Michael Jackson Streams Soar Despite Drama

Published: Wednesday 23rd Oct 2019 by Sam

Even in death, Michael Jackson continues to Moonwalk over the naysayers.

As widely reported, a HBO documentary aired earlier this year that some felt would dent the legacy of the legend. A documentary the singer’s Estate branded a “mockumentary,” before launching legal proceedings against the cable network.

And while that wrangle is still on-going, MJ seems to have netted the win in the court of public opinion.

See what we mean below…

According to Billboard, streams of the singer’s music have actually increased since the broadcast of the doc. So much so that the growth (22.1% up from earlier period) is actually outpacing the overall industry trend towards streaming (21.8%).

When diving into the data, beyond the intensified media spotlight on Jackson, the increase in streams may be part attributable to the slight dip in radio play in the 31-weeks that followed the doc. For, his average of 14,000 US spins per week dropped to 11,000 post broadcast.

A stat which, when paired with the uptick in streams, suggests folk are finding their own way to listen to his music.

The public embrace of Jackson’s output bodes well for his Estate, who recently announced the 2020 debut of a new Broadway show, ‘MJ.’ The production forms part of the bigger business of the legend’s posthumous push; a push which has generated a whopping $1.7 Billion since the start of this year.

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  1. Fancy BISH October 23, 2019

    Michael is an ICON, a TRUE superstar, not some hyped up mediocrity…you can’t cancel him, fade him or tarnish him..as IF ? Go listen to WHOEVER, I’m listening to EXCELLENCE..I’m laughing at how some people were ready to diminish Michael Jackson…come harder, this won’t be easy! What’s the alternative to his greatness? Listening to MEH and the like? Listening to YOU? CHILE BYE, toodles, sayonara…yeah, right! ??

    • Shayla Queen October 23, 2019


  2. MessyBoots October 23, 2019

    The problem I’ve had with the MJ doc is credibility. The MJ doc… despite the media hype and attention simply DID NOT have the same impact Surviving R Kelly did legally or culturally.

    MJ’s two accusers in that film have no credibility to stand on whatsoever. First of all, the man passed away a decade ago. Wade Robson is a KNOWN liar in the industry. First he ruined Britney’s rep by instigating himself into the Britney/Justin breakup in 2001. He revealed to JT that he cheated w/ Britney. He also dated MJs niece Brandy Jackson for a decade and cheated on her with Britney. He testified under OATH in a court of law that MJ never touched him. His testimony was a key element of helping MJ win his 2005 case. The victim in the 2005 case was proven to have no credibility either. Then in 2009 MJ died and Wade begged to attend the funeral service. Then he demanded to direct MJs Cirque de Soleil tribute after facing rejection and financial difficulties he THEN decided to reveal his ‘truth’.

    B.S. from top to bottom. In other words, we dont believe a proven liar.


    • Shayla Queen October 23, 2019


    • pat October 23, 2019

      not to mention dancing with janet in a tribute to mj

      • MessyBoots October 23, 2019

        I’m starting to believe they think we’re all idiots.

        The entire USA has lost its mind frfr.

  3. Danny Bey October 23, 2019

    My fav will remain the KING of music and pop culture until the end of time. PERIOD

    • Shayla Queen October 23, 2019


    • Ethel Strong October 23, 2019

      PERIOD!! That’s it!! That’s all!

  4. WWWD WHAT WOULD WHITNEY DO October 23, 2019

    Whitney family needs to tell b**** Mariah stop riding Whitney Houston…..

    They were not friends, Whitney family needs to understand she will take her gold if she doesn’t stop Mariah from saying that…… Mariah Carey a crack head….

  5. truthteller October 23, 2019

    Michael was also named the most influential Western artist in the last 30 years recently in Japan. The mockumentary had initial shock value, but then people started to question the so called facts presented. People around the world are and will continue to enjoy his music and performances

  6. Maxx October 23, 2019

    I knew it was a lie the moment it was said & I cannot stand Oprah for having the nerve to try to tarnish his memory & use MJ like that just for publicity & to put light on her so called cause of helping r*** victims….I can’t stand her for this! She is a disgusting human being to let those 2 pathetic white boys lie on Michael like that….she isn’t giving Harvey Weinsteins accusers a platform…why Michael’s? Crazy

    • Lmfao_Hoe October 23, 2019

      Exactly and she and John Legend ass all friends with Harvey yet haven’t said a damn word about him but when IT COMES TO THE BROTHAS – MJ, Kelly, and Cosby they have so much to say and share of their thoughts

    • ERIC October 23, 2019

      I’m still disappointed in Oprah and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it as much as I want to. I don’t look at her the same anymore.

  7. ERIC October 23, 2019

    I’ve downloaded 3 or 4 of his songs in the last 6 months, most recently “Leave Me Alone”. I’ll probably end up buying all his albums again just to have them on my phone in one place and not have to carry 5 or 6 CDs. I feel more determined to celebrate Michael as people try to destroy his legacy.

  8. Milan October 24, 2019

    He is my only favorite artist until I die other artists need to learn how to be great like him what made him great he was a perfections and didn’t have to anything.

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