Young M.A. Reveals That She Doesn’t Identify As A Lesbian

Published: Tuesday 17th Sep 2019 by David

Young M.A. isn’t interested in labels and has something to tell those who may have believed that she identified as a lesbian woman.

Full story below…

The rapper used her time on ‘Hollywood Unlocked’ to reveal that she does not see herself as a gay woman.

Why? She explained that she has no need for labels or pronouns as she would she would simply like to be seen as a human being who is romantically attracted to other women.

Watch here.

Her time on the platform also saw her express her desire to star in a ‘Set it Off’ remake and why there is no love lost between she and Kodak Black.

…and on why she feels gay rappers should ditch the LGBTQ angle?

If we don’t want to be separated and we want people to accept us for us why are you still separating yourself? To me, it doesn’t make sense.


Your thoughts?

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  1. Meme September 17, 2019

    Yeah and I am a bird

  2. Lol September 17, 2019

    But……nevermind ?

  3. ThiccRedbone September 17, 2019

    Girl you a whole stud out here. DykesRUs

  4. Jaquan September 17, 2019

    Who!? She’s irrelevant and no one cares

  5. Tyty September 17, 2019

    I’m tired of this s***!! What we supposed to call people then?? You can’t say he, she, gay , lesbian, straight ffs. People are afraid to address anyone with any label lest you offend someone. This liberal s*** needs to go.

    • J September 17, 2019

      She’s human I’m assuming

  6. K September 17, 2019

    Then don’t get mad when men find you attractive and want to f***

    • Dee September 17, 2019

      Lol We dont get mad. We understand because we’re still female, and politely tell em we’re not interested but thank you anyway…I’m flattered lol

  7. Da bi lesbian Jasmine of TGJ September 17, 2019

    anything for clout

  8. DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 17, 2019

    Gay is a SEXUAL IDENTITY not a Sexual Orientation…

    If this D*** wants to not be Gay it better just stick to liking women without wanting to be a man.

    If Lilnasx wanted to not be gay all he had to do was mind his own business allowing us to mind ours

    If raven symone doesn’t like labels or isn’t gay then stop supporting the Lgbt rainbow gay sh%! Same goes for janell monae

    The Typical homosexual has nothing to gain or lose in the presence or absense of homophobia… Queen Latifa is the perfect example of a Non Gay woman who likes woman… Queen latifa wants and hzs no parts in the Corny LGBT movement regardless of the acting roles she takes on.

    Gay does not simply mean HOMOSEXUAL not all homosexuals are gay… Only about a Third or 35% of homosexuals are GAY

    A gay person is any homosexual or bisexuals that has a CORNY relationship with Heterosexual and other homosexuals.

    • Danny Bey September 17, 2019

      This made absolutely no sense.

    • Hotty girls only September 17, 2019

      Tru Dat! F** the idiots who need someone else to give them an identity. LMAO. U can’t! Don’t try to pin ppl down, h** asses, they must be snitching anyways. Why that F** they want all this info???!!
      I AM WHO I AM – Exactly Who I AM Said I Am! Get into ya own life snitching as h*** #cannabodywellnessLV

    • A&R September 17, 2019

      I see what you’re conveying but the concept of using gay synonymously to label a homosexual is the root of all confusion within the lgbt community.

      By Webster’s definition, sexual orientation is : a person’s sexual identity or self-identification. (I literally copied and pasted their definition) So sexual identity is literally the definition of sexual orientation lol

      But you’re right with explaining the deference in being “gay” vs being a homosexual. The term gay = happy has be evolved by modern society to also label gay people. But what it really address is the majoritive lifestyle/ way of being that homosexual live into. Which is why you have some homosexuals, like Young Ma who don’t identify with the term. It’s because they don’t subscribe to overall lifestyle that comes with the popular use of the tile. Gayness/ gay is more of a new age sexual adjective for gender. It describes the behaviors that’s considered other. If you’re not a straight man or woman.. you’re gay. Which is why straight ppl can do gay things lol

      When you hear ppl say.. yo, that’s gay to a straight person. Our society is starting to complicate this s*** way more than needed. We should keep our s** lives personal and private. Let them
      Live independently from our identity. Never supported the concept of labeling an overall person by their sexuality smh

      • DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 17, 2019

        Downlow men are VERY different from lilnasx btw.. They don’t tell ppl that they are homo or bi… Ppl assume the objective here is primarily to avoid ridicule… However DL men just literally AREN’T Gay so why tell ppl your homosexual or Bi when your not gay ???

        DL men aren’t even interested in Gay men or gayly infused S*x because they are just as homophobic towards gayness as their hetero peers.

        DL is in fact the highest level a homosexual can possibly reach but delusional ppl think DL is the lowest level. How is DL the lowest level when actions speak louder than words???

  9. DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 17, 2019

    ESPECIALLY one that has a Corny relationship with themselves.

  10. Only Facts September 17, 2019

    Sure Jan.

  11. Shayla Queen September 17, 2019

    She look even more like a wife beating man and junkie than Chris Brown ?

  12. A&R September 17, 2019

    I’m dumbfounded! Legit I thought I was the only person in present society that understood and felt this way. Whoa!!!

    I want to interview her!

    • DIABETES UNBOTHERED September 17, 2019

      Gay is a SUB HUMAN label, I understand if u don’t like labels but if your a D¥KE or Sissy your already gay by default lol

  13. Humble Christian Woman September 17, 2019

    She can identify as whatever she wants. We still see her as a bulldyke…

  14. Suxmycockiness ? September 17, 2019

    I agree with this. All of these different Pronouns and Sexual Orientations are starting to get confusing. We are all humans at the end of the day. Who we choose to sleep with is our own business.

  15. SMH September 17, 2019

    SMH. This generation is a hot ass mess.

  16. RicoNastee September 17, 2019

    It puzzles me how a blog full of gay male commenters would harbor so much hate and insecurity. These comments, insults and homophobia are sickening. All of you should be ashamed!!!

    • Paulo September 17, 2019


  17. My Plan September 17, 2019

    Pots can’t judge the kettle lol

    She is free to be who she wishes. Though I never felt like titles meant anything because what’s wrong doesnt need to be catagorized because it still wrong no matter how you shape it!

  18. Queen ?? Missy September 17, 2019

    ***Puts on glasses*** Reads comments… yup Fuckery is there

  19. td September 17, 2019

    Ugh, what awful, hate-fueled comments. This is the web equivalent to a pig troff.

  20. Any September 17, 2019

    Now that’s some common sense folks…

  21. Lala December 8, 2019

    Honest to God I’m straight and have only ever been attracted to males, but I am seriously into Young MA. Young MA is fine af and can get it whenever, anytime, any place.

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