better than Hot Girl Summer! Aye! ?

  9. Da bi lesbian Jasmine of TGJ September 24, 2019

    Hot roach mess Fall

  10. Barb-wire/ Stallion Hottie September 24, 2019

    Come through Stalli!!! You’re doing the damn thing!

  11. D September 24, 2019

    THOTaumn ??

  12. POPS MOTHER September 24, 2019

    Alright so with all due respect.. This Hot Girl thing ended in the summer.. we’re over it.. she had her moment now I don’t see her sticking around for long. Her music hasn’t exactly broke thru and she hasnt found that big level of success that a new artist should have for example LIL Nas X, Billie Elish etc. Now I don’t know how long Lil Nas X will be around but he was just that 1 song. Megan doesn’t have a top 10 hit on billboard even after the hype and hot girl summer.. its fall now and we’ve moved on.

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