Lil Nas X Reveals He Spent Teenage Years Trying To Pray Away The Gay

Published: Wednesday 2nd Oct 2019 by Sam

Lil Nas X is living his truth and turning up the volume on his story pre the colossal success of ‘Old Town Road.’

During a candid interview with Gayle King on CBS This Morning, the 20-year-old opened up about his struggles rationalising his sexuality during his teen years.

And how, for a long while before he came out, he spent significant periods trying to pray away the gay.

His emotional sit-down awaits below…

Per Nas’ interview, it’s clear he’s now trying to use his platform to help those struggling – internally or because of bullying from others.

Kudos to him.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Tyty October 2, 2019

    Is this gay thing the sole focus of his identity now?? Nobody cares!! Arghhh I’m getting real fed up of the LGBTQ’s community. It’s seems there is some unseen agenda being pushed and all this is surface s*** hiding darker things.

    • Clarkson October 2, 2019

      Shut up u ignorant idiot

      Being gay is illegal in more than 40 countries. Gays are actually killed in some parts of the world.

      Lil nas x being open about his sexuality is helping. Visibility is important.

      Black panther, a movie with an entire dark skin black cast has helped a lot of dark skin people to accept their skin colour and their black beauty.

      Ur a fool. Kill ur self. Idiot

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? October 2, 2019

      I think Lil Nas should keep putting out music and videos. All these interviews about his sexxuality should coincide with album promotion and a tour. Sexxuality does not make or define a man. Talent defined you. Lots of celebs are gay but their talents are what they are known for and what makes them remain celebs decade after decade (Elton John, Liberace, Tyler Perry, Ellen, Rupaul, etc). Get to work Lil Nas. No more breaks.

  2. china October 2, 2019

    This kid is already CANCELING shows when his 10 mins may be up sooner than later. GIRL. Get ya money. Do these shows. Invest your money and be the Millionaire little black boys would LOVE to be. He’s exhausted from WHAT? doing 3 shows a month and posing on IG???????? W E A K.

  3. Dc October 2, 2019

    Do anything for clout

  4. The Real Princess Jasmine October 2, 2019

    Anything to draw attention from the fact he can’t Rap for Shyt like Lizzo these new 2019 artists are all hype and no talent watch him win a Grammy Award just like CardiB …… take us back to a time when Talent was Needed to Win Awards I guess Millie Vanillie paved away for today’s artist

    • Dc October 2, 2019

      Thing is cardi b album still in top 50 billboard 200 so if she was not talented album would have been fell off charts so keep hating

      • Gworl Bye October 2, 2019

        Thats only because of streaming, not talent. cardi b is not talented.

      • The Real Princess Jasmine October 2, 2019

        CardiB isn’t talented she’s popular u have talent and popularity confused learn the difference

    • Swirly October 2, 2019

      Did you say Lizzo isn’t talented? She may not be your cup of tea, but she is extremely talented. You tried it.

      • The Real Princess Jasmine October 2, 2019

        Why because she can play a flute and eat chicken wings at the same damn time she is no Jennifer Hudson or Patti Labelle she’s as talented as Any clown ? at a circus ?

      • Swirly October 2, 2019

        One doesn’t have to be Jennifer Hudson or Patti LaBelle to be considered talented. Goodbye. Lizzo can sing, rap, play flute and perform her ass off. She has more talent in her eyelash than Lil Nas X has in his entire body. Every time you comment on a Lizzo post you mention her weight which leads me to believe that you’re bothered.

      • Gworl Bye October 2, 2019

        Exploiting your weight is not talent.

  5. Urg October 2, 2019

    Attention seeker. Old Town Road hype dying so he playing the gay card to stay relevant smfh.

    • Clarkson October 2, 2019

      Bìtch he literally came out when old town road was number 1.
      Panini is a top 5 hit, 100 million views on YouTube
      His ep has sold 1 million copies

      He got some mtv ema nominations.

      Rodeo gonna give him and cardi another top 10.

  6. Clarkson October 2, 2019

    Lil nas I applaud u.

    Even tho I’m older than u with some few years, I’m inspired by your courage and openness.

    Panin is already a top 5 hit with 100 million views on YouTube. Ur not a one hit wonder.
    Your EP has sold 1 million copies also. I’m so happy for u. Pls dont date a white boy.

    • Dc October 2, 2019

      He’s a cornball of course he’s gonna date a white boy lol

      • The Real Princess Jasmine October 2, 2019

        U should date a white boy too

  7. Gworl Bye October 2, 2019

    Yawn. I’m so over him and his gay agenda lol.

    • The Real Princess Jasmine October 2, 2019

      U need to be over having bad breath ? and purchase some Mouth Wash for that funky bad toxic breathe you and your mother have

      • Gworl Bye October 2, 2019

        Was that supposed to be funny? Grow up stupid.

  8. Diabetes Unbothered October 2, 2019

    This gay s*** is so CORNY. He’s not doing anything to help others or himself. All he’s doing is making heterosexuals even more delusional than they already are by reinforcing the heterosexual belief system that ALL homosexuals are the same and ALL homosexuals are at the mercy of heterosexuals and ALL homosexuals are either ashamed or should be and ALL homosexuals support the rainbow etc… Only 2 words come to mind here #DELUSIONAL and #CORNY

  9. Diabetes Unbothered October 2, 2019

    ALLLLL homosexuals are just begging and pleading for acceptance and approval and ALL homosexuals wish homophobia didn’t exist so they can be “FREE” …. . Another LIE!!!!!

  10. Paulo October 2, 2019

    I’m kii’ng @ all the self-hating dumb h*** in the comments getting read by Clarksom of all people ? yasss girl let go of your Crowmilla obsession and school these kids

    Lil Nas X is so cute. Much love and success to him ?

    • Gworl Bye October 2, 2019

      Lol nobody is getting read by anybody. Sit your dumb ass down.

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