Kelly Rowland Gets Candid About New Album, Now Due In 2020

Published: Monday 14th Oct 2019 by Sam

Kelly Rowland is keeping it real about her long-awaited fifth studio album.

Patient supporters have waited in earnest for newness from the solo Grammy winner and saw their anxiousness reach fever-pitch last week when a promised release didn’t occur on October 11th.

Now, during a recent interview with the Today Show in Australia, Ms. Kelly was keen to point out that she is aware of the fan frustrations. Yet, insisted that it’s so as to give them all they’ve asked from her over the years and to, herself, make right some of the missteps in the past.

Check out what she had to say below…

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Grating as the delays have been, it is warming to see Kelly be so up-front as to the reasons – which are encouraging.

Full Interview:

Your thoughts?

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  1. DC3 FOREVER October 14, 2019

    I’ve been supporting this woman since 97! That is 22 years. Out of all 3 girls she works my nerve the most when it comes to music. Her music is soooooo damn good! Her voice it hands down one of the best in the industry. What irritates fans the most is when asked about music she always says “it’s coming soon” or “Its here” and then nothing. I’ll give her top of 2020 but it better be January and album on her a birthday

    • only facts October 14, 2019

      Right?!! I feel the exact same way! Rihanna can get away with saying new music is “coming soon” for 4 years, but Kelly cannot because Kelly doesn’t have a solid fanbase. Ugh. I want Kelly to win but she lowkey gives Ciara teas with the management of her music career.

      • Danny Bey October 14, 2019

        Rihanna has also been feeding her fans every year since she debuted so she has the room to not give dates on new music. Kelly needs to get it together

    • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 October 14, 2019

      Blame bad management!!!!!!

      Mathew Knowles = Beyonce gets 24/7 attention and anybody else got dust. He was too busy with his drug addictions and extramarrital affairs to have TIME to focus on anyone besides Beyonce.

      Husband = I blame Kelly on this one. She married a guy and he is/was her manager. You do not MIX business with pleasure. She should have gotten a big time manager who can get her major coins. Someone like a Benny Madina to a J. Lo. We all know Benny is gay so that relationship with J. Lo is perfect because it is strictly business (aka about them dollarz).

      Kelly is talented and her voice is interchangeable with Beyonce’s (as proven on ‘Check On It’) BUT the time period when labels and investors wanted to drop major dollars in investing in her career was 10 years ago NOT now. More than likely she will have to go the independent route of releasing music (if she is not already independent). As long as there is a Beyonce and Normani, there really is not a need for Kelly in the music industry unfortunately. Similar Voice = Check Mark. Dark skin and can dance = Check Mark (with Normani now in the game).

  2. only facts October 14, 2019

    Kelly, girl, you’ve taken too long. You lost my attention when you released “dirty laundry” and then nothing else after. You also did June’s Diary wrong as hell (in my opinion). You are too talented and too beautiful to have ruined the momentum you had after “Motivation”… but you ruined it.

    Prime example of why you do NOT marry your manager! You too Amerie!

    • XYZ October 14, 2019

      True. Both had everything you need and released good ass music. But they f***** it up.

    • Angela D Wesley October 14, 2019

      I don’t think that Kelly meant to do June’s Diary wrong, but she became to overwhelmed
      with all of the side projects that she was doing. I think by her being partnership with Frank
      Gaston it was easier for her , to let him take over the group. It seem so funny to me that
      Kelly has the money to promote herself as an independent artist. Where is June’s Diary
      is looking for sponsors, fan support, and Frank to help them to become independent
      artist, so they can release a new album for the fans.


  3. pat October 14, 2019

    love her and she ages like fine wine… but even now she doesn’t have an identifiable sound so i can’t even say what i want from her musically

  4. Clarkson October 14, 2019

    It will flop. I’m sorry

    At least she gave us motivation, the only song named motivation we acknowledge. 💅

    • Danny Bey October 14, 2019

      It’ll flop like Camel’s recent 12 singles huh? sksksksksks

    • Are You Kidding Me? October 14, 2019

      When Loves Takes Over? Commander? Shame on you Mr. Clarkson Chart Sales

  5. Queen👑Bee❤️ October 14, 2019

    Don’t nobody care about Kelly Flopland in 2019 bby

  6. Diabetes Unbothered October 14, 2019

    ICE is better than motivation video and song and she didn’t even put it on the album. Kelly’s music may be underrated like Sam suggest but she herself isn’t underrated. Kellys voice is like a running faucet all while being very hesitate at the same time. And Live kelky is BORING. Kelly is Karaoke *YAWN*

  7. Dewshin McHooch October 14, 2019

    I feel like she is smart to have waited. If you notice, black female artists are just now starting to be visible again in the mainstream (Normani, Lizzo, HER, Summer Walker, etc..). I feel like she has a much better chance at having a successful album now than if it was release a year ago. Perhaps June’s Diary could follow suit.

    • Angela D Wesley October 14, 2019

      June;s Diary and Kelly ‘s fan are waiting for them to release new album. I think that Kelly has
      to many projects that she is doing at the same time , that she is putting her music in the

      • Tori October 15, 2019

        A HUGE misconception that people don’t understand is that from before “Chasing Destiny”, whatever group came out was only to be MENTORED by Kelly Rowland, who was assisted by Frank Gatson. Once they groomed the group, they were to sign to Epic Records, that was explained before the show premiered and that’s what happened. The only reason they appeared with Kelly after the show was to promote the show, it had nothing to do with her over their music. They never signed to Kelly Rowland independent label so she had no say so after she gave them their contracts. Frank didn’t either but he stayed around to assisted them and even spent his own money, Kelly couldn’t support them…she wasn’t even in America half the time. THEY WETE DROPPED FROM THEIR LABLE AND THEIR ALBUM WAS SHELVED, THEY RE-RECORDED A NEW ALBUM UNDER A NEW, SMALLER IMPRINT THAT WAS ALSO SHELVED. KELLY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE AFTER MATH OF JUNES DIARY.

