New Video: Mariah Carey & Dem Babies – ‘In the Mix’ [‘mixed-ish’ Theme Song]

Published: Tuesday 17th Sep 2019 by Rashad

As we reported here, Pop icon Mariah Carey was tapped to record the theme song for ABC’s ‘black-ish’ spinoff, ‘mixed-ish.’  Starring Mark Paul Gosselaar and Tika Sumpter, the series – set to hit screens September 24 – will unveil its pilot immediately after the new season premiere of its forerunner.

Speaking on the show’s opening tune, titled ‘In the Mix,’ Carey took to press to say:

“As a biracial woman in the entertainment industry, there was no way I did not want to be a part of mixed-ish, especially after seeing the pilot, which I loved.”

Now, after a month of ample teasing, we finally get to see just what Mimi cooked up for the comedy.  Tapping “dem babies,” her children Roc & Roe, to assist, hear the finished product inside:

[photo courtesy: Getty Images / ABC]

Very cute!  We like; do you?

Your thoughts?

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  1. BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN September 17, 2019

    Cute. I wish more shows would go back to theme songs. Loved them.

  2. Ratedxxx September 17, 2019

    She sounds wonderful….
    Love me some mimi

    • china September 18, 2019

      Caution and 8th Grade deserved Radio airplay. s***, grown and produced to the gawds

  3. K_man September 17, 2019

    One of Mariah’s best Vocal deliveries in a long time! So happy upbeat dancey Mariah song

  4. ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? September 18, 2019

    Im glad Teela got a new gig BUT…does that mean The Haves And The Have Nots got cancelled without a proper finally? Shame on Oprah if that is true!!!!!

  5. Gee September 18, 2019

    This cute, fun, and family friendly. I think that MC did the theme song justice and she be very happy with the results and the video was cool too. Job well done to all involved.

  6. AJ September 18, 2019

    *long Wendy pause*…………………………………*looks around*……………………………………………………………………………………………….NO.

  7. IG : mixedboy September 18, 2019

    That was very cute. I’m someone of mixed race, I can’t wait to see the show.

  8. Nicky September 18, 2019

    These are not nick cannons kids. They should be 3/4 African American. Mariah’s ego probably altered the DNA

    • Faf September 18, 2019

      Thank you. Them kids ain’t mixed they black

      • Jake September 18, 2019

        African Americans average 70% African and the rest European. Mariah’s mother is a 100% European which is the norm for white Americans/migrants from Europe. Mariah’s Dad is from Latin America. The average Latin person is a mixture of European, Indegenious, and African. Mariah’s real surename is Nunez. Those kids are mixed. They will not be treated or considered black in society. You act like Mariah’s kids look like Nick, Viola, or Blue Ivy. Let’s not pretend here. Society treats you how you look. Those kids would blend in with your average Latin population. Who are you trying to fool here? Stop that racist one drop rule.

      • Brenda Irby September 18, 2019

        That boy has wrinkles in his face like his dad he even smiles like Nick.

      • Swirly September 18, 2019

        They are not Black. They’re mixed race. Their mom is Afro-Latino and White and their dad is Black.

      • #TheTruth September 18, 2019

        Mariah is mixed. So even if they have more African/American blood because the dad is 100% so, they still are mixed. Facts are facts. Point blank.

      • #TheTruth September 18, 2019

        Actually it’s Mariah’s grandpa (on her dad’s side) who is from Venezuela.
        His family name is Nunez and changed it to Carey when he migrated to the US to avoid discrimination.
        But she said it didn’t help much because Carey sounds very Irish and he was still suffering from discrimination (+ being dark skinned).
        That’s what she said during an interview in Brazil or Argentina that you can find on YouTube.

        Then her grandpa eventually met her grandma who was African-American.
        And her dad was born.
        Down the line her dad met her mom who is apparently 100% from Irish descents.

        I’m surprised she barely talks about her latin origins nor never used such sounds in her music.

      • ARandolph September 18, 2019

        America and their stupid fixation on race.

    • Danny Bey September 18, 2019

      This is the dumbest comment Ive ever read. When will you dummies learn that appearance and skin color does not dictate what your actual blood and genetics are. Black and mixed people come in ALL different shades and looks. Amerie is half black and half asian and looks more “black”. Mariah is half Afro-Latina and half white and looks more white. Some generations beyond your partents sometimes have stronger genes and will dominate a few generations ahead. So dumb.

  9. Antincia Foster September 18, 2019


  10. I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 18, 2019

    Crazy B**** needs to hang on some way you know she cannot sing or act like Whitney Houston….

    • I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 18, 2019

      Mariah wanna know why she’s not getting the tv specials and soundtrack like Beyonce the industry keep trying to tell Mariah Carey she’s not s*** compared to Whitney Houston she never was…..

  11. JOHNVIDAL September 23, 2019

    WOW Love it! A boop. Sounding great in a track like this.

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