Watch: Mariah Carey Reflects on Whitney Houston, #MeToo Movement, & More with ‘Variety’

Published: Tuesday 8th Oct 2019 by Rashad

Mariah Carey may be regarded as one of Pop music’s most empowering female voices, but – as she recently revealed in a telling interview with ‘Variety’ – it hasn’t always been that way.

Selected as one of the mag’s 2019 ‘Power of Women’ honorees (click here to read more), the diva not only graced the cover of the ‘Power of Women’ issue but also featured inside and reflected on how the beginning of her career was predominantly shaped by powerful men.  Praising present day champions of the #MeToo movement and similar initiatives for gender equality, the songbird opened up about her personal experiences related to sexual misconduct in the industry and how those incidents helped encourage her to lift her voice in the fight for women’s rights.

“I’m so proud of the women who have come to tell their stories, because I didn’t do it, and I should have done it,” she said. That’s an incredible accomplishment.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Mimi fondly remembered her friend and fellow Pop icon, Whitney Houston, and so much more.  Look inside to watch the moving chat:

Interview Highlights

2:15 – On how men controlled her early career

3:12 – On gender discrimination in the industry

3:37 – On harassment from male counterparts in the industry

5:55 – On industry forcing a rivalry between her and Whitney Houston


Click here to see her full feature with ‘Variety.’

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  1. only facts October 8, 2019

    Gosh I love me so Mariah.

  2. Theman October 8, 2019

    She is one of the smartest women in music. She is extremely articulate.

  3. IG : mixedboy October 8, 2019

    What a beautiful legend! ?

  4. Truth October 8, 2019

    “I don’t think of her”- Whitney Houston lol

    • I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht October 8, 2019

      Whitney said Mariah didn’t say s*** to her when she first met her….and Whitney Houston had a luxurious career before her and you walked pass Whitney. Like that. ….b**** plueeeeeeeaaase

  5. #TheTruth October 8, 2019

    Mariah is my favorite voice.
    I just love her tone.

    I’m glad to see her doing interviews in a more classy manner instead of being over the top and full of manierism like until recently.

    I love goofy Mariah as well and love the fact she doesn’t always take herself too seriously, but at some point it became uncomfortable.

    Anyway back to the interview, she’s very articulate and always has been. As a talented songwriter, she knows how to think before speaking and choosing the right words to express herself.

    That being said, I wish she never went into that diva territory, and not diva in a good way. I don’t know if it has been a permanent behavior or if she has stopped. But for examples she’d have certain demands backstage at TV shows and such…
    And add the fact that she would never perform live while being on promo tour overseas, a lot or hosts were fed up with her.

    Anyway, I love you MC ?

    • I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht October 8, 2019

      She can’t sing like Whitney…she is an airy singer like cutting on a fan….. overrated. .not like Whitney who she wanna the voice Houston sooooo bad

      F*** her. And her songs

  6. I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht October 8, 2019

    first of all ditch keep Whitney Houston’s name out of your mouth because you were too faced the b**** and you and her were not friends. You wanted to be her and ride on her coattails… Goddamn Whitney Houston Mariah Carey still riding your back even in your death

  7. I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht October 8, 2019

    Stop putting Whitney and Mariah on the same level….. First of all b**** keep Whitney Houston’s name out of your mouth…..

    • akunigay October 10, 2019

      what is so wrong with u, retarded airhead @I HATE BLLAck n whyyyte bitchexx y’all not sht??

  8. eric October 8, 2019

    I love this woman. Very first CD I ever owned was Daydream and I’m still playing my original copy from 1995. I hope to get to see her on tour a 2nd time. Mariah is forever a legend!!

    • Fancy BISH October 9, 2019

      Your comment is everything ?

  9. S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.!. October 8, 2019

    Great interview.

  10. Darwin h saunders October 9, 2019

    MC’s upcoming memoir is sure to be a bestseller. When she spills the beans on the whole glitter debacle she will put Tommy mottola, ja rule, and JLo on blast!!!

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