Rihanna, Cardi B, Normani, & More Dazzle At Diamond Ball 2019

Published: Friday 13th Sep 2019 by Sam

Rihanna continues to use her platform propagate noteworthy causes.

Last night saw RiRi host the 5th Annual Diamond Ball, in benefit of her Clara Lionel Foundation – which strives to help impoverished communities across the globe, with healthcare, education programs, and more.

This year’s fundraiser brought with it performances from the likes of Pharell Williams and DJ Khaled, and was attended by Cardi B, Normani, Megan Thee Stallion, Kehlani + new boo YG, A$AP Rocky, and several others.

Head below to see some of your favorite names and ours shine bright like a diamond…

Your thoughts?

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  1. Mike September 13, 2019

    Queen Tingz!

  2. Tyty September 13, 2019

    Megan looks a mess come one woman ? the girl from power her stylists hates her, Normani red carpet looks are never good. Rihanna looks sensational ?? She looked pregnant in some of the videos though? Cardi looks good.

  3. L’ORANGE September 13, 2019

    Love the skin your in. Let’s discuss Rihanna obvious skin bleaching as she is now the same color as Cardi B. Self hate runs deep in Carribean women

    • Oh na na September 13, 2019

      Self hate runs deep in black women in general. Island women bleach and some don’t. US women bleach and some don’t (shrug). Girl check urself and stop acting like only island women bleach.

      • Oh plz September 13, 2019

        There goes ole hatin Clarkson attacking black women again with his blind generalizations. You sir, are the walking epitome of self hate.

      • Clarkson September 13, 2019

        That is not me. I don’t attack people’s physical appearance neither do I hate black women , I am black myself.

        Rihanna looks lighter cause of the makeup and camera flash. She’s probably indoors alot lately that’s why she looks lighter

      • Tyty September 13, 2019

        It’s the flash and lighting if you look at pics from savage Fenty fashion show pics she clearly had light brown skin… use common sense please.

  4. IG : mixedboy September 13, 2019

    Normani, YIKES!!

  5. Only Facts September 13, 2019

    Cardi looks STUNNING!!!! She is literally becoming a fashion icon.

    Rihanna SLAYS per usual!!

    Megan…looks cheap, but very on brand.

    Normani – I love her 🙂 Beautiful!

    Everyone else is okay.

    Sidenote: Why is Rihanna not following these people on insta??

    • Clocked you September 13, 2019

      Her follow count has changed in forever….but why you checking to see if she follow any of these people? Probably to confuse people
      From saying she doesn’t like so and so

  6. Only Facts September 13, 2019

    Naturi is the WORST dressed. Girl, you know that dress is not flattering. You are too pretty for that. And the lace front? Girl…you know better.

    Still love you though

  7. Only Facts September 13, 2019

    G-Eazy actually looks s3xy as h3ll here….and I’ve never looked at him as attractive, but um…he can get it

    • Clarkson September 13, 2019

      G easy
      Machine gun Kelly
      Wiz Khalifa

      kinny tall boys (6’2 and above) are s*** as hell. Skinny tall guys have devil dìck. If they fùçk u once, u fall in love with them.

  8. Meme September 13, 2019

    Everyone looks good. But this lighting is horrible. This photographer has everyone makeup looking horrible and also the photos are too detailed and harsh, you can see every pore and imperfection.

    • Clocked you September 13, 2019

      Surprised you haven’t said anything about the possible baby bump? People are trending that’s shes pregnant on twitter. I hope she is and not being body shamed…she did say in a an interview last night. I’m a black woman im gong to have a black daughter etc… ?

  9. Erica September 13, 2019

    Normani boobs are wow, and for some reason Megan give me ya girl off the playa club the one with the blonde hair. She give me very much sweaty also

  10. Oh na na September 13, 2019

    Rihanna looks beautiful. Normani is so ugly to me. Like a Mr potato head face. Face is too forward.

    • Oh plz September 13, 2019

      Clarkson, here we go again. STFU. It’d be easier for you to hide if you didn’t use a lyric from that song by Camillo Armadillo. Then again, intelligence isn’t your strong point so it’s understandable. Try harder b****.

      • Clarkson September 13, 2019

        That’s not me, I dont insult people’s physical appearance.

