Nicki Minaj Shares Thoughts On The Murder Of Joshua Brown

Nicki Minaj has revealed that she is heartbroken after learning that Joshua Brown…the man who was murdered after he testified in the case of his murdered neighbour Botham Jean.

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Joshua was shot in the mouth and chest after Botham‘s murderer Amber Guyger learned that she would be imprisoned as a result of her wicked deed.

Many suspect he was targeted because he testified in the case.

Nicki Minaj had this to say about the murder…and Botham’s family’s decision to hug and comfort his killer in court.


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  1. Urg October 8, 2019

    She is setting up herself to be dragged especially considering she is married or going to marry a man who is a convicted murder

    • Swirly October 8, 2019

      And don’t forget p********. I don’t take anything her ass says seriously.

    • ME YOU US October 9, 2019

      .meanwhile your probaly a white burn in the sun with degenerate dna..

      • ME YOU US October 9, 2019

        At end if the day that level of hate is actually love and respect that come s of as jealousy cause they will never be her on her worst day

  2. The Real Princess Jasmine October 8, 2019

    Y’all hate Nicki Minaj but y’all are always the first online, ready to leave negative comments about her. FANS

  3. High Price October 8, 2019

    Hey, call it crazy but she’s not saying anything that the masses who’s been following this case hasn’t been thinking. Had the guy not testified, I bet he’d still be here too! And it IS TRULY a slap in the face. That humbled young man pretty much sacrificed his life for a stance. Smh. It’s sad. And I’m still disgusted.

  4. October 9, 2019

    She is saying what everyone is saying, no lies.

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