Camila Cabello Performs On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Published: Sunday 13th Oct 2019 by Sam

Camila Cabello‘s ‘Romance’ album campaign rolled into the ‘Saturday Night Live’ studio this evening.

Recent weeks have seen the former Fifth Harmony star pour out ample amounts of new music onto the airwaves, leaving many wondering what she’d perform during the coveted slot.

Her picks? ‘Cry For Me’ and ‘Easy.’

Peep her theatrical showing after the jump…

With so many performances these days being devoid of spectacle, we do appreciate her effort in the ‘Cry’ showing. Holistically, Miss Cabello delivered vocally as well.

That said, the song choice was kinda confusing.

Granted she’s yet to hit as hard with another ‘Havana,’ she has a bop on her hands with ‘Liar’ – which would have benefitted in earnest from being performed.

In any case, with so much new material in the mix, it’ll be interesting to see what the approach is with her sophomore roll-out. Is another single incoming or will she continue to push what she’s currently put out?

Your thoughts?

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  1. Paulo October 13, 2019

    Delivered what vocally? Embarrassment? Just seen Cry For Me on Twitter and yuck. Awful

    • Are You Kidding Me? October 13, 2019

      Paulo, the majority of Cubans do not look like Camilla. There’s a reason she’s over here.

      Most of who is left in Cuba after the exiles when the Soviet Union collapsed are Afro-Cubans. So let’s not.

      • Paulo October 13, 2019

        No honey actually let’s get into it. I don’t disagree with you, I disagree with LB’s stupid comment. Colorism in Latin American countries is very different than in the US aaand the way US views Cuba and socialism is also very hmm peculiar.

  2. Clarkson October 13, 2019

    Camila ATE THAT.

    I’m deeply surprised and impressed.

    Her microphone is ON during both performances and she didnt miss a beat.
    Look at those vocals.

    Every music critic praised both performances especially the easy performance, even oprah praised Camila on Instagram.
    Cry for me performance was a homage to madonna’s vogue performance at the vma’s.

    I thought she was gonna perform liar but she did cry for me instead. I don’t think she’s chasing a hit, seniorita already hit number one. She wants to be an album artist.

    • Gworl Bye October 13, 2019

      Lmao, just stop it, even you don’t believe that bullshyt you just wrote.???

      • Clarkson October 13, 2019

        Gurl, oprah praised her performance on Instagram. Legend praising upcoming legend.

      • Dee October 13, 2019

        Some people call trump president… meh

      • S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. October 13, 2019

        @Gworl..- hahaha

    • Are You Kidding Me? October 13, 2019

      If only we all could be in relationships with someone who worshipped us, the way you worship Camilla

    • You tried October 13, 2019

      Where did Oprah praise her?

  3. Erica October 13, 2019

    She killed this! I miss when the girls use to be creative & put on a show with costumes & all the Theatrics.. she took me back to an era

  4. MissImpartial October 13, 2019

    It’s just blah. The wow factor is missing.

  5. LB October 13, 2019

    LMAO she is so horrible. White Privilege is the only way to explain how she’s barely gotten this far.

    • Erica October 13, 2019

      She’s not white tho ? I rather you said her complexion is what did it for her

      • LB October 13, 2019

        Miss me with the b*******, Latina is not a race.

        White latina’s came on the same ships the pilgrims did.

      • Paulo October 13, 2019

        Why you gotta be so dumb? Crowmilla is Cuban. She didn’t come to the US in no pilgrim terms and ships

      • LB October 13, 2019

        How do you think White Cubans got to Cuba dumb ass? Cuba was a major s**** trading port Sherlock.

        Her ancestors came on the same ships the pilgrims came on, their GPS just told them to reroute south.

        Next you’ll be telling me Shakira is not a white woman.

      • Paulo October 13, 2019

        Shakira is actually from a Lebanese family so she too is not Eurocentric White. But that’s not the point, the point is you dunno s*** about American (the continent) history if you’re mixing up Spanish and British invasions/colonies with each other and the exodus of Cubans to the USA in modern age.

      • LB October 13, 2019

        So Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci were English sailors? F*** outta here

    • Shayla Queen October 13, 2019

      You fücking mess

    • Shayla Queen October 13, 2019

      You look mostly white yourself, fool. So I’m sure you get a lot of said “privilege” too.

  6. Nicky October 13, 2019


    Flop songs

    Flop era


  7. Gworl Bye October 13, 2019

    Lmao gurl bye with those nasal congestion vocals. She better hop on another feature quick because this ain’t it sis ?

    • Clarkson October 13, 2019

      5 songs in the iTunes 100

      Easy – 9
      Seniorita- 11
      Liar- 56
      Cry for me -47
      South of the boarder – 87

      The impact.

      You cant deny it, this was entertaining as hell.
      The choreography, the costumes, the set design, the vocals etc this was visually stunning

      You may not like Camila but she’s a better stage performer than normani.

      • Clarkson Is A Loser October 13, 2019

        Shut the f*** up ass hole

      • Juju October 13, 2019

        We all know senorita and border are still on the charts BECAUSE of Ed and Shawn. Point blank. It’s sad to say she is the more successful one of the 5. Still rooting for Lauren tho, she just need to be managed better.

  8. Nicky October 13, 2019


    When will these songs go top 40 on the charts


  9. I love big black c** October 13, 2019

    I rather to hear chipmunks singing Christmas songs… she’s cancelled!!!

  10. Tyty October 13, 2019

    She is so basic her singles are doing bad so the album will definitely flop should have released senorita then her album. She doesn’t have a standout look. Ain’t s***, barely good looking and mediocre talent.

    • Clarkson October 13, 2019

      Music critics say otherwise, but go off tho. Clown behaviour

      • Tyty October 13, 2019

        It’s Sunday go get a life perched on this site like a lonely reject…. what critics? The madeup ones in your head. You know she ain’t s***, good looking and lacks wow factor. She had a hot song with her gay fake bf why didn’t she release the album of that instead of flop singles that won’t see top40 ? Now that’s clown behaviour. Begone demon

  11. Only Facts October 13, 2019

    Her team doesn’t know what to do. Why would she go on this platform and not perform Liar? That is the best shot she has at a hit this go round. Poor thing. Epic is going to drop her fur wasting money. She is frazzled and it’s showing

    • Only Facts October 13, 2019

      For *

    • Clarkson October 13, 2019

      Remember these you clown

      Only facts

      only facts
      September 20, 2019


      The clownery jumped out.

      • Nicky October 13, 2019

        And it clearly didn’t go top 10 20 30 or 40 like you “predicted”
        Who’s the clown now?


  12. Only Facts October 13, 2019

    No shade, but it really kills me that this girl and her fans really think she’s doing something epic with these songs and performances. Lol. It really makes me fall out laughing.

    • Shayla Queen October 13, 2019

      What fans? ?

      • Clarkson October 13, 2019

        60 million monthly listeners on spotify,

    • Nicky October 13, 2019

      Lmfao @ 60 ‘million listeners when the majority is coming from a feature that’s not her song or on her album


  13. Nicky October 13, 2019

    Camicky has 60 million listeners on Spotify. She’s officially bigger than all the pop girls


    How dumb

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