    • 2bad2bme September 13, 2019

      Another racist. thatflopjuice, just cancel this website

  11. Holliewuudd September 13, 2019

    Normani best dressed BY FAR

  12. Clarkson September 13, 2019

    Normani attending all the events in Hollywood, normani gurl u are becoming the new rita ora.

    that’s to show u she has nothing going on for her. She’s not busy , no new album in the works

    Normani is more interested in being a socialite than a ground breaking artist like Camila. She will end up a judge on dancing with the stars, the show were she placed 3rd. Lol

    • Nicky September 13, 2019


      Poor Camicky. Another event where she wasn’t invited by the Richest Iconic Female Musician.


      You really think the people who attended have nothing going on ????????

      Brad Pitt attended last year. Guess he was broke and bored with no job


      • Clarkson September 13, 2019

        Dummy , attending one or two events here and there is good but when ur at every event, then there’s a problem , it means u have nothing better to do, no projects , no shows etc

        U dont see adele everywhere at every event cause shes busy as hell working on her album.

        Even cardi couldn’t attend TIFF in Toronto for the premiere of her movie hustlers cause she was busy

        Arianna couldn’t attend the vma awards even tho she had the highest amount of nominations cause she was busy

        Normani is everywhere like a socialite. Her music is flopping so I dont blame her.
        When her debut album eventually flops she will end up being a judge on xfactor while Camila will be headlining the superbowl singing her number 1 hits Havana and seniorita. ?????

      • Nicky September 13, 2019

        You are an IDIOT . The fact that you think you know their schedule is laughable. ?????????????????

        Seek mental help.

        Camicky is flopping with her lead singles!!!!

        The second album will probably be shelved ???????????????

        Bye Camicky Mouse.

        Your services are no longer needed now that Normani is on the scene.

  13. King Khia September 13, 2019

    Megan is always looking and posing like a p*rn star, even with a gown on…SMDH

  14. Swirly September 13, 2019

    Cardi KILLLLLLS a high fashion/glamorous look. Her stylist gets 10’s across the board.

    This is the best I’ve seen Rihanna look in a while. She seems to be shedding those pounds. She doesn’t carry extra weight well. Sorry not sorry.

    Megan looks a mess per usual. Who is her stylist and why is he/she still employed? I get her brand, but her looks are never executed well.

    Normani looks beautiful.

    Kehlani looks good, as does Erica Mena and A$AP Rocky.

    That’s all I got…

  15. depress not on hot 100 September 13, 2019

    Cardi looks like she’s wearing a bed spread, Normani slayed

  16. 2bad2bme September 13, 2019

    Nicki Minaj is so dumb. Takes notes idiot. The only way to preserve your reign is to embrace the new generation. You tried to call Cardi B stupid but you are the one that fail to realize Legends uplift, not try to secure their position by putting others down.

  17. flo September 13, 2019

    cardi looks like a dead dog in a dress yuck

  18. Darius September 13, 2019

    No pics of cardi and opening act Megan ??????

  19. I hate black n whyte all of you. Y’all just not s*** September 13, 2019

    Rihanna is so pretty

  20. Kid September 13, 2019

    You clearly are stupid. She’s a new solo artist. She making public appearances to get her name out there. You really are ignorant, as she is working on finishing her album. You should try doing your research before making yourself look like a fool. Camilla is the epitome of white privilege PERIOD….nothing new under the sun…90% of the industry is just like Camilla, talentless privileged socialites that push out crap called “music”…Everyone knows this. Her success has NOTHING to do with TALENT…Charting has nothing to do with talent…people with bricks for brains think that charting means talent. WHAT FOOLS…lmfao

  21. Maxx September 13, 2019

    Megan looks a horrible, horrible mess more like a drag queen than a stallion. Cardi is super cute & flawless, Rihanna is the baddest!!!..love her, Normani’s look would have looked a whole lot better if she wasn’t showing as much boob…girl put those things away, it would have looked better just a lil more tucked in, but the dress is nice, and Tasha that lacefront & the lights ain’t doing it for you boo..the dress also fits like it would fit an old woman..you are not an old woman, are you?…do betta

  22. HavanaONana September 13, 2019

    Cardi B is stunning ??????

    Invasion of the Privacy album. Is great!!!!

    3 #1s.

    • Okay? September 13, 2019

      She looks good ❤❤❤❤

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