  8. XYZ October 14, 2019

    I adore all of her albums, damn “Ms. Kelly” is still giving me chills, but she takes too much time. Though I really look forward to new music from her, we all know this will flop tremendously. Her rollouts have been horrible in the last and I doubt that i’ll be better next time. But whatever, I look forward to new music.

    • #TheTruth October 14, 2019

      Ms. Kelly is also my favorite, followed by the latest one.

  9. #TheTruth October 14, 2019

    I love Kelly, she’s one of my favorite tones.
    I’ve met her many times, got to sit down and talk with her for a while, she’s an absolute genuine sweetheart.

    It’s true that all her album rollouts have been messy.
    I know she stays booked with talent shows and small gigs here and there but she’s taking too long between releases.
    And I don’t think she’s reached that level where she can disappear for years and come back like nothing happened… and I’m saying this regarding the public in general, because as far as I’m concerned I will always support her.

    I hope we hear big vocals and hopefully she stays away from that trap mess.

    I know it’s not always fair how fans have expectations while she’s also trying to do her, I guess it’s about compromising.
    And let’s not forget that unlike previous eras, she’s also a mom now, so it does change things.

    We’re waiting Kelly but PLEASE release that album during the first trimester.

    • #TheTruth October 14, 2019

      I know she won’t probably do that… but I loved her exploring a jazzy style with « I’m beginning to see the light ». And I’d love to hear a piano song in the same lane instead of doing the typical piano/voice balland.
      Now I wouldn’t be mad if she does both but please unleash those vocals. I’ve seen rehearsals and warm ups and trust she’s got it.

  10. High Price October 14, 2019

    I’m excited. But at this point, she’s gonna have to come HARD. she’s been out for so long.

  11. EnVoGUE5 October 14, 2019

    She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO inconsistent

  12. Tori October 14, 2019

    – She’s been recording since 2014
    – Released “All I See” snippet on Instagram.
    – Promised all 2015.
    – Release “Dumb” and didn’t talk about it.
    – Posted 7 snippets between Instagram and Twitter.
    – Promoted some damn watches, that she barely promoted
    – Wrote and PROMOTED a damn baby book like hell
    – Promised an album, promo AND tour all 2016
    – Released “Conceited” snippet, and it was supposed to be an official snippet because at one point Apple Music posted about it.
    – Months later released a video to go along with the snippet but was actually for a damn body wash promo.
    – Filmed a Lifetime holiday movie she wrote, directed and produced.
    – Promised all 2017
    – Performed “Conceited” after a year with the damn video in the background.
    – Promised all 2018.
    – Mention that the album was done and had 11 tracks but that was a lie.
    – Continuously stated “it’s coming soon”.
    – Released “All I See” in 4 Instagram post and NOT on iTunes.
    – Claimed the system crashed before she released “Kelly”.
    – Released “Kelly” knowing she’d be in Africa for a month and couldn’t promote it, didn’t even film a video but claimed it was a first single; promised a live TV performance that never was
    – Promised all 2019, even stated it was be released before the end of the year.
    – Released a b******* EP with low budget writing and producing.
    – Claimed the new music was “closer than we think”.
    – Hinted herself at releasing something by 9/27. Once it didn’t come, her apology was “s*** happens”. Promised it would come in 2 weeks. Hasn’t filmed any videos, album not finished and she’s still looking for features.
    – 2 weeks later, 10/11, nothing happed.

    • PT October 14, 2019

      she is full of promises thats the type of person she is.

    • TC October 14, 2019

      Well damn, thanks for catching me up sis. Kelly is legendary for messy/long rollouts. I’ll be happy to give it a chance whenever new music is released. It will flop hard, but I’m still going to support.

    • 🍇 Jasmine’s Grape Juice 🍇 🍷 October 14, 2019

      Thanks but I think you forgot her song / video for CROWN. Truth is, she been trying but the ish she been putting out aint been hitting. Hence, the push backs and delayed album release. TRANSLATION…If one of her singles hits she is ready to release an album.

      • PT October 14, 2019

        Crown was not a single it was for a dove campain. She was forced to do it because its was for another compani she has a contract with them. Thats a diffrent story

      • Tori October 15, 2019

        @Jasmine I did forget about “Crown” because even tho I liked it, I really didn’t pay much attention to it. @PT even though it was for a Dove shampoo campaign, it was funded and release independently through her label (Kelly Rowland Rec.), just like the EP was released through her label. I also for about her damn 2014 year long Campaign for f***!ng sinus medicine. I understand side projects to fund her musical career but it’s like she forgot to actually support her music career. And she keeps saying she pushes her single/album back to align everything for promo but damn, nothing was already aligned and planned by the time you announce thing? She has a huge Australian performance Saturday, YOU WAISTED A CHANCE FOR A WORLD WIDE RELEASE, LIVE PERFORMANCE AND AN AUSTRALIA SALES BOOST, she has a positive following there as well. And her manger/husband is currently separated from her, she should’ve known from Tamar and Mary THAT DOESNT WORK! And I feel as though he’s been part of the problem.

  13. Shayla Queen October 15, 2019

    Ain’t nobody waiting on, checking for or talking of a new album from Kelly. Except the two middle-aged black women in their mid-40s gossiping outside the school gates while waiting for their kids and reminiscing on Destiny’s Child back in the 90s. These two old broads still won’t buy no album and will have forgotten all about it once those kids come running through the school gates and they go back to their monotonous daily lives.